Sunday, May 30, 2010

Congratulations BRO!!

Welcoming Hsiao Wye into the family !!!

Bro and Ah Soh, please multiply and add more new members (cute babies) to the family soon!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello Mr Tumour

14 days to death row...... (probably my death row)

one of my characters for my motion graphic animation

Friday, May 21, 2010

At the Brink of Losing It All

Week 12 is coming to an end. I am on the brink of losing all of it already - the passion and motivation to complete my work ..... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Healthy Substitute

Now this is indeed the perfect healthy substitute to my recent Ramly burger addiction (Got this link via my lecturer's twit :P)

anyone wanna cook them for me? pamper me at least?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Good Laugh

did you have a good laugh over the weekend?

I did not. I was practically emo-ing through the whole 2 days.

But last night, I was working on one of the character for my final project when I notice something humourous I did. It really made me LOL and then I feel, all my stress taken away.... (a little) :D

Didn't they say, "Laughter is the best medicine"? Hope this is a great start to a new week for everyone!

Let's keep the positive spirit and hope I don't stress myself out *fingers crossed*

Saturday, May 08, 2010

It is gonna be a great weekend

Woke up, switch on my computer, click on

and I saw this picture ........

Someone was spotted carrying a Switch's recycle shopping bag at Starbucks this morning. What a great motivation to start the weekend stuck in my room working on my project :D (FYI, I designed that bag)

Hope every one have a great weekend and Happy Mothers' Day!


Thursday, May 06, 2010

According to Horoscope

I am not really a vivid horoscope believer, but somehow I love reading them simply because I am just curious......

So it is May now. According to my horoscope, this month supposed to be the "ROMANCE" month. ahahahah


Romance with my final project?

Yea righttttttttttt.................

Monday, May 03, 2010

Caught in the act

That's me, caught in the act of being paranoid ....

'nuf said


Saturday, May 01, 2010

1st Stressful Post

One of my final project requirement was to consult my supervisor on a weekly basis - or as frequent as I need - to update him on the status of my project. So, this week, I have nothing to show him (since i have not much of work or progression since my last consultation with him and since I was busy with some other stuff during the semester break). But since I was at uni yesterday, I might as well just update him on my project status .... and below is the "some what" summary of the conversation...

Me: Sir, I am not here for consultation. I just wanna let you know and that I will consult you next week.
Sir: Well, I am not too worried - i bet you have done something....
Me: Sir, actually I have not done anything since the last presentation ....
Sir: Seriously?
Me: ....*look down and nod my head* (avoid eye contact because I am seriously guilty)
Sir: You only have like what ... 5 weeks left. Well, this is your career at stake. Not mine.
Me: .... (extremely guilty and pressured)

Those words couldn't have come at better time. I actually thank him for those words are like a wake up call. Seriously I am stressing out right now to be honest. REAAAALLLLY stress to the maximum on the stress scale. I am feeling the pressure as i am running out of time. Family has been asking if i am going back next week to try out my gown which I've send for alteration. Seriously i wanted to, but I don't think i can...I do not have the time to spare on traveling.... not to mention how tired i will be from the respective 5 hours bus rides back and forth...

and.... I am starting to doubt myself and my ability. Maybe I am just not made for all this... seriously dumb and useless. I know this is not the time to think about all this negative thoughts but instead I should think positively and work harder - or simply just work my ass off ....

Furthermore, Graduation Show preparation is taking its toll on me (FYI, I am one of the organizing committee member). After speaking to someone with event planning experience, I am doubting about the whole production and the preparation and there's just so many things to do in sooo little time...