Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Scary Cinderella(s)

stole one picture from my friend Sherlyn from yesterday's photoshoot at uni's photo lab....


We are going insane because of all the assignments

After some master strokes by Eileen in Photoshop ... this is the result......

this is what will happen to us in 2 weeks time from animation assignment stress

A sneak peek

a sneak peek of what i am doing at the moment.....

(all my un-finish assignment)

Screen design

e-magazine cover (1/4 view of the whole cover)

(finish and done but has not submit yet) will reveal the whole cover once i am done with the presentation


a speed painting of Hang Jebat

animated trailer (THIS IS THE MOST HELLISH Assignment)

digital imaging

Name: Goddess of Natural Disaster

this is my 8th version, the FINAL version for my 3rd concept for my final assignment for digital imaging... journal is still undone...

gosh i still have 5 assignments due in 2 weeks.. how am i going to finish everything... i am DOOOM!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Imaginary Friends at Kinokuniya


Artgerm wasn't there... kunkka wasn't there... Kai wasn't there.....hideki wasn't there....



the other artists who were there are all super nice. They apologise a lot of times for Artgerm's absence and talk to us like friends. They were really, really nice. Great artists like them are actually spending most of their time they have in Malaysia talking and chatting with student-artist-who-wanna-be-like-them. They are very generous in sharing their experience and giving us words of wisdom and advice. Aren't they nice? 


I was (i think) the most quiet among the lot when all of us were sitting down around the coffee tables at Kinokuniya. I heard them talking bout Zemotion over the other table with Zid and about future CF event while on the other table 2 of my friends are happily talking to the Indonesian artist (garang76, chester and garrie) about art and painting of cos. Garang76 was extremely friendly and even trying to convert what he say to english so i can join in the conversation. He even gave us his name card. He also told us that Artgerm couldn't make it here because he had a tooth ache, and both Kunkka and Kai has some problems to deal with ... so they couldn't make it as well.....

The funny part is.. when we decide to end the chatting session, everyone keep apologizing to me for Artgerm's absence (again) because my friend told them that I am so disappointed and that I am a HUGE/BIG fan of Artgerm's work. It's really funny.

I took a picture with the whole gang and i will post it up once i get the pics from my friend. 

Me with the Imaginary Friends from IFS

i left KLCC with a smile... not because of the apologies but BECAUSE THEY ARE SO FRIENDLY AND NICE PEOPLE TO TALK AND MEET UP WITH! 

Maybe next time i will get my chance to meet Artgerm and the rest of the whole IFS peeps again...

**I had a dejavu today...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Meeting IFS

eileen is going to KLCC later to meet up with her favourite artist!


her favourite artist is here!!!

it's none other than ARTGERM!!!!!

got the news that IFS (Imaginary Friends Studio) is coming to town, and hopefully Artgerm  will be there! 

She just couldn't be bother about her assignments .... she shall leave them aside and go to KLCC to meet up with the IFS team!!!!

More update after the event. Hopefully i can post up some pics or video here. 

So stay tune!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Exclusive at eileenkhor.blogspot.com

so what is exclusive?

of course it is my video! first movie acted, directed and edited by none other than .......

jeng jeng jeng.....



click on the video and watch my video


are you laughing?

okie..i don't normally do this... but because for the sake of my class exercise, i am out of idea of what to shoot and because i have a video cam right in front of me and because it is a last minute work..i have no choice and this is the best that i can come out with! did that in less than an hr (editing) the cam whoring around 15mins because i don't know what to do in the first place...

i am that type who would prefer to work behind the camera rather than in front of the camera... but this is exceptional........ and i decide to post it here...memorable... so this is gonna be my first vlog post! 

well if you like the above video, drop me a line.. maybe more will come! ahahahha

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

there was a slight tremble

why is my butt vibrating / shaking? when i am sitting on the chair with my leg on a comfortable resting position?

am i sick? issit because i am not getting enough sleep? is my body still functioning well? 

my butt is still shaking.....

then i look at my green tea in my red Oracle cup....

then my brain starts to send signals to tell me that .. it's an earth quake! 

RUN! was getting ready to grab all my babies (my precious gadgets) with me then i stop to message my housemate on msn to ask them did they felt it.... i thought i might be hallucinating (after watching too much of House MD). 

the shake stop!

they reply: YEA! i felt it too! 

HOLY! i am only on 7th floor and i won't be able to run down on time to reach to safety..... thank god... its just a slight tremble. 

Message my friend and he told me that there's a 6.2 quake at Sumatera .... 305km (190 miles) WSW (246degree) from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

this is my second earth quake encounter after the deadly tsunami that hit Penang few years ago..... hopefully no death in Indonesia after what happen in China.


Monday, May 19, 2008

LimKokWing in Penang?


Don't believe me... look at the ad below

*sorry for the bad picture.. i chopped off the LUCT name at the bottom of the ad. malas to take the pic again... but then... i am sure you are able to recognize the ad as one of LUCT's ad from the use of BIG san-serif typeface as headline!

but why tourism? eh... 

I was hoping it will be a new campus there or something... but it is a tourism campus... what the hell will they teach? i think it doesn't involve my syllabus or field of subject. I was hoping that maybe I could do my 2 years bond with them at Penang so i could save lots and lots of money on transport and food... but then it's a tourism campus.... WTH!

After 2 years in KL, i am kinda sick of this place.. Cyberjaya sucks big time but now that they have GSC at Alamanda, Putrajaya, it is not that bad compare to last time... but because i am now in Year 1, and because of the crazy workload.... i am stuck in my small room doing my assignments diligently. Yeah! i am so kuai you see~

the ad above is like 3 months old.. yea.. got it from old newspaper which i was about to throw away then i saw that advertisement which i was kinda shock. So i decide to use iSight and capture it so that i can post it here since i don't feel like doing any work tonight. Never an ad from LKW interest me more to blog.. but this one here .... is different. 

Yes! I've just completed one of my final assignment. Finish designing it already, so now i am only waiting for my lecturer to approve all of it. So let's pray that he don't complain about it .. then I will only have 5 more assignment to go in 3weeks! wait... 

5 assignment in 2WEEKS!!! 


Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Goddess of Water

She controls the power of water - the giant killer wave, the disastrous tsunami, the unpredictable monsoon, the deadly storm....

may i present to u... the Goddess of Water (not the final title yet)......

this is not my final version yet too... it is just a rough idea that i need to show my lecturer to get approval for my photo manipulation assignment. this is the 3rd version i am showing him in 3 weeks and today when i show him this goddess, he ask me what happen to my first initial concept which are technology and robotic. I told him i decide to change my mind and focus on water and nature instead of technology and gadgets. *crossing my fingers and hope that i won't change my mind again* there are still a lot of editing to do before the final version... such as the toning and the contrast....and making the whole thing look extremely cool and attractive as possible.

part of this assignment is to convey the message about how i see the world's environment revolution has changed our life - our daily living routine. well i would probably able to crap more if i were to stick to my original idea about technology and gadgets... but since i've decide to change my concept, i think i am still able to convince my lecturer to accept my new concept! Pray hard that i will do well in my presentation next week! 

i won't reveal too much of my concept here.. for the fear that someone might steal my idea ... ahahah well actually the real reason for me to keep my mouth shut at the moment is, i wanna keep it a secret so that i can present a good presentation speech next week. so if u are interested to know more... you can check it out from my DA after next week if you are interested to know. i will be posting up the link here. so please bear with me at the moment and please understand my situation.

so i went online and stole a few Sam's (mentioning him again) water splash picture and i told him about my idea to use his water images to incorporate it to my assignment. he's cool about me using his pictures (thank you Sam) and i send him a copy of the above image and this is what i get from him in return: 

he called it the Goddess of Atlantic. 

It is freaking scary but no doubt it is a masterpiece of its own too :P and he did that in less than 5mins.

Btw, do you know who is that girl in my Goddess of Water version (not sam's version of course)?  

this is supposed to be a happy post.. not a ranting post.. but then i can't help but to express how piss i am about how pathetic some people can be......

ps: i got this whole new concept/idea while i was showering! XD hehe

Sunday, May 11, 2008


warning: an emo post
ah... multiply is pissing me off... loading page is so slow and and i start to get spams messages that won't go off ... i just don't know how to delete them... but then again, i didn't even bother to read them..... so.. don't care lar...
thought that i am not going to post about this here... but then it is here... don't ask me why it is here... i have no idea why i went against my first decision...
i am feeling miserable for the pass 1 week after some comment / message i receive from someone. i tried so hard to ignore those unpleasant feelings that are inside me but i can't help but keep on thinking about it and wonder does that person really meant what was said to me? or do that person really care about me so much till that person wanna make me miserable about it or does that person hate me and therefore playing a prank on me? or was that someone trying to hint me about something and waiting for a reply from me?
i always have hunches and instincts about certain problems/situation i have (normally i am always correct) but this time... i am really clueless about it....
i wonder ..... i wonder and i wonder........what should i do?

my assignments are suffering and i am deprive from good night sleeps... and therefore i am falling sick again for the umpteenth time this semester... with flu this time...DAMN!
another thing is.... i am suffering from assignment stress!!! my animation trailer is so sucky and my digital imaging assignment is still as bad and smelly as a piece of big, ugly shit sitting on the blank canvas in my psd (photoshop format) file. HELP!!! really hate that subject so badly cos it is really a time wasting subject and the lecturer is damn boring (not that he's not good lar.. he's nice but then his classes and the lessons are plain boring) and that's one of the reason its getting on my nerves......
oki... i am going off for now to watch the latest episode of America next top model!
pissing off and signing off now.......

Friday, May 09, 2008

Shu Uemura?

Shu uemura art competition is here!

so excited and i really, really wanna join but then.... i still have so many un-finish assignment to complete. Those assignments seems unlikely to finish by their respective due dates and a few of my lecturers are very kind enough to postpone the date to a later date.. and because of that, my semester will take a longer time to end...

So i am really worried if i am able to get back to Penang on time before Yang and Danny go to Australia. I really really want to have a proper reunion dinner or spend some quality time for bonding and gossiping with her before she leave. After all, she's one of my best best friend in the world! Gonna miss her lots when she goes to Australia!

Back to my shu uemura topic.. i have an idea in my right brain (my side of the brain where my creative engine is located). Got the inspiration from my previous personal artwork and a few photographs taken by SamLim (yea i am mentioning about him again... hopefully he don't read this ... if not he's going to tease me non-stop at my DA). So basically i have the idea.... and i am just waiting for my free time to execute it to paper and show it to my lecturer to get some comments and hopefully... i can transform it to digital form on time for submission without neglecting my assignments...which is such an impossible mission....


I've known about this competition few years back and have always wanted to join but every time when i know about the existence of this competition, normally is when they announce the winners. So this year, I am lucky that I know about the competition before the results are out and that I even attend the talk about the competition (force by my lecturer to attend, which i am grateful i did because most of the time we try to sneak away from such talks and wasting time activities in college - so that we can get a little extra time to rest our brains - designers mar).

so how?

i know i will suffer and torture myself for a few sleepless nights, the needs to tolerate pimples growing on my face due to lack of beauty sleep, and continue to persevere through all of the trouble and hard work...if i decide to join the competition....

but is it worth it? I will be one of the few hundreds of entries ... and the possibility (from add maths), the percentage of me winning is not high since this competition is exclusively for my university and since it is an art school, it makes it even twice/triple as hard for me to win any prize.

so should i or should i not?

me cam whoring

edited version : me, emo-ing

insanity strikes as she declare a war against procrastination and to stand up and fight for "completion of all her assignment" campaign

Sunday, May 04, 2008


I might have gotten myself a tattoo by accident.

want to c it?

it is Nike tattoo..

Got this lame tattoo through accident. oki... let's not call it a tattoo anymore.. cos it is not a tattoo. ahahahahh

it is a scar i got from last Thursday night's dinner at the BBQ steamboat buffet. The foil on the BBQ pan with boiling butter on it suddenly decide to fly away from the pan and the boiling oil (from melting butter) was splash towards me. that is how i got that scar (aka tattoo). I did not know that it look like a Nike logo till my cousin sister told me so. Kinda ironic... ahahahha

IT IS VERY UGLY! sigh.. hopefully i can remove them like temporary tattoo... but too bad.. it isn't a tattoo... it is a SCAR!!!!

oh yea.... i am stuck in Penang for another day. I am not able to go back to my dream chamber til monday because i can't get a bus ticket to go back.... sigh.... holiday season.....