Friday, July 24, 2009

St Anne 2009

It is an annual event thingy for both my parents and I. We will make the trip to St Anne Church at Bukit Mertajam every year. As for this year, I manage to capture a few good pictures compare to last year because of the nice hot weather. Unfortunately, the sky was not as blue and the clouds are not as white as cotton as I wish they were. 

Here are some of my snapshots: 

St Anne 2009
the interior of the new church

St Anne 2009
a sculpture of Jesus on the cross

St Anne 2009
my favourite shot of the day: "I die on the cross" 

St Anne 2009
"My body is put in a tomb"

St Anne 2009
the way up to the highest cross ...

For more pictures, check our my flickr


Demetrius said...

"the way up to the highest cross..." is a very cool picture. It seems like you put some imagination into that one. I like how you stood down below to take this picture as if you were trying to look through the eyes of Jesus as he took that walk up to the cross. It's very inspiring!

e-leen said...

demetrius: thanks! :D