Monday, July 27, 2009

National Chingay Competition 2009

My first time photographing Chingay competition. Most of the pictures were taken from the back because the position of the stage the organisers prepared for photographers are not really that strategic. :P 

Nonetheless, I am grateful I was given the "photographer" tag once again to capture the colours of Penang.

*click on the image to enlarge*


the team from Perak




the champions celebrating


the crowd at the event

Friday, July 24, 2009

My RED converse

Have you seen me in my red?

St Anne 2009

It is an annual event thingy for both my parents and I. We will make the trip to St Anne Church at Bukit Mertajam every year. As for this year, I manage to capture a few good pictures compare to last year because of the nice hot weather. Unfortunately, the sky was not as blue and the clouds are not as white as cotton as I wish they were. 

Here are some of my snapshots: 

St Anne 2009
the interior of the new church

St Anne 2009
a sculpture of Jesus on the cross

St Anne 2009
my favourite shot of the day: "I die on the cross" 

St Anne 2009
"My body is put in a tomb"

St Anne 2009
the way up to the highest cross ...

For more pictures, check our my flickr

Bon Odori 2009

As you all know, I was given the golden opportunity of a privilege pass to photograph Bon Odori 2009 by the organizer of the event. Unfortunately, I was not fully equip that night and hence, the pictures I took aren't as great. These are some of the pictures taken with just my D80 and the kit lens. No flash gun, no tripod!

Bon Odori 2009 01

Bon Odori 2009 10

Bon Odori 2009 06

Bon Odori 2009 08

Bon Odori 2009 07

Bon Odori 2009 03

Check out more at my flickr link

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I am away, but i am not gone

I am really sorry that I have not been updating my blog as often as i should be. I know I shouldn't give any lame excuse since there's so many happening things that are going on in my life at the moment.

Anyway, here's a sneak peek. I promise I will update more soon - when I am able to find the correct time and the mood to blog.

and that's my first photographer tag!! :D