Monday, December 31, 2007

last blog of the year...

Finally, 2007 is coming to an end... and a new year, a new beginning and a new life...

What is my new year resolution? What is my goal? 

Many i would say. I have a few new resolution for myself for year 2008 but for this blog, i am going to only reveal one......


i know it sounds lame, but i need to organize my time and enjoy life and work at the same time. Less sleepless nights and better artwork! 

another resolution is, "Forget about the past, Forget about him". So what i am gonna do when the clock strikes 12 tonight is deleting all his messages to me that i've been keeping......I do not know are those messages where sincere voice from his heart and does he really meant it when he type those messages.. but i guess, everything between us have to come to an end. A new life and a new beginning.. 

I said to myself that i will practice and enhance my illustration skills but what have i done so far for the last 1 month? NOTHING! ahahahha So it is time now for me to "switch". Time to turn over a new leaf...but before that.... where is my Apple?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

car stolen? or stolen car?

No this is NOT A JOKE!

i just received a mail from my friend that thieves are now stealing malaysian made cars! WTH!!!! i thought laptops and computers are the most attractive items to those bastards... n now even MALAYSIAN made cars???
My friend's friend car was stolen while they are eating in a fast food restaurant in Penang few days ago. So, Penangites and all Malaysians, pls becareful if you are driving the "P" brand cars..... u know... Pero... and Pro...
I am still worried to hell that those bastards might break in the second time since that all of us are back at our hometown. i still have my hubby there... although i did bring back his heart with me, but, i don't want those bastards to steal his body away. Last saturday, my friend told me another case which was the same case as my house happen again last saturday at a different unit...WTH!! what is the police doing? are thjey doing anything to fight the crime?

... i am here (Penang), back home to forget and get away the fear of burglary, thievery and what ever crimes that deals with losing materials and possession.. basically i am really traumatized by what happen last week....and i still can't get over the fear of that burglary out of me.... and now the fear of losing my car (since he's a malaysian made)

seriously, i have no idea what has the world become~! crimes are everywhere.... n worst of all... it comes in the least expected way...
God, where is the peace? where is the love?

I am starting to work tomorrow. ... i still have yet to get my 12hours of continuous sleep yet. I wish i have more day for resting... and sleeping... and being a potato couch....but that's life... ironically... what you want is not what you get!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I had a super good meal today! Dinner never taste as good as a meal of home-cook food!

Crab! Prawns! Fish!


~Home Sweet Home~

although i am glad that i am home now, in my heart, i am still worried about my housemate living alone in the house we share. If i were her, i'll be scared to death...seriously...

God, please bless her.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Going back to Penang

Relief that i am going home after what had happen on Wednesday night. Seriously, i think i need to get away from here to forget about what had happen.....i am still recovering...phobia...

Can't wait to get back to Penang. I've miss my family and friends and i have not seen them for 4 months! Can't wait to mamak and lok-lok-ing with them and chat and chat....

My initial plan was to take a week long break and sleep as much as i can before i start working part time... but .. i know i shouldn't be planning things ahead.. cos nothing ever turns out the way i expect it to happen. So. as a twist of plan, I am gonna start my part time job on Wednesday. I only have 2 days to rot and sleep at home before i start working... and worst of all...i am scheduled to work at PC Fair! WTH! My sellings skill mode has been switched off for 4 months.. and i can't just turn it back on.. i need time to reboot, to recover and time to learn the new stuff...(leopard, the new range of ipods, iLife'08) i just dont understand why i am station at PISA! Thus, i think i should get ready to lose my voice at the end of the event...

CRAP... my life ......

SEriously, i hate people who can't keep up with their words. Bastards....PHO PHUC LAI!

Anyway, this is my last post from KL for this year. i won't be briinging my PC home (since someone just "forgets" about what he promise to do) but i am tearing it apart. i am bringing my hard disk and dvd rom back .... and if the f**cking bastard gonna try to break into my house again, well... at least... my data is safe wit me in artworks are my most precious files.. and so are my music files and movie files.

*Praying hard to God that no more break in please!*

c u in penang....

edited: this post was edited because he did not forget about helping me. just a miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Terrified, petrified, traumatized

I thought yesterday was a great day... til... i went back home n found out that someone broke into my house!!!! WTH!!!

i was enjoying my day at ikea n ikano and our dinner cum supper at mamak til the moment before i saw the gate and the door of my house wide open! All 4 of us just stand outside the house, stunned! unable to move and think, we were shocked half to death! The house lights were on, but how can it be since we left early in the morning, the owner never come and check the house...and all 3 of us went out together and standing outside the house together, so who can it be..inside oour house???!!!~!~!.. then we saw the grill broken! Then we slowly came to our senses that someone broke into our house. we rushed in without further thinking of our own safety and found out.. that the notoriuous thief/thieves only broke into the master bedroom! WTF~

He stole my housemate's imac, a toshiba laptop and her external hard disk!

I stood there in the house, trying to get everything sink into my brains about what had just happen.... i hope and hope that it was just a dream, try to pinch myself.. but it was not a dream! I wish i could just wake up and say to myself "It is just a dream" but i can't! I WAS NOT ASLEEP and nor was it a dream!!

I spend my next 2 hours at the police station with my housemate to make a police report and wait for the police investigator to come for official statement. Then after that, we were given a ride on the police van back to our house! My first time riding on a police van of cos...and it doesnt make me feel happy. it feels more creepy than i thought it should and the nice police even offer me their junk food while we were in the car. It was all super crazy! I was never been involved in a crime, but last night, it was a whole new traumatic experience for me to be involved in a crime event where i was part of the victim.

We spend a night over at my friend's place as all of us was too petrified about what had happen. We scared that the thief might break into the house again.For that night, me n sherlyn moved our cpu and printers to my neighbour's house for extra precaution as our gate and door was not completely secure due to the break in.

As i was typing this message, I am still having goosebumps now and then and traumatized by what had happen. I still hope that it is all a nightmare... but it is not!

So what about my PC? i am still not sure if u want to ask and trouble my friend to help me deliver it back to penang because, since both of us are casual friends. Although he did agree that he is able to help me to send it back, but..... malu lar...

Another friend is still not sure if he's able to help me... because... of some transportation problem. So... how's my PC? i don't think i want to leave my pc behind although it is old and heavy. Afterall, he's still a good companion, a good servant and a good entertainment machine. i don't wanna leave him behind and wait for the burglar to take him away.... GOD HELP!

note: i have a few swear words in this post.. but just ignore it. i am still recovering from what happen as we really did not expect such things to happen.....

Sunday, November 18, 2007

ending and beginning

a story ended and a new chapter begins.....

One of my best friend said I've changed and KL has changed me. I am not sure whether I was changed by KL or it is just me all along that has not change but the real me "came out". Life is just weird sometimes. You have no power to control it or what people thinks and say about you but you can choose the life you like to lead. Some thinks that i've become a "playgirl" of some sort.... but whoever that has been sourcing out the news has definitely owns a broken satellite. Flirting is not an act to be counted as a playgirl. It is just purely for the fun of it. If only you are here in this city where boredom is the only word you know everyday, you will know how i feel. My life in KL is not really that bad actually apart from the occasional boredom since i don't have a car to go out as much as i wanted to. I did enjoy myself most of the time here because of the people that i mix with are all nice and friendly. We are like a happy family that laughs and joke together and watch out for one another since most of us are far away from home. I enjoyed my life here because i can enjoy freedom that i am deprived of from back home. But sometimes i do miss home!

So, if I've changed... so what?

Everyone changes in different phases of his/her life. That's part of my metamorphosis journey and whatever that I've change into, deep down, i am still who i am. I am who i am.

Finally a chapter of my life has ended. Everything... from feelings to relationships to many other things. I've begin to see things and take certain things differently. I never take relationship seriously as i never wanted to get heartbreaks - so that part of me remains. Now is the beginning of a new chapter.... i treasure my family and close friends more and i told myself that i should and shall lead my life with happiness and contentment and never let the unhappiness takes my happiness away. I am loving every part of the stressful work from school because i know that's the path that i've chosen to ride and so be it. I shall fight for what i want and never give up although the road might be bumpy and there are hurdles along the way!

Never give up on what you believe in!

Aristotle said, "The roots of education is bitter, but the fruit is sweet!". The other 5 semester ahead will be much more worst than this semester, but i shall endure as i know my success and career is at the end of the tunnel....

As for now, i shall enjoy my 3 months holiday and continue fighting when the holiday ends...

Saturday, November 17, 2007



no words can describe my feeling now.... after nights after nights of drawing, and drawing and painting and colouring... finally... it is all over.......for this sem!

YES! Submitted my final assignment today! my drawing journal! u have no idea how much torture i went through for this assignment! only those in my class will know the workload and how we suffer! Marli, Thing THing n sherlyn will know.. right?

Few weeks ago, my lecturer told me that i am failing his drawing class! WOW! panic.. i don't wanna fail any of my subject because i don't wanna take more than 3 years to finish my degree... so..i decide to work on it..

Today, i hand in my journal. The book of HELL! after my lecturer look through my journal page by page till the end, he said "This is too good!"


eh? I am not expecting that comment from him nor did i see it coming... but at the end of the day... i am happy. The effort and hard work is finally repaid! well.. not exactly.. need to wait till the results come out.

now that my assignments are all done, suddenly, i have no idea what i want to do!

if i sleep now, i wouldnt be able to wake up .... if i don't sleep, i don't know what i should do after blogging. Furthermore i am too tired to clean up the room i think i'll go sleep for now~!


Friday, November 16, 2007


missing, missing, missing... something is missing.....

Monday, November 12, 2007


I just receive my 4th dinner invitation in 2 days. Why suddenly everyone is so generous towards me? why suddenly so many people decide to treat me good meal? i wonder (-.-)?

I wish i can go out and have fun and treat myself with good food but i do not have the time to do so. i barely have time to sleep, and if i were to agree to go out for dinner with my friends, ... i will probably present 2 black piece of mounting board to Mr Wong on monday! (tomorrow)

My newsletter is still.... in progress... i wasn't satisfied with my previous designs and hence i've been editing it non-stop, coming up with the 5th versions already. Call me crazy.. but that's me!

My handphone is going crazy already i think. It is gonna be 3years old in another 9 more days... hang on there pls... i don't have cash now to get a new replacement....

Oki... enough of crapping ... getting back to work...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Truman Show

3 more assignments to go....FIGHTING

Sometimes, i feel like my life is like the The Truman Show (one of jim carey's movie). There are a few things that's i've been keeping to myself recently and never told anyone about it but somehow, someone manage to find out. It is like there's a hidden camera somewhere .... and my life is completely broadcasted to everyone i know.....WTH!

My family is acting weird recently.Maybe they are not, maybe it is just me...

If u can't see the hidden camera spying on me, here's a list of what i am currently doing:-

Listening to: Rainbow - Jay Chou
Drinking: Water
Thinking: about newsletter, somethings
Sucking: Sweets
Farting: Air (*i am sure u r laughing right now. yes? good. it's a joke)
Blowing: Nose (*flu now mar)
Seeking: For inspiration
Planning: to sleep
Chatting: with friends

Sunday, October 07, 2007

is it worth it?

Leo: Even though you wish it weren't this way, you can't help who you like. You're being drawn to someone inappropriate for you. But is it worth it?

well, u tell me.............

Saturday, October 06, 2007


it has been a week, so i guess.. it's time for me to get over and .... forget bout what happen. since now that I have more important matters to deal with, like, how to survive for the remaining 3 wks of october with no money for food, entertainment and transportation, how to complete my assignments, how to save my dying dragon bamboo plant, how to get more beauty sleep, how to stop procrastinating, and much much more.

Life! But they are more meaningful problems to deal with... than feeling bad about what happen yesterday.

Gosh, i just collected the electric bill today. It is freaking enormous amount of money that i need to fork out for my part! Then we have the telephone bills, the streamyx bills, and water bills as well! SWEAT! How about my final assignments? All those comes with a price u know.. like A3 colour printing, mounting board, and other art stuff which is NOT CHEAP! Damn! No wonder artist is always broke! How bout my candy underwater world? I still have to get jelly beans from famous amos!

***eileen runs to get a 4-D lottery ticket***

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sem1: Week 10

time has definitely flies pass me this semester. In just a blink of an eye, it is week 10 of my first sem already! i thought it was just last week that i move to cyberia but now, it is wk 10 already!

Gosh! Few more weeks of torture up ahead before i can head back to Penang for good food and most importantly, home cook food! Yea. Its "Torture Weeks" because it is during those weeks that i will barely have enough time to accomplish my assignments and hence, leads me to sleepless nights, panda eyes and continuously working non-stop.... WELCOME TO THE DESIGNING WORLD!

"A good designer don't sleep alot. If you sleep alot, that means you are not a good designer" - Clare

Well, apart from just torture, there are some fun stuff that comes together with those workload. I will be going on a shopping spree to hunt for candies! Yeah! All sorts of candy for my digital imaging assignment. I am creating an underwater world of candies! So now, i am supposed to go look for all sorts of candies to built my fantasy world. no more feeling guilty for shopping for chocs and candies since its for assignment purpose! Let's Get FAT!

I just receive a request from my friend to be his wedding photographer! Holy shit! My first wedding request and I have no idea and no experience taking wedding pics! How? **runs to grab the wedding copy of Digital Photography mag for tips and advise**. I feel really honoured that Nick trust me to be his wedding photographer, but i am scared that i might ruin it for him. After all, ,wedding is ONCE IN A LIFETIME event! I seriously hope that, i'll snap great pics for him. So my problem now is, equipments. I need flashgun, a few SD cards, and a better tripod! n maybe a macro lens! Sigh..MONEY! I can't reject Nick's request. I've known him for 9 years ... although we only met once...but he's like a bro to me, giving me all sorts of advice. Can't reject his request, can i?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

food poisoning

i have never been to the toilet so many times in a day
i have never suffer such sickness before
i have never drank so much 100plus in a day
i never had diarrhoea like i had for the pass 2 days
i never slept so much

how i get food poisoning? i have no idea. is it the food from uni or from the shop that i've ate a dozen times at? i totally have no idea at all. maybe it is the shop at cyberia which serves the best food so far (according to my taste). n now i get food poisoning. i might be having phobia next time i order at that shop. however it won't stop me from visiting it.....

i am supposed to enjoy these few days, relaxing.. do my own art stuff... but i have no energy whatsoever to do anything... i am like a person in a 50% dead body. Do u know, if u have food poisoning, you suffer several sickness not only diarrhoea? you will get fever, headache, and nausea too? it is worst than suffering cough, flu and sorethroat. heck.. and i have presentation tomorrow. what am i going to do?

anyway, would like to thank my friends here, marli, thing thing, sherlyn and jane for all the concern and care. thanks alot for being there. thanks marli for accompaniying me to the clinic, thanks thing thing for the 100plus! appreciate it! Friends forever!

oki lar.. gonna go take my piggy rest now.... there's no place like home

ps: did i tell u that since i have the sickness, i've been sleeping and sleeping and done nothing else but sleeping? well... here's a piece of news of me of what i've been up to these 2 days....

Sunday, August 12, 2007

saw, touched and molested

which superstar are they capturing?

ah just had my worst dinner since i move to cyberia.... b

no doubt the chicken mushroom that i had is sucky! but desaria food is suckier.. except the Ramly burger. ah..i miss RAMLY! how i wish i have nando's extra hot peri peri sauce just now!

it was a great weekend if it is not for the food. Went to Low Yat in the afternoon to get a 15m long ethernet cable. But before that, i stop by Macstudio just to check if they have the new imac on display. When i saw a glimpse of it from a far, i ran to the store. ahahha yea i ran! Was excited! I touch the new screen, molested the slim keyboard, take a look at the ports. It looks professional but still.. white is better. How's iLife 08? Sadly, i did not try iLife. Stupid right? The first thing is to try out the new software. but instead i was attach to the Mac Pro on display at the shop cos they have leopard on it. I have no idea how they have that OS since it is not out yet in the market. i am not sure is it the real one, but it has time machine... which i think did not really work correctly. ahahhah cos i tried deleting a file and went to time machine, wanting to retrieve it.. but it is not there... hmm..maybe is a dummy OS of leopard. So i guess i am the first from CG Computers to touch the new iMac!

Then we went to catch Rush Hour 3 yesterday! Oh God, it is hilarious! Chris Tucker is the man! He is CRAZY! laugh non-stop the entire movie even til the part when they show the NG. It is even better, funnier! But is there going to be rush hour 4?

Titiwangsa was our next destination. Met 2 monsters and a clown there. Will upload the pics of me and the monsters once i get the picture from my friend. THought of catching some nice pictures of Eyes on Malaysia, but then it started to rain. so ... we ran to the bus stop. It is like a 800m marathon run! We ran cos the rain droplets were getting heavier. Man, it was one of the most heavy exercise i had in months! Then we went to KLCC and snap lotsa food pics. then i had the best dinner of the week! Nando's Extra Hot Peri Peri! We laugh nonstop, like we were drunk by the extra hot peri peri sauce. It was fun! I never had friends that can accompany me to eat spicy food the way we had last night. It was indeed FUN! Should try again next time!

My weekend is good, and even better because Liverpool won their first premiership match with Gerrard scoring a superb goal from a free kick! A new beginning! A brilliant start! Score more Gerrard! Yup, the premiership started and i didn't even register for any fantasy football. Guess i am gonna give this season a pass. Next season maybe!

Byes for now. Got lotsa drawing to catch up on!'s just the flowers

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

torres is here ...

much awaited... much anticipated signing i am looking forward to....

it is Fernando Torres i am talking about ladies and gentlemen. He is the kid.. the El Nino kid that we are talking about now! he's our new number 9. He wears the famous no. 9 shirt worn by our legends, by our famous strikers such as Robbie Fowler aka "God" and Ian Rush.

Will he bring the EPL cup to us? After 20 years, will he help to bring back the much awaited trophy back to Anfield? Will it be our season this coming season? ...


Eileen is waiting....

Thursday, June 28, 2007

iPhone frenzy

This picture was taken from New York Times. Yea... i am blogging again bout iPhone.

I think this picture is one of the most brilliant pictures in all iPhone reviews (i've not read all, but so far this is the best). hehe Walter Mossberg (the guy who interview Steve JObs and Bill Gates at Digital D last month) in his article said that "iPhone lives up to the hype" and "the most frenzied hype and speculation we have ever seen for a single technology product". SO yea... that is also one of the many reasons you are now reading my second post in 3 days regarding iPhone. refer to link

New York Times report that there were 11,000 print articles on iPhone and it was given the nickname "Jesus phone".

i am sure, you are curious and wanting to ask me, when will iPhone be available in Malaysia. Well... as told during WWDC 07 in January (when Steve Job first introduce iPhone to the world), iPhone will only be available in Asia in 2008. sad huh... by the time it is available in Malaysia, all the hype about it is gone! but then.... Apple product never fades away just like that. It will only be better and a greater gadget and therefore, by the time it is available in Malaysia, it might have been improved to a better powerful mini machine.

why do we need to wait til next year?

well.. it is because, Apple need to decide on the service provider. I don't think at the moment, Maxis or Digi nor Celcom is up to the standard yet to provide us the internet service that iPhone is capable of. AT&T is the only network chosen by Apple as the service provider to all iPhone owners. They have to sign up an agreement of 2 years with AT&T in order to purchase iPhone.

Furthermore, there's not SIM card slot.... so?? Where does DIGI and Maxis stand now? When do you think iPhone will reach Malaysia? Will it ever reach here?

iPhone might reach Asia or Malaysia faster than expected. MIGHT. This is Apple that we are talking about... they always gives you surprises and the unexpected.

So, at the moment, i am not changing my HP nor my service provider just yet. Waiting for iPhone to reach our shore........

At the meantime, Dell has just launch their new Inspiron image. All their Inspirons laptops now come in various colours! Mocha brown, Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, White, Black, Blue. No... i am not too "hype" about Dell's new "stuff".....iPhone is this summer's HOTTEST and MOST talk about gadget!

Eileen is all warm up for iPhone marathon. how bout you?

Monday, June 18, 2007


its the dumpling festival!

its the time of the year when everyone starts to eat chinese rice dumpling. Everyone would be hunting for the best dumpling sold. To me, the best is still those you made your own. Home cooked.

This is the picture of me and the dumpling. For the past 3 years, I've been helping out my aunt and grandma making those chinese dumpling. Look closely, there's salted egg york, mushroom, pork and chesnut hidden below the egg york and of course the glutinous rice.


check the video below. uploaded the video of me making the dumpling. pls ignore my dressing and my hair! ahahahha

Friday, June 15, 2007


Are you still waiting for me? or am i still waiting for u?

I don't even know the answer myself. But if you are still waiting for me, i don't even know what or how is my feelings now. Don't ask me why, because i don't know myself. I still have no confidence in myself to be in a relationship.

I have no confidence in myself because part of me is still longing for the lost love, but part of me wants to let it go. i know i should learn to let go, but .... it is hard. i've been telling people to let go, but i can't do it myself. I know it is impossible for me to get back the love lost... but is there a worthy love out there for me to let go?

i still have not meet the guy that will make me let go... maybe one day...i will learn to let go of the lost love when i meet the right guy. the guy that would move mountains and hills for me, the guy that will make my heart skips a few beats, and the guy that will make my stomach fill with butterflies. So where is my Mr Right?

I might be sounding like i am desperate at the moment, but i am not. it is just the movie i watched today that triggers a part of my memory today and hence i am blogging it here.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

unexpected encounter

I've been meeting up with a a lot of people lately. mostly people that i do not expect i would bump into.

For the last 2 days, I've met a few people from the 'squash training' that i joined when i was in high school. One of those few people is my coach, Aaron. It has been a very long time since i last play squash. Seeing them definitely brought back all those memories i had with my friends during our training few years ago. We definitely had fun gossiping and playing the game which i like that time (I still like squash, just that i can't find a place and a partner to play with). The strict training which we went through had made me a better person today (physically) =P . If it weren't for the training, I would have been a big fat pig now. suffering depression, obesity and worst of all, diabetics. Okie okie... i am just exaggerating. I would probably only suffer from obesity.

Then another memory come into my mind. The memory of when i had to play 2 tournaments in one day. One is the squash tournament and another my netball tournament. It was CRAZY! after i complete my squash match (where i know i can't play to my full energy and stamina) i have to change to my netball outfit and rush to the venue of my netball tournament. it was CRAZY. i don't know how i manage to do that, but i did! i survive! and at night, i had to attend tuition class. i don't know what tuition but i practically have tuition every single day. so that's just one of those days during my high school life. it was indeed an achievement. i don't know where i get the power and strength to do all those stuff....

n then it reminds me again bout the scar on my leg. that time i had to run to get to my training session on time if not i'll get punish (extra laps during stamina training session) . and because of that, i was running as fast as my leg could carry me from the bus stop to the training centre. during that time, there was a renovation going on at the centre and i got a super huge cut from the rusty metal thingy (i think its the metal thingy they use for the base of the floors). thank god i did not suffer any disease from the rusty metal.

every time when i don't expect to meet up with anybody, i'll end up meeting someone. every time when i am looking at my worst stage, i'll end up meeting with people who i don't want to meet at that time. God help!

Anyway, it is all part of god's plan.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

keynote ended

yup. steve's keynote just ended and that is one of the reason i am blogging at this time. its 2.38am now.. n i am still online.. blogging..

today, Steve introduced only 10 features out of 300 new features he promised that is going to be in Leopard. it has a whole new look and i can't wait to get a close up look on it. so at the moment, i'll just have to wait.

as predicted, there was "one more thing". It has been a trademark of Steve Job's in every keynote and it has been his famous quote. Everyone who know him, will know about his special quote 'one more thing'. He introduced Safari on Windows this time around as his 'one more thing' which i am kinda dissapointed at. I was thinking it was something bigger than that, but i was wrong.

i am actually blogging this post here using the new Safari on my cousin's pc laptop which is an Acer.A very lousy one but it still works super duper fine. Way to go Safari!!! it has the famous private browsing. no history no cache! try safari today!

One last thing (as predicted), he introduce iPhone and state that iPhone will be available in US on 29th June at 6pm. Demo a few stuff about iPhone and the keynotes ended.

it is not a historical day, but it is definitely a day worthy of me to blog about. after all, it is this day that Steve show the new interface of leopard and it is this date that Safari is made availble to windows user! download your Sarafi here.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

my first entry was published

... in DCM

got my DCM today. I grabbed 3 copies (for my Indonesian friends) of it from at Queensbay. I checked out the hotshots section first, and i didn't see my picture there. So i was sad.. but not really disappointed because i know my standard is not there yet. there's much more out there for me to improve and afterall, i am still a beginner and i don't have the equipments that most photographers have out there. For example, fill in flash. So i didnt feel really that bad...

then at home... while i was having my late supper, i was almost chocked to death when i turn the pages and i reached a new section of the magazine and i saw my picture there!
THEY PUBLISHED IT! my picture is in DCM! my favourite magazine at the moment!
no i did not win any prize. i just got a few comment and critiques from the professionals. It is good that i get comments because i know i can always improve from there. some of their comments are exactly what i think, but i disagree with one of their comment where they suggest me that i should take the picture from another angle. if i were to take my picture from another angle, the picture would have been very different and i wouldn't be able to achieve what my pictures is meant to do.

Marli, if you are reading this...i would like you to know that thanks alot for your help. That picture wouldn't have been taken without your assist in pouring the water. Since i did not win any prize, i can't treat you d! sad huh?

i am goin to try out their mission for this month which is about water. if you want to see my pictures, grab a copy of Digital Camera Magazine today. it is only RM8.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

still sick

well... if u visit me today n a few more days from now while i am working, you will get your chance of a lifetime to listen to my sexy voice! ahahhahaha FYI, i've been sick for 1 week already. Sore throat, cough and phlegm. I think i talk more when i am sick... is it normal? LOL. i think i crap alot there few days... mayb it is due to my sickness that produce more crappy hormons for me to crap more.

and i am geting crazy too. have been desperately searching and waiting for the new copy of DCM.(Refer to the picture on the left). Went to MPH and Popular at Gurney today but i can't find any copy there. Not even the previous month. Tips on wedding, portraits and landscape! Going to hunt for it again tomorrow at Borders tomorrow! I am really desperate to get my hands on that issue. Sooo desperate that i got another copy of CLICK which I bought it before last month at Midvalley. Crazy right? yea i know. it is me and my obsession on photography! Hopefully it is not "hot, hot, chicken shit" (hangat, hangat tahi ayam). I am really into photography, but i don't want to go out alone to take pictures. It is dangerous u know for me to walk around with my baby.

ah Yeah.. update... the new Macbook Pro is out last night.Feel super sorry for that Jason dude who bought the old specs last night (the same night the new specs was launch in US). He bought it i think 1 or 2 hours after apple update it on their website. We didn't know and he needs a system urgently. So don't think he will feel sad or anything.

The new MBP now comes with 2.2GHz and 2.4GHz core 2 duo processor with 2G memory with NVIDIA graphic card. and best of all, they are the first laptop or LCD display in the world that uses a mercury free display with LED backlight (that means the screen will not kaput easily). more detailed specs coming soon! Wait up!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


what should i blog today? i have alot of things to talk and blog.. but i don't know where i should start...

today, an american man, around his mid 30s (i think so) asked me out for supper or lunch and i (like always)....i rejected. Rejecting has become my habit lately i guess. i keep on rejecting people. First the job that i was offered and now a free supper. He's not that ugly looking (my colleague said that he's good looking) but then... well, man at his age "have expectations"! Mummy said that i shouldn't go out with strangers. ahahhaha c i am such a good gal! i listen and obey her order! i think he's rich lar. he said macbook pro 17" price is affordable! Ahhh... who cares he's rich or not... i am not interested and it is non on my business.

another thing happen today while i was at work today. Saw the pics of the new wacom guy they hired for demo on weekends doing his demo-ing. I didn't know it was my cousin bro until my colleague showed me a close up pic of him. i am 99% sure he's my cousin bro but 1% in me tells me he's not. if he is my cousin, i didn't know he can draw so well and now he's working part time in the same company i am working at. How small can the world gets?

the crumpler bag is still around. no one bought it yet! taking my baby for a "clothes testing" tomorrow. wanna test whether my baby fits into that "6 million dollar" (the crumpler model name) anot.

oki, that's for now. i am going to bed. working 10hrs tomorrow.

Friday, June 01, 2007


why is men discriminating women? Aren't we leaving in a world today, where men and women should be of equal standard? i thought i was living in that world, but i was wrong. Men is still looking down on what women can do and their contribution to the society. They think that we are the weaker sex. We are the fairer sex, but we are NOT the weaker gender. I know there are certain areas where women and men excel respectively, but we should be treated equally.

I just don't understand why people thinks that men should be better in technical area? Every customer call in seek for a male salesperson to talk to when they are facing technical problems. but what makes them think that they can't ask a woman and why a girl can't help them to solve technical issues?

Well, in short, men still don't trust women in technical issues or maybe it is the EGO issue where they think they know more than woman. Well... issit true?

Monday, May 28, 2007

First AppleTV sold!

i sold an apple tv today! my first apple tv sales! hooray!

actually i don't really know how to operate that machine well because it is a new gadget and i didn't really spend much time playing with it yet. i just know that it is able to be connected to the wireless network (internet), sync with a primary Mac, streaming content from other macs and it has a 40GB hard disc with an intel processor in it. i know that it is able too play digital content such as music, photos and videos and podcast.... will tell u more some other time.. maybe in my review section...

i sold 3 v-moda headphones today! 2 of them is v-moda modaphones vibe! Vibe is the best headphone i have tried so far! VERY VERY good quality. u got to try it yourself! It is really good! i thought sennheiser PX200 was good, but this is even BETTER. i luv that headphone alot personally. i would get one pair for myself... IF i have the money. its not cheap you know dude. it is RM439! i wish it will drop from heaven together with my iPod PRODUCT Red!

okie.. going off now to write my email to Mr Santa!

Dear Mr Santa,
Pls send me a Product RED ipod Nano, and a modaphones Vibe. Red in colour too! If u can't get it at SantaLand, pls send me a cheque! Many thanks in advance!


ps: pls make it fast! i need it desperatly!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Met a photographer at work today. He bought a bag from me, and we chatted and i found out that he's a nikon user as well. A nice guy to chat with and most importantly, i found out from him where i can get the film for my manual photography already. Since i am borrowing my uncle's manual slr, my only problem was getting the film. but it is solve now. My customer told me that i can get it at one of the photo shop at Penang Road. I wanted to go there, but thought they wouldn't have. It's that shop that my grandpa used to have his pictures taken. Yea... so u get the picture now.. that shop is .. OLD! very old! since my grandpa died... 15 years ago..

okie.. its time .... i better stop now.. i got to go close the shop now.... i am blogging this from work!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

who is the champion?

2 years ago, i blog about liverpool's first european night under gerrard. and tonight, it is liverpool vs ac milan. The repeat of 2005. The record breaking historic event. A night made for heroes. A night where millions rejoice and thousands heartbreaks.....

In another 2 more hours or less, it is the final Champions League match between Liverpool FC and AC Milan. It is the repeat of the 2005, the same finalist but different stadium. 17 players from both team who played against each other 2 years ago will play again each other again tonight.

Let me recap, in 2005, Liverpool was 3 goals down on first half but they make an incredible 6 minutes comeback where Gerrard, Alonso and Smicer scored. Both team levelled at 3-3 ... and remain that way til extra time. no goals and the trophy was won by Liverpool when Dudek make that incredible save on Shevchenko's penalty kick.

So who is going to win tonight? i am sure there will not be a repeat of the 6 minutes maniac comeback made by liverpool. the game is going to be very tight. both team has change and progress alot over the 2 years. Something is me tells me that it is AC Milan's year, but then.. I know my Red is capable of lifting the 6th trophy!

I would love then to lift that trophy. i would like them to bring back the trophy and see how the whole city would be flooded with Reds fan! I would love a repeat of 2005!

As i am typing this, i am watching the 2005 match repeat on ESPN. just finish watching the penalty shootout, the incredible save made by dudek on Svechenko's, and the memoriable moment when gerrard lifted his first CL trophy.


Anyway...will blog tomorrow from work ... c u then

p/s: my support is always with LIVERPOOL! YNWA!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Crumpling Crumpler

the crumpler i wanted to get for my baby....

yea this is a pic of me at work with the crumpler photo bag that i wanted to get. It's around RM329! Should i use my coming month salary to get this? I really wanted to get a camera bag for my baby so badly.... very badly... but of cos .. if i have a better options to spend on with the money.. maybe then i'll reconsider this crumpler... but then.. i realli want a good bag for my its between the bagman backpack or this... so which wan ???

Crumpling Crumpler or ... madman Bagman?

Friday, May 18, 2007

getting punk?

all punk up already... i am definitely putting on lotsa weight since i come back yesterday.


Because i've been eating non-stop like a hungry wolf. i eat and eat ...and there is still a lot of food for me to eat! One good thing about being back home is, i never need to pay for the food i eat! ahahhaha All will be paid by my mom or dad!

i will be eating more tomorrow and the day after tomorrow... and the day after tomorrow's tomorrow... in short, I'll be eating like a pig when i am in Penang. I want to go out for a photography session.. but i don't know where to go..... maybe i'll go over to Air Itam... i dunno. I'll see....

Thursday, May 17, 2007

i am back in penang

everything is done. no more assignments for the next 2 months! BANZAI!!!

yesterday, when i submitted my last assignment which is my design studies journal, i am so relief!!!! very relief! Why? Because it is the last assignment I'll need to submit for this sem. eh no .. previous semester. My second semester has finally ended and now i am waiting for the start of my 3rd semester which is my 2nd year! i still have a miserable 3 years of endurance to go... and then come the sucky working life. If my life goes according to the plan i have in mind now, I'll have another 5 more years rotting in Cyberjaya. 3 years of studies and 2 years working life where i can wear only black colour!!! heck! i better stock up my clothes now with black tops and bottoms!

shopping! mega sales is coming! but will i have the money to shop? i've been wanting to buy an ipod, but then.. i can't get it here. i need someone to help me get it from US. i wanted the product red nano sooooooo much! it's not just because of the colour and the special edition thingy, its for charity purpose as well. imagine, if i can get an expensive gadget for myself, and at the same time i am helping other people (AIDS people in Africa), well... i am willing to pay but only if i have the money! i can simple work hard at the Apple store here for 1 month here n get the nano 2GB but i don't want! i want the RED one!!!!! but ipod is not really my top priority item to get lar. i need to upgrade my computer first. mayb upgrade the ram! n then they graphic card or soemthing! then maybe get a decent bag for my baby. then get myself a LCD monitor.

sigh.. so much money needed. i wish it will drop down from heaven! or i have a money tree that grow and gives me money everyday. i wish.........

Friday, May 11, 2007

Yesterday and yesterday's yesterday

9th May, my photography final assignment dues today. I already had all my pictures developed and cd burned ready to pass it up to my lecturer. So went i hand it to him, he ask me a simple question about whether i wrote my name and class at the back of the picture. and i made him repeat the question 3 times and my tired brains still didn't get what he's trying to ask me. 3 TIMES he repeated it, n i still don't get it. See the blurness level i can get these days?? To all my MGSians classmates, they will say, "Ah biasa lar. Eileen is always blur. She's the BBB Queen, always beng, blur and blo". But this time, my extra blurness is due to my sleepless nights for the pass 2 nights. i only had 3 hours of maximum sleep out of the 48 hours. and had less than 5 hours of sleep by today (Thursday) in 72 hours. No i am not having or suffering any sleep disorder. It is due to the final assignment that i am working on. I wanted to put my all in it, I wanted it to be better than my previous semester final project... so much hope that, the final results look like a piece of shit to me. even worst than the first. certain parts of the banner was not executed properly and because of that, it has cause the whole banner to look awfully retarded. Not to say that i have no confidence in my work, but due to some problem, i have to bare with the consequences. Lesson learn. "Never judge a book by its cover" and "Once bitten, Twice wise". I'll definitely choose a better team member next time. I don't have any complains about my team members as some of them did what they could. They did their best. Although they are not much of a painter, at least they tried to contribute and paint easier parts. The presentation is tommorrow and i really hope we don't trip and fall on our face. Hopefully, we will be able to leave the uni with our head hung up high...with satisfaction and pride.
I've just decided to re-do my life drawing painting. Therefore, a few more sleepless nights is about to come!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

cerewet betul eileen ini....

i don't know what i am supposed to be blogging today. nothing much happen today.. just that went to school, started to paint my final project banner, got my history of art presentation marks (which is not too bad i think) and showed the lousy printed photograph to my lecturer who said it's ok to hand in but i should reprint it to put it into my portfolio. and the most amazing thing is that, he told me that i can actually reject the picture that i don't like on the spot and ask the printer to print again. WOW... its one thing that i didn't know about.. but i am definitely so gonna do that next time. the print is not cheap u know! RM7.90 for each.. n the colour is so lousy... so now... i am left with no other choice but to reprint it. Although my lecturer (as what i heard is a very colour particular person) don't mind the colour difference between the original and the printed one, i am still gonna print it again because i am a perfectionist and particular myself too.

I don't know whether to like acrylic painting or to hate it. Because i know i am definitely enjoying doing it and at the same time hating it when my blending and colours don't come out right. I am planning to do a family portrait with my left over acrylics.. and hopefully it will be successfull. after all... i am still in the learning process, therefore there's no harm trying right? i just have to waste another couple of RM50 to get the canvas.

going back to my "Kristin Alba" painting..... byes

Sunday, May 06, 2007


very sorry on the previous post which have so many spelling mistake. wanted to edit it again.. but stupid go-light-shit somehow has a curse on me on posting blog in blogger. i can't seem to be able to delete it...

so why is it that a lot people has been asking me the same question lately? i find it weird.. is it the season or something ar..n that everyone starts to feel curious about me? well, i am still the old self... nothing much has change... still the same old Eileen who is still a procrastinator, a sports lover, a movie addict and an Apple freak.Nothing much has change. just my hair, growing a few inches longer than before.

i will be going back to Penang soon. Approximately 10days from today and hopefully i'll get a long break.. but not too long as i fear that i'll become more lazy than before. i don't think i will be able to slack off and become lazier than before because i'm going to work part time to earn money to get stuff for myself. Working at Apple store is realli a great opportunity for me to meet people from all walks of life and also to educate people about Mac. i enjoy working there and hopefully when i am back next month, everyone is as nice as before.

bye for now...

Friday, May 04, 2007

quiet or noisy?

do you prefer a quiet or a noisy companion?

had a conversation with 2 of my coursemates ystd. both comment that they prefer quiet companion over noisy ones.. but i am the opposite of them.

i would personally prefer people who can talk to me. But the conversation of cos should not be about complaining and commenting negative things. i hate people who give negative vibes. They tend to pull me down with their negative talks... n I don't like to feel useless and down and sad and uncomfortable. i don't mind if its about personal problems where you need to talk about it and you need advise. i don't mind lending my ears to those who wants me to be their listener and their counsellor. sometimes u just have to be the ear.. because i know how hard it is to keep everything inside. sooner or later you will burst and go crazy if you keep too much things inside you so its ok for me to be the ear and listen to their confession, for both bad or good.

i like to be with people that can crake joke 24/7. i prefer to be with people that laughs often. people who are positive, people who are intersting talker with wide knowledge about everything, people who talk pratically anything from sports to movies to music to art, people who are willing to share their interest and knowledge, people who are humble, people who knows what they are talking about but not talk for the sake of talking to create a conversation. it must be people who speak and think at the same time. there are some people who loves to speak their mind. that is good if your are making a good statement. if u are making a stupid conversation well, just name sure its funny and interesting if not keep it to yourself. people will not think highly on you, but thinks you are a joker or some useless and inexperience little bug that's buzzing around irritating and making a fool out of herself/himself. Everyone talks big. Everyone have some pride and ego inside them. Its just should be at the correct percentage of both pride and ego. too much, and you will make the person who listen to you green in envy and thinks you are big headed. if you are too quiet, work it out. talk. if there's nothing to talk about, then... keep quiet lar.

ah okie.. i don't know what i am talking about now. must be the life drawing A1 size acrylic painting that's making me talk and crap so much. PERIOD .

Monday, April 30, 2007

2 strikes

2 strikes!

thought i could go for a triple strikes today but its just a combo. too bad... cos my photography lecturer is down with some illness and in on medical leave (That was what i was told.....) so.. no triple strikes lar. my photography assignment still have to wait...

again.. like every other nights, last night i stayed up late again to do the documentation. my mom ask me, why am i always doing most of the work and stress myself out when its a group work. she ask, what are your other group members doing? well .... what did they do? what were they doing? hmm...

anyway.. back to the good news....

i've posted up one of the kiwi water splash series at my DA (deviantart) and i got kinda a good response from it. it was beyond my expectations because, that photography response is even better than any of my other deviation. in a short 4 minutes after i just upload, 4 people favourite it and 4 people commented on the photography. happy!!

then in flick, i've posted 3 pics of my first water splash series there. n someone favourite one of the pic! happy! cos its my first favourite at Flickr! its a big achievement to me.. so far because Flickr is a site with many many professional photographers from all over the globe posting their incredible pictures there. that's why, to have one of my pictures favaourite by 1 person, out from a thousand of million of pictures posted and thousand over users, i am very content already. i am still waiting for my 2nd favourite, hopefully its not too long ...

should i consider photography seriously ar? i am still thinking...what do u think?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Final Cut Studio 2

some of u might be wondering what is Final Cut Studio 2. well, final cut studio 2 is a package of software recently released from Apple where it specialize in video and movie production. no doubt, its the best video production software around. having use Adobe Premier Pro before, when it comes to iMovie in Mac OS X, Premier Pro suddenly became... such a complicated tool to use n since iMovie works like Final Cut Pro... but not entirely like it, i assume FCPro is much easier than Premier.
Movie such as "300" (the most recent movie), was produced entirely on Mac system using final cut studio. So imagine... the most POWERFUL machine with the BEST editing software....ah okie. i better stop talking about mac here at the moment.. i can go on n on about mac...n that's what happen to my communication studies presentation where i got my marks deducted for speaking too long about mac! i will suffer oral diarrhoea (talk nonstop) everytime it comes to Mac. if u want to know more about final cut studio, go to link and watch the clip!
so what does Final Cut Studio has anything to do with me?
i wanted to take up Final Cut Pro course so badly. i always have a thing for video production and that's the reason i am studying multimedia. since i am into Mac rather than PC, i think i should know how to use Final Cut Pro. BUT the course fee is so expensive. Rm3000! Expensive.. but what to do.. that's the price to pay since its officially certified by Apple! But before that, i need to get a Mac first!

my shoutout for today: -
Mac is still better than Vista!
Don't think so? drop me a line, n i'll tell u why! ahahhahaha

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Warning Letter

dad called just now. surprise.. cos he never usually call me.i usually talk to him when my mom calls.

he called to ask me what i am doing. how's life? n i was half asleep after the early morning photo session at my friend's house. so i told him i am half asleep now, very tired. then he cut the conversation short n told me that he received a warning letter claiming that i did not attend class on wednesday!

oh crap! of cos i do attend class on wednesday! i am so diligent on wednesday! i attended every single Eiffel's photography class! Ask him! i am sure he knows i don't ponteng his class wan. trust me.. he got good memory! if he can remember every picture i've shown him, he can remember me attending his class every single week. after spending so much on the camera, why would i skip photography class? i am slowly falling in love with photography already and of cos i am falling head over heels over my Baby!

Furthermore, they said i did not attend class for 5 days! CRAP! i did not attend class since the first week.. n that's.. like... 12 weeks ago, 12 lessons, 12 days! its double the 5 days lar!

sigh.. its my "college uni" that we are talking about. they do not have a good computer system that keeps the students' records. I do not need to take malaysian studies, exempted and therefore i don't need to attend the class. crappy letter they sent to my parents! they have huge numbers of staff but do nothing! n lousy computer lab maintenance as all the PCs are infected with stupiak brontok and RavMond virus! how i wish i have a Mac! combat all those stupid virus! my current PC was infected with virus 2 times in space of 2 months! well.. i bet there's going to be a 3rd time!

So, God, when is my Mac coming?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

busy week

it has been a busy busy week. and another upcoming 3 more weeks will be even worst than this week!


because i have 3 final assignment and 1 final project to deal with. studying in art school is not fun and relaxing lo. my friend told me that, studying in art school is very easy, relaxing and you are going to have lots of fun along the way. DON'T believe them! It is a CON! It is true that we don't have exams, major exams like final paper or mid term paper, but we do have small test sometimes for certain subject... but art is not all about theory. We do not have exams, but we have assignments. assignments is worst than exam! imagine, u have 5 assignments due the same week and u only get 3 -4 hrs maximum of sleep per day and sometimes no sleep at all and the uncountable stress and pressure when your artwork is not good? how does that sounds to u huh? i am sure you would prefer 1 mid term exam paper, 1 final exam paper and 1 or 2 assignment for 1 semester right?
well..i prefer exam over tons of assignments.. but i rather have assignments of my interest rather than taking exams which i would probably do well.. but i have no interest in it. i can draw the whole day (did that before and my record was 8 hrs straight) and i can sit in front of the computer... but i rather be drawing than cracking my head to writing programme and debugging every single time and figuring out the error in my programme.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

honey in toilet

how did it ended up there???

i went to the toilet a few minutes ago to brush my teeth n i saw honey stars in the toilet bowl. thought i was sleepy and having one of my weird dreams already.. but i was not. i was sleepy, but i am definitely not dreaming nor am i cracking a joke here. the honey stars is REALLY in the toilet bowl.

so how did the poor honey stars ended up there? apparently, someone ate them in toilet and drop those poor honey stars in the toilet bowl (without realising it). funny huh.. what people can do in toilet.. guess that's just one of many activities that can be done in a toilet.. eating in toilet.

just wanna blog about this.. cos i find it amusing. its not meant for insulting purpose. if u find it insulting, well very sorry. i don't mean it.

i am not sleepy anymore.. mayb this is keeping me awake for another half and hour so i can do more research on my communication studies report.

about communication report... i am having trouble doing it bcos.. i know too much. basically, i know how to write the report, i know what i should write in the analyst part.. just that i can't get appropriate resources to support my answers. i know too much about Mac that i don't even need to reference but this is a research report... i am supposed to do "research" and that is why i need to search for resources and quotes.

Gambate eileen! you can do it!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

A glimpse

/glimps/ to see someone or something for a moment without getting a complete view of them.

so have you ever took a glimpse at something and then forget about it? have you ever wonder, what will happen if you were given a 10 seconds ticket to take a glimpse of your future? or maybe a 10seconds glimpse on who your husband or wife is 10 years from now? will you have a good career? a happy family?

a love at first sight started with a glimpse. but what is a glimpse if its not down to fate? out of nowhere, you saw it. out of coincidence, you turn your head n you saw it.

in short, God has plans for everyone.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mac Pro 8 Quad

so mac pro 8-quad is out! its basically a double of quad-core (which is a double of core duo). i have not seen it nor touch it. truthfully, I've touched almost all the Mac available today, mac mini, iMac, MacBook and MacBook Pro but i never touch a Mac Pro before. n now they have appleTV. i have a brief idea at how it works, but i've not touch and try operating it yet. i bet its one of the best gadget around at the moment. NO doubt! as for iPhone, i am sure everyone has heard about it. if u hav not... i dunno.. ahahha you better start googling!

I can't wait to get back to work! so i can touch all coolest apple gadget! now currently, patiently waiting for the release of leopard! the Mac OS X!

Monday, April 02, 2007


so.. if you are able to read this blog, it means that go-like-shit is working fine! well crossing my fingers and hoping that it gets through to the blogger server safely!! *eileen crossing her fingers*

so..i am gonna forget all the frustration that's building inside of me the pass few days.... getting over it.. life is short.. why should i be frustrated over small matters right? lets just forgive and forget! *amen*

Friday, March 30, 2007


dunno wat's up wit me lately. mayb bcos symptoms from that-time of the month.. but its definitely getting on me,... i am getting frustrated over.. alot ppl....

mayb i am too sensitive at the moment..... what should i do?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

when i first come to this uni, i am so demotivated. everyone around me doesn't seem to be serious in their work, slacking and lazy and with the new environment and adaptation thingy, i seriously consider whether i am doing the right thing. but i got that factor figured out for the time being... so no worries.. i am still looking forward to achieve my ambition and goal i am setting for myself. i'll update you 5 yrs from now.. to tell u how my ambition goes. if u don't hear from me, well... i am either MIA (missing is action) because i am too successful that i don't even have time for blogging or.. i am so poor that i can't even afford to own a computer to blog. ahahaha! crossing my fingers and pray hard its the first one!!!! i rather lead a busy life so that i am capable of giving both my parents a better living!

i come from an average family where both my parents are very supportive in everything i do. of course they do object to my action and thoughts sometimes but that is when i am demanding and doing things that parents are not supposed to be encouraging their children to do.. for example.. clubbing and smoking (fyi, i don't smoke). but when i made my decision on getting a new degree of my interest instead of working, they were both very supportive especially financially. both of them work so hard in order for me to get the education i desire and i am truthfully very grateful for that. that is why, they are my main motivation to me to go to the extra miles and work my ars off for all the subj i am taking.

some claims that i am too serious in what i am doing.. but i am taking everything very seriously because i know, its my future at stake. i am building my portfolio here. not to have fun. i did hav fun here.. but not to the extend of jeopardizing my future. its my goals and dreams to be successful in this field, therefore i am definitely not risking it... maybe they thinks that i am serious because they are ... childish. well i guess it is due to the fact that, they are still at that age where FUN is the most important thing and still blur about their future and goals. i've passed that stage i guess. i know what is important, my dream, my ambition and what i should be putting on top of my priority list. or maybe i am a 30 yr old woman trap in a younger girl body. i don't know. u tell me.

but sometimes... i think i am turning into a kid myself...maybe this is due to the fact that i am hanging out with people who are so much younger than me. childishness and the kid factor in me... sometimes do creeps out and it scares me.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

who are u? show your self...

first, i am possessed by you.
thinking bout u day and night.

then u haunt me. u are now in my thoughts and dreams...
every cells in my brain bares your name ... you are quietly driving me insane...

Monday, March 19, 2007

Never believe in gossips

stumbled upon someone's blog today

its an eye opener and i learn a lesson : "never believe in gossips". i wonder how a gossip spreads... n how ppl come out wit one. seriously dont believe something till its proven... i should be like aristotle. don't believe in anything until it is proven true.

i have a test/mid term exam tomorrow .. n c what i am doin here? blogging away. i spend my last 2 hrs reading someone's blog. fun...i always enjoy reading ppl's blog especially when they talk about things i know. its just fun to read other ppl's point of view...

n finally, i've deleted all the previous pics on my flickr. now, its only pictures taken with my baby! check it out at : link

okie..i guess i should stop blogging now.. need to get typography notes. ah.. not get back.. need to start touching my notes..i hav not study anything yet.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

nail art 01

first pic of nail art from me.

one of my many designs.. but this is the first that i've decided to post it up.

currently i am thinking of making it as my part time business. if u r interested, u can mail me at

This service is only cater to people at Penang, Malaysia. a whole set of painting (10 fingers) will cost around RM15. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

too free to fool around....

my new hairstyle... didnt quite like it.. but since i've perm it... i guess.. i hav to bare wit it Posted by Picasa