Friday, March 30, 2007


dunno wat's up wit me lately. mayb bcos symptoms from that-time of the month.. but its definitely getting on me,... i am getting frustrated over.. alot ppl....

mayb i am too sensitive at the moment..... what should i do?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

when i first come to this uni, i am so demotivated. everyone around me doesn't seem to be serious in their work, slacking and lazy and with the new environment and adaptation thingy, i seriously consider whether i am doing the right thing. but i got that factor figured out for the time being... so no worries.. i am still looking forward to achieve my ambition and goal i am setting for myself. i'll update you 5 yrs from now.. to tell u how my ambition goes. if u don't hear from me, well... i am either MIA (missing is action) because i am too successful that i don't even have time for blogging or.. i am so poor that i can't even afford to own a computer to blog. ahahaha! crossing my fingers and pray hard its the first one!!!! i rather lead a busy life so that i am capable of giving both my parents a better living!

i come from an average family where both my parents are very supportive in everything i do. of course they do object to my action and thoughts sometimes but that is when i am demanding and doing things that parents are not supposed to be encouraging their children to do.. for example.. clubbing and smoking (fyi, i don't smoke). but when i made my decision on getting a new degree of my interest instead of working, they were both very supportive especially financially. both of them work so hard in order for me to get the education i desire and i am truthfully very grateful for that. that is why, they are my main motivation to me to go to the extra miles and work my ars off for all the subj i am taking.

some claims that i am too serious in what i am doing.. but i am taking everything very seriously because i know, its my future at stake. i am building my portfolio here. not to have fun. i did hav fun here.. but not to the extend of jeopardizing my future. its my goals and dreams to be successful in this field, therefore i am definitely not risking it... maybe they thinks that i am serious because they are ... childish. well i guess it is due to the fact that, they are still at that age where FUN is the most important thing and still blur about their future and goals. i've passed that stage i guess. i know what is important, my dream, my ambition and what i should be putting on top of my priority list. or maybe i am a 30 yr old woman trap in a younger girl body. i don't know. u tell me.

but sometimes... i think i am turning into a kid myself...maybe this is due to the fact that i am hanging out with people who are so much younger than me. childishness and the kid factor in me... sometimes do creeps out and it scares me.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

who are u? show your self...

first, i am possessed by you.
thinking bout u day and night.

then u haunt me. u are now in my thoughts and dreams...
every cells in my brain bares your name ... you are quietly driving me insane...

Monday, March 19, 2007

Never believe in gossips

stumbled upon someone's blog today

its an eye opener and i learn a lesson : "never believe in gossips". i wonder how a gossip spreads... n how ppl come out wit one. seriously dont believe something till its proven... i should be like aristotle. don't believe in anything until it is proven true.

i have a test/mid term exam tomorrow .. n c what i am doin here? blogging away. i spend my last 2 hrs reading someone's blog. fun...i always enjoy reading ppl's blog especially when they talk about things i know. its just fun to read other ppl's point of view...

n finally, i've deleted all the previous pics on my flickr. now, its only pictures taken with my baby! check it out at : link

okie..i guess i should stop blogging now.. need to get typography notes. ah.. not get back.. need to start touching my notes..i hav not study anything yet.