Sunday, August 12, 2007

saw, touched and molested

which superstar are they capturing?

ah just had my worst dinner since i move to cyberia.... b

no doubt the chicken mushroom that i had is sucky! but desaria food is suckier.. except the Ramly burger. ah..i miss RAMLY! how i wish i have nando's extra hot peri peri sauce just now!

it was a great weekend if it is not for the food. Went to Low Yat in the afternoon to get a 15m long ethernet cable. But before that, i stop by Macstudio just to check if they have the new imac on display. When i saw a glimpse of it from a far, i ran to the store. ahahha yea i ran! Was excited! I touch the new screen, molested the slim keyboard, take a look at the ports. It looks professional but still.. white is better. How's iLife 08? Sadly, i did not try iLife. Stupid right? The first thing is to try out the new software. but instead i was attach to the Mac Pro on display at the shop cos they have leopard on it. I have no idea how they have that OS since it is not out yet in the market. i am not sure is it the real one, but it has time machine... which i think did not really work correctly. ahahhah cos i tried deleting a file and went to time machine, wanting to retrieve it.. but it is not there... hmm..maybe is a dummy OS of leopard. So i guess i am the first from CG Computers to touch the new iMac!

Then we went to catch Rush Hour 3 yesterday! Oh God, it is hilarious! Chris Tucker is the man! He is CRAZY! laugh non-stop the entire movie even til the part when they show the NG. It is even better, funnier! But is there going to be rush hour 4?

Titiwangsa was our next destination. Met 2 monsters and a clown there. Will upload the pics of me and the monsters once i get the picture from my friend. THought of catching some nice pictures of Eyes on Malaysia, but then it started to rain. so ... we ran to the bus stop. It is like a 800m marathon run! We ran cos the rain droplets were getting heavier. Man, it was one of the most heavy exercise i had in months! Then we went to KLCC and snap lotsa food pics. then i had the best dinner of the week! Nando's Extra Hot Peri Peri! We laugh nonstop, like we were drunk by the extra hot peri peri sauce. It was fun! I never had friends that can accompany me to eat spicy food the way we had last night. It was indeed FUN! Should try again next time!

My weekend is good, and even better because Liverpool won their first premiership match with Gerrard scoring a superb goal from a free kick! A new beginning! A brilliant start! Score more Gerrard! Yup, the premiership started and i didn't even register for any fantasy football. Guess i am gonna give this season a pass. Next season maybe!

Byes for now. Got lotsa drawing to catch up on!'s just the flowers