Monday, June 30, 2008


i am supposed to be in KL by now... but unfortunately I am not... I am still in Penang. Konsortium ran of tickets as all tickets are fully bought.

WHY is everyone going to KL? it is not even holiday season lah!!! -.-"""

lately, I've been taking my life as it goes. I am a happier person now as I try to stay optimistic about everything and whatever that happens, happens for a reason. There's something good waiting for me.....maybe?

 a blessing in disguise

So because I could not get the tickets to KL today, I am fated to attend an event in Gurney today where I get to meet Mr Yoshinari Mizushima. Some of you might be wondering who is this fellow. Mr Mizushima is from Japan and he's the art director for Tekken. 

YEAh!! The Tekken game by Bandai Namco. 

Mr Mizushima saying "I love MALAYSIA"

My friend called me at 12pm and I was still asleep when i got his call. I was so tired and lazy to get out of my bed but in the end, I couldn't fall back to sleep and i went online to chat with my "datuk" John (my friend from Sabah) and he insists that i should go. I am not really a gaming person but well, i am into arts and therefore in the end, I decided to go.

Mr Mizushima showed a lot of trailers of Tekken 6 and in the end, he showed Soul Calibur IV trailer and he said it is the first time it is previewing in Malaysia. WOW! i know bout Soul Calibur from Artgerm's work and seeing the animated trailer gives me another different feeling. 

At the end of the talk session by Mr Mizushima, Hotlink decided to give away 5 goodies bag to those who manage to answer the their questions. So my friend Wooi Kin (my best friend's brother and also another best friend's boyfriend), was the first to go on stage for the Q&A and he got himself a goodie bag. He was encouraging me to go up to get the goodies but I am too shy to go up there. Then in the end, when 2 of the audience fail to answer the last question, Wooi Kin gave me the answers and told me to go up to the stage. So up I went together with my D80 in my hand and I gave them the answers they need and everyone is happy. I shook hands with Mr Mizushima and he gave me the last goodie bag and I said thank you accompanied with a big smile as the cameramen snaps pictures of me with Mr Mizushima. 

Later I went through the content in the goodie bags and i found out that there's a DIGICON 9 dvd in it!!!! OMG!!!! that's AWESOME-NESS!!!!!! ( a word i learn from Satkuru who learnit  from Po from KungFu panda)

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!!!

It contains all the award winning entries in it!!! I've heard bout DigiCon and to be a getting an ORIGINAL dvd with fabulous contents in it ....  it's really something. I am reallly realllllly EXCITED!!! 

See, isn't it a blessing that i did not get the ticket to KL?

Lastly, I bought a cyberclean today. It is a cleaning thingy for keyboards and my honey needs it so i went to Switch today to get it. 

cyber clean for my honey

As for now..... it is 2pm now..... SPAIN vs GERMANY is about to kick-off in 45 mins time.....

who am i supporting???

SPAIN of cos!!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

PhotoHunt : Bright

Second entry for PhotoHunt : Bright

Bright to me is interpreted by how bright the fireworks lights up the dark sky as well as the lake. 

This picture was taken by me at last year's Malaysia's International Fireworks Competition held at Putrajaya. 

PhotoHunt : Water

My first entry for PhotoHunt.

Hope this entry is not too late for week 21st July. I just found out about this interesting activity from Satkuru and I decide to join in the photography fun. 

I have a few other water pictures but decide to take this picture because personally i love water splashes and both the fruits in this picture are 2 of my favourite fruits. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Photo Shoot 2

i love to be HOME when i have all my best best buddies 
to do all the FUN FUN things with!!!!!

Yang, Bon, Shin Yi, Yuin, Wooi Kin and I went to a photo studio today to have our group shots taken by professional photographer before Yang depart off to Australia to further her studies. 

the whole session was sooooo FUN. It was super fun!! we get to try so many different pose each with different jokes and so many countless memories respectively behind every pose. I am sure all of us will treasure it for the rest of our lives.

All of us weren't models and none of us are in modeling. Although we do watch America Next Top Model but doing a real photo studio shots are just different from watching it. It is hard when we had to hold our poses for the photographer to snap our pics. All of us suck at 'fierce' shots and we only look best when we have to do the "Darlie" shots (shots of us showing off our teeth where we only need to smile).

Anyway....  i will post up the pics once i get the softcopy of the photos. So stay tune if you wanna see pics of a group of 'leng luis'

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Cat and the Fishes

Found a kitten in my house today. I HATE cat but I was tempted to capture the images of this kitten when i saw him/her.....


because the kitten owns a pair of super attractive eyes..

the kitten looks so cute here...... at first he/she is so scared that the kitten was shivering when it first saw me with my camera!

I still love the kitten's blue eyes. They are so unique! She don't need a FreshKon!

then after several shoots, the kitten turn another side of her/him and this is the picture of her/him looking FIERCE!!!

as for the "fishes".... i went to Happy Feet today with my friend for a fish spa! I've always wanted to go to the one at Pavilion KL to try the fish spa there but i never did... so when i found out that it is only RM18 for 30mins at the newly open shop in Penang, I decide to waste no time but to waste a few bucks of petrol and drove myself to New World Park  - just for the fish spa.

So I paid RM18, wash my feet and then dip it in the fish "pond".  

The next thing i realize was the nibbling feeling around my feet!!! It felt ticklish at first but after around 60 seconds or more... i began to get used to
 the nibbles of the fishes that's happily eating away the dead skin off
 my feet!

try a full view of the image above. there're dozens of fishes around my feet within 3 seconds

this is the image of the fishes happily eating my dead skin...

After 20 minutes ....

I am still feeding dozens of fishes. They are crowding around my feet... and then i remember a quote by my friend back in Dec last year after she tried the fish spa at KL. She said. "You will not realize how dirty your leg is until you see how many fishes crowds around your feet"

 OMG... i didn't know my leg is so FILTHY!!!

After around 30 seconds minutes (when it is about time for me to go), 

There isn't much fishes around my feet anymore after 30 minutes.. and i hope my new skin will grow now that the old one is being used to feed this mini pirahnas.

After 30 minutes,

 i am supposed to leave the pond. Since my friend and I don't feel like leaving that place but to sit a little longer, we had a cam whore session ... 

*check out the interior of that place. it is very cozy

Thursday, June 19, 2008

she wants her first ink

eileen wants to get a tatt!!


suddenly for the pass few weeks i've been thinking about getting myself a tattoo. there's many things i am considering at the moment before i go get one... like 
  • where to tattoo? 

i love it to be somewhere behind my back around the shoulder area or somewhere near my ankle... but both that place are very VISIBLE .... and since i come from a close-minded family where they think that if you have a tattoo, it means that you are involved in gangsterism n anything related to "pai-kia" stuff and they never see tattoo as a form of an art! so it is not a good idea to have it at both the places i want..... so the only best option is to have it at lower back.....and if I ever to have one there, no more short pants or low waist pants for me at home!

  •  what pattern?

a chinese character of my name? a motive of a butterfly?

should i get?

what should i get?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


let's celebrate! my 1st year just came to an end!!!! now i have another 2 more years to go before my 2nd graduation..... 

so what have i done for this semester... lets recap

- 30seconds animated trailer (mine was around 76 seconds long) - frame by frame technic
- did some basic animation exercise, such as bouncing ball, flour sac, walk cycle (front and side), lip sync and voice over

*animation is the most tiring of all

- an A3 black and white portrait illustration 
- an A2 colour pencil rendering portrait
- an A2 watercolour painting with reference to my photo taken by me at photo studio and own background composition

- watch a lot of movie in class
- did a MV for my final project (a nominee for first cheesy movie festival :P)
- did a 30second short clip (mine was again around 70seconds +)

- a dvd interface (i was the model for my own assignment :P)
- a website design for converse PRODUCT (RED)
- 9 pages of an e-magazine 

- line art colouring
- create a scene or an environment in Photoshop without any use of picture
- human anatomy photo manipulation

- persuasive speech
- mock meeting 
- seminar (20 minutes) - where lollipop and i talk about blogging

Now that i've listed all my assignments, i am glad that i am still alive........... i survive!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

First Suicidal Attempt

My last night for this semester.....

the recipe to my first attempt of suicidal

That's all the poison i need for tonight........

nuff said... back to work.....

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

it 's Friday the 13th

I just had a full day at school today ... painting a A2 size drawing for almost 6 - 7 hours....

and when i reach home, I open out my Mail application on my mac..... and this is what i got.....

53 incoming mail(S)...

 and when i finally receive all the messages.... this is how my inbox looks like....

super chun ....


thats not all the messages.. that's only part of it.... 

i didn't really get to read them yet.. cos i was busy with my animation assignment last night....but i did read some... and i know the whole gang is going out for dinner tonight.. at Qbay i think... (Dann, correct me if i am wrong :P)

So how was my Friday so far?

hmmmm.... let's recap

woke up an hour late this morning. i slept at 7am and supposed to wake up at 9am.... but i didn't. Only woke up at 10am.... so I was 1 hr behind schedule .....

went to school at 11am, and i paint the whole day til around 6pm. nothing bad happen so far (let's hope it last).... but yesterday  i broke my ipod headphone. maybe my bad luck happen ahead of schedule..... 


my broken headphone *sob sob*

it is not even 1 yr old!

there goes my RM119..... there goes my ipod headphone.....i crash it and don't ask me how it happen.... i just dunno....

oh yea.. i receive a call from the shu uemura organiser asking me to attend a briefing tomorrow morning at 10. i am not sure was my design chosen for the finals or was it just a talk to all participants ...... but i hope and pray it is the former... Wish me luck! I'll tell you tomorrow!

but before that, hopefully i won't oversleep again tomorrow morning ......

Wish me luck!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

1st Cheesy Movie Festival

It is the most exciting, fun and best movie festival that I've ever been too!!!!!!

Some of you might be wondering.... why "cheesy"???

Cheesy is because all of us was complaining about the movie and how we won't be able to produce nice short clips but lousy clips ... so everyone thought that.... their movie is "CHEESY" so yea... hence the title "Cheesy Movie Festival" - a name given by my ketua darjah - Shant!

and he was so generous and free that he even made a poster for us....

First Annual Cheesy Movie Festival designed by Shant (my ketua darjah)

Today was the best class that I had attended so far in my university life. It has never been so exciting and so much fun!  

It is our movie screening day! 

the lab used for our "cheesy" screening

FYI, one of my subject for this semester is Cinema Language and we are required to produce a short movie by the end of the semester. Since this week is the last week of the semester, therefore we had a screening today where everyone needs to "show-off" the video that we had shot and of cos ... our EDITING and DIRECTING skills!

ALL the CHEESSY movies were just GReAT!!! Superb!!!

We had so many types of cheese : romance, drama, emo, funny, horror ..... and we just couldn't get enough of it!

We had so much fun laughing and enjoying the videos!!

We never thought that all our movies are so GREat ... and i am seriously PROUD of all my classmates!!!!

Don't worry, I'll share the videos here once i get all my classmates' permission to upload it to youtube and i'll also be creating a poll for you to vote for your favourites. So stay tune to my blog k!

For all the "cheesy" videos i had and happily enjoyed today, I got a cheesy Cheese Donut from Lollipop!

that is my 13th donut of the week ... HUURAY!!!

Thanks yea!!!!

Time to go off for my donut supper...and guess what...

 ........i've just become a donut queen........

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

stress release

I've been emo-ing a lot lately......

due to stress and other stuffs that i am dealing with at the moment....

and furthermore, my animation is still a mess!

and because of that, I've been very stressful lately ....

and also I've lost my appetite for food. although I am hungry every hour i just don't feel like eating ... and whenever i eat any food, i feel like throwing up....


But today, I have something to comfort me and take all my stress and emo-ness away...


They are my life saver! My cure! 

They say sweet things takes the blue away.... yea they definitely did. 

I was craving for them for more than a month...... and thanks to my housemate who went to Pavillion today, she helped to get me a dozen!

12 donuts!

These donuts are my supper, my midnight-early morning supper, my breakfast and if possible it will last me till tea time tomorrow. ahahahha 

After taking 3 of it 10mins ago.... now i feel like puking.... what is wrong with me???

Oh btw, Spain just won 4-1!!! David Villa score a hattrick 

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3G iFon

It is only price at USD199 for the 8gb and the 16gb 3G iPhone is at USD299!!!! 

image from

After conversion to Malaysian Ringgit, it is roughly around RM650 (my prediction is it might be around RM669 or RM699 if it ever arrive here)


iPhone is coming to Malaysia for real????


Sadly iPhone is not coming to our shore yet. 


but it is going to be available in Singapore and Philippine (the nearest countries) and many other African countries (eg: Kenya, Niger, South Africa) ..... and the list goes on.....

It is going to be in 70 countries in a few months time.... and Malaysia is NOT even one of the 70 countries~~~ 

take a look at the map below...... 

image from 

See?? Malaysia is not highlighted and we are losing out to some countries?



image from

image from

These are the 2 new colours: Black and White. One for him and one for her :P

(btw, the back is made of plastic)

so when is it coming to MA-LAY-SIA??? 

tak tau.... but i hope it is SOOON

Thursday, June 05, 2008

assignment updates for Year 1 Semester 2

e-mag : Artists' Brushes by ~gummyleen on deviantART

that's the cover of my e-magazine that i am kinda satisfied. vector art is not what i am good at, but well... i am learning. I love vector arts but i am not good at it. Guess I will need to do more vector during the break and hopefully i will improve.

ah... i have so many things i want to learn ... so many things i want to do......

oh btw, my shu uemura design if kind of done... but i have not yet finalise which colour scheme  i am going to send in yet. The organiser ask me to submit all my versions to them and let them decide... but i do not want to do that.. maybe i will submit 2 colour scheme...

i will post it up here soon. so at the moment, please be patient.

btw below is another work in progress (WIP). It is Shan Shan again... but this time he's with his little brother. 

Go to my Deviant page if u want to comment on the drawings.  Thanks

that's for today......

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

one picture

one picture .... silence me forever.....

it the heart was ripped apart... 

just like the drawing below

..... no matter how hard i try to stick it on my wall... it will fall off.....

to end my agony, it was torn apart.... thrown away...

it hurts.... but it will heal...

Monday, June 02, 2008

It hurts

it hurts and it aches when I'm ignore by the person I try to care about ....

it hurts me when people judge me by the friends i have, 

it hurts me badly when they think of me as the person i am not

it hurts me deeply too when i say those angry words to u

it hurts ... even when i try not to think about it......

Life is cruel, 

Life is like a roller coaster ride,

Life is ........ LIFE......

No matter how cruel and how badly wounded I am, this is my life. The life that God has chosen for me to live. For all the pain that I am going through, I know He's telling me something....