Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Exclusive at

so what is exclusive?

of course it is my video! first movie acted, directed and edited by none other than .......

jeng jeng jeng.....



click on the video and watch my video


are you laughing?

okie..i don't normally do this... but because for the sake of my class exercise, i am out of idea of what to shoot and because i have a video cam right in front of me and because it is a last minute work..i have no choice and this is the best that i can come out with! did that in less than an hr (editing) the cam whoring around 15mins because i don't know what to do in the first place...

i am that type who would prefer to work behind the camera rather than in front of the camera... but this is exceptional........ and i decide to post it here...memorable... so this is gonna be my first vlog post! 

well if you like the above video, drop me a line.. maybe more will come! ahahahha


Yangy said...

Haha! That's cool... (even though is last minute idea). No need to get approval for your idea before that? lol... I hope i could get a webcam with video recording soon. \m/

dann said...


e-leen said...

yangy: nah.. no need approval.. its a class exercise not assignment.

dann: ahahha dont normally c me like that huh? btw, i am thinking of uploading the CIS night clips up to the tube. what you think? ahahhaha