Thursday, June 19, 2008

she wants her first ink

eileen wants to get a tatt!!


suddenly for the pass few weeks i've been thinking about getting myself a tattoo. there's many things i am considering at the moment before i go get one... like 
  • where to tattoo? 

i love it to be somewhere behind my back around the shoulder area or somewhere near my ankle... but both that place are very VISIBLE .... and since i come from a close-minded family where they think that if you have a tattoo, it means that you are involved in gangsterism n anything related to "pai-kia" stuff and they never see tattoo as a form of an art! so it is not a good idea to have it at both the places i want..... so the only best option is to have it at lower back.....and if I ever to have one there, no more short pants or low waist pants for me at home!

  •  what pattern?

a chinese character of my name? a motive of a butterfly?

should i get?

what should i get?


Dann said...

i want to tattoo barcode!!!

Demetrius said...
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Demetrius said...

If you feel you have to hide a tattoo it's best to think about it for more than just a few weeks. "Tattoo's are permanent!"

How about a tattoo that reads "Sorry, Please Don't Be Mad At Me." Then you won't have to hide it from your family! LOL

de* said...

as demetrius said, it's permanent. So you better have a design that you wanted to see in 10 years time. I just got my first tattoo a few days ago, and i also have the same issue as your, to hide the thing.

Sooner, or later, you'll have to tell your parents. Me too... So, all I can say is be prepared for all the consequences that might happen. And think thousands of times, whether you really want it or not.

e-leen said...

dann: get it!! but where u plan to tatt it at?

demetrius: ahahhaha that's a nice slogan ahahaha to piss them off even more :P

de: so did u manage to hide it? did they find out? did u regret getting urs?

de* said...

well, so far my parents haven't found out about it yet. well, considering i just got the tattoo last week (midvalley!) yeah.

i like my tattoo very much, coz there're some meaning behind it, and no, i don't regret getting one.

e-leen said...

de: ah icic. .... i am still thinking... :P ahahhaha