Friday, February 11, 2011

The Little Mermaid

like in the Secret Garden,

I'll be the little mermaid, watching her prince from a far and silently disappear when the time comes...

Reflection and Resolution


Clearly in 2010, I did not blog as much as I should be compare to previous years.

But overall 2010 has been a very educational, inspiring and challenging year for me. I've learnt quite a lot, they were filled with ups and the downs and it was also the year that I am supporting myself with my hard earn money...

Here's a recap:

Jan 2010: I was quite stress over some issues (if you've read my blog, you'll know).

Feb 2010: started my final semester of my second degree. Met someone whom I've respected and I thought I could trust... but I guess I was wrong...

March 2010: started working on my final degree project

April 2010: Had a mock-up interview with a respectful industry guest (graphic students was jealous of the opportunity :P)

May 2010: Welcome sister-in-law to the family! (note: a new member is joining the family soon!! YAY i can't wait *excited*)

June 2010: Getting all nervous and starting to lose motivation as the final project presentation day drew closer and closer and when I was done with it, it was a HUGE relief! phew! I SURVIVED!
the opening scene of my final year project

July 2010: mark the closing of my life as a student! Finally graduated with a second degree!

August 2010: Started to look for job and by mid of August, I started a job at a production company - a place I never imagine myself at... I AM IN ENTERTAINMENT business man!

September 2010: moved to a new house, a new location, a new place and start to pay everything with my own hard earn money...(sucks)

October 2010: had the opportunity to travel to Kelantan & Johor, touring with the production crew for the first time! and I got myself emotionally injured again.... (one of the many reasons that kept me away from blogging....i was just too emo)

November 2010: worst month of the year - a healing month for me! (still an on-going phase. i did not know how i got myself into this mess, but i know...whatever happened, happens for a reason)

December 2010: spent my first christmas and new year eve here in KL! had one of the best new year eve ever, chilling and partying with a new group of friends. GReATZZ!


Okay I know I am late to post this up but well.... who cares. I am just one of a kind ain't i? So here's the list: -

1. Love myself and my family more
2. Sponsor a child - if i manage to get a better job with a higher salary
3. Join a marathon - at least 10km (that includes regular training, jogging and diet)
4. Go on a holiday trip (beach. sun. sea)
5. Do what I love to do best - (eg: eating, extreme/adventurous stuff (bungee jump is one), paintballing, sketching/drawing/designing stuff...)
6. Be more forgiving towards others
7. Get myself a pet (if possible)
8. Party hard
9. Save some money
10. Get a house (this is still too early and ambitious, but no harm putting them to my list right?) :P

So that's my top 10 resolutions! maybe i should add another one "Blog more often" ahahaha

I am on a comeback mission - are you still with me?

see you around!