Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oral Test

Today, someone told me I speak English like a chinese educated girl. *LOL!* 

After 19 years of English education, no Mandarin class or speaking lesson and being labeled as English-shit and "banana" (Chinese who don't speak mandarin)- I speak Mandarin-English slang!!



I am not angry nor sad over that comment. It just made me realize that I am currently deprive from speaking good English on a daily basis. The only English oral conversation I had in 4 days over the weekends are less than a minute of conversation over the phone with the food delivery service lady. So imagine the "opportunity" i have in practicing my Ing-glish oral skill....

English was never be my favourite subject in school - not even now. To be honest, I HATE English the most when I was in high school besides Biology. 

Anyway, I am not really a language person. :P I am more of a Maths and Arts person. I never master English grammar like how well I understand the mathematic equations.  I can get 99% for my maths paper easily, but never for my English. So hell yea! i am cool with it. :D 

Let my art and design speak for me instead of me speaking of them.  :D

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time Relapse

Q: I am brushing my teeth. But am I brushing my teeth because I just woke up? or I am brushing my teeth because I am going to bed?
A: I am just preparing to go to bed.

Q: I am eating. Am I having my lunch or dinner or was it breakfast?
A: If first meal of the day after I wake up is breakfast, then breakfast it is. If not, it is actually my breakfast + lunch + dinner. Seriously? Yes! At the moment, I have only one heavy meal a day. I am NOT on diet. In fact, I am trying to put on weight... but the food here sucks and not to mention the condition of the refrigerator in my house....

Q: Time to sleep. Is it my sleeping time or is it working time?
12 am is working time. In fact, I am most productive after 12am. I guess I am a rat in my past life - active at night or I might be any other nocturnal creature - an owl maybe?

So basically my time zone is now a mess. I used to sleep at 4am or 5am and wake up at 11am. but now, this week, I am sleeping at 9am or 10am and waking up at 12pm. Seriously, I think I am killing myself slowly.....

and my hand

Yea it is on bandage. Why? Because I spend a lot of time working with the mouse.

and if you have not notice, even my ring finger and baby finger are tape together because the mouse is too small for my hands and long usage of it gives both my fingers cramp. So, I tape them together

Yea I know I am slowly going insane. I just need to find the time to take a good rest.... but I don't have the time ... yet. Too much work to do and complete...

and my 5 years old digital compact, Canon Ixus camera is dying. It is not dead. It is dying. The camera lens is no longer able to focus properly and sometimes it just won't switch on. And when it don't switch on, I have to bang it hard a few times (tips from several online forums I went to) and  when it does and able to detect images, it doesn't mean the auto focus is working. 

this is what happen when it is able to take pictures but the auto focus is not functioning

So again, I need to knock the side and the auto focus will come back on. And I will then get a clear picture like this below....


I guess I won't be getting my iphone already. I need a new compact camera for me to bring around easily. My D80 is just too huge to be portable. So at the moment I am eyeing Panasonic Lumix ZS3. I can't decide which colour. 

Black is good looking...

... but red is SEXY

So which colour will you choose?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


As I stare at the blank ceiling in my room, room pitch dark and the only light source are the LED lights on the modem and router blinking away, I yawned non-stop and yet I can't fall asleep.

Head's spinning.
Head's stuffed with stress.
Head is filled with pressure to think about a lot of things, while the clock besides me starts ticking, every seconds and every minute passed by, the yawning become more frequent and i know i am starting to get more tired as the brainstorming goes on and on in my head, but I am still not sleeping.

I start to doubt myself, my competency, my creativity...my future job prospect.... maybe I am just NOT IT, just a little useless crap....

sigh..... my life is a bitch now........

and my stomach starts to growl but the searching for the Eureka is still going on in my head.....


Monday, October 05, 2009

1st Presentation

Today is our first presentation to our client - National Kidney Foundation. (we are building a website for them)

Pop and I didn't prepare any speech prior to our presentation....

notice our similarity? our eye-bagS? 

Clients quite like our initial ideas and designs... so there's more work to do now....


so that are our horrid faces. we only have 4 weeks to complete the whole website.... not to mention there's a 6k words of thesis and a 30sec television commercials too.

Wish us luck!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

"I've Switched"

Dear all,

Remember to get one of this at Switch today! (it's only RM5) :P
Design by: EileenK

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love always,