Monday, May 28, 2007

First AppleTV sold!

i sold an apple tv today! my first apple tv sales! hooray!

actually i don't really know how to operate that machine well because it is a new gadget and i didn't really spend much time playing with it yet. i just know that it is able to be connected to the wireless network (internet), sync with a primary Mac, streaming content from other macs and it has a 40GB hard disc with an intel processor in it. i know that it is able too play digital content such as music, photos and videos and podcast.... will tell u more some other time.. maybe in my review section...

i sold 3 v-moda headphones today! 2 of them is v-moda modaphones vibe! Vibe is the best headphone i have tried so far! VERY VERY good quality. u got to try it yourself! It is really good! i thought sennheiser PX200 was good, but this is even BETTER. i luv that headphone alot personally. i would get one pair for myself... IF i have the money. its not cheap you know dude. it is RM439! i wish it will drop from heaven together with my iPod PRODUCT Red!

okie.. going off now to write my email to Mr Santa!

Dear Mr Santa,
Pls send me a Product RED ipod Nano, and a modaphones Vibe. Red in colour too! If u can't get it at SantaLand, pls send me a cheque! Many thanks in advance!


ps: pls make it fast! i need it desperatly!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Met a photographer at work today. He bought a bag from me, and we chatted and i found out that he's a nikon user as well. A nice guy to chat with and most importantly, i found out from him where i can get the film for my manual photography already. Since i am borrowing my uncle's manual slr, my only problem was getting the film. but it is solve now. My customer told me that i can get it at one of the photo shop at Penang Road. I wanted to go there, but thought they wouldn't have. It's that shop that my grandpa used to have his pictures taken. Yea... so u get the picture now.. that shop is .. OLD! very old! since my grandpa died... 15 years ago..

okie.. its time .... i better stop now.. i got to go close the shop now.... i am blogging this from work!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

who is the champion?

2 years ago, i blog about liverpool's first european night under gerrard. and tonight, it is liverpool vs ac milan. The repeat of 2005. The record breaking historic event. A night made for heroes. A night where millions rejoice and thousands heartbreaks.....

In another 2 more hours or less, it is the final Champions League match between Liverpool FC and AC Milan. It is the repeat of the 2005, the same finalist but different stadium. 17 players from both team who played against each other 2 years ago will play again each other again tonight.

Let me recap, in 2005, Liverpool was 3 goals down on first half but they make an incredible 6 minutes comeback where Gerrard, Alonso and Smicer scored. Both team levelled at 3-3 ... and remain that way til extra time. no goals and the trophy was won by Liverpool when Dudek make that incredible save on Shevchenko's penalty kick.

So who is going to win tonight? i am sure there will not be a repeat of the 6 minutes maniac comeback made by liverpool. the game is going to be very tight. both team has change and progress alot over the 2 years. Something is me tells me that it is AC Milan's year, but then.. I know my Red is capable of lifting the 6th trophy!

I would love then to lift that trophy. i would like them to bring back the trophy and see how the whole city would be flooded with Reds fan! I would love a repeat of 2005!

As i am typing this, i am watching the 2005 match repeat on ESPN. just finish watching the penalty shootout, the incredible save made by dudek on Svechenko's, and the memoriable moment when gerrard lifted his first CL trophy.


Anyway...will blog tomorrow from work ... c u then

p/s: my support is always with LIVERPOOL! YNWA!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Crumpling Crumpler

the crumpler i wanted to get for my baby....

yea this is a pic of me at work with the crumpler photo bag that i wanted to get. It's around RM329! Should i use my coming month salary to get this? I really wanted to get a camera bag for my baby so badly.... very badly... but of cos .. if i have a better options to spend on with the money.. maybe then i'll reconsider this crumpler... but then.. i realli want a good bag for my its between the bagman backpack or this... so which wan ???

Crumpling Crumpler or ... madman Bagman?

Friday, May 18, 2007

getting punk?

all punk up already... i am definitely putting on lotsa weight since i come back yesterday.


Because i've been eating non-stop like a hungry wolf. i eat and eat ...and there is still a lot of food for me to eat! One good thing about being back home is, i never need to pay for the food i eat! ahahhaha All will be paid by my mom or dad!

i will be eating more tomorrow and the day after tomorrow... and the day after tomorrow's tomorrow... in short, I'll be eating like a pig when i am in Penang. I want to go out for a photography session.. but i don't know where to go..... maybe i'll go over to Air Itam... i dunno. I'll see....

Thursday, May 17, 2007

i am back in penang

everything is done. no more assignments for the next 2 months! BANZAI!!!

yesterday, when i submitted my last assignment which is my design studies journal, i am so relief!!!! very relief! Why? Because it is the last assignment I'll need to submit for this sem. eh no .. previous semester. My second semester has finally ended and now i am waiting for the start of my 3rd semester which is my 2nd year! i still have a miserable 3 years of endurance to go... and then come the sucky working life. If my life goes according to the plan i have in mind now, I'll have another 5 more years rotting in Cyberjaya. 3 years of studies and 2 years working life where i can wear only black colour!!! heck! i better stock up my clothes now with black tops and bottoms!

shopping! mega sales is coming! but will i have the money to shop? i've been wanting to buy an ipod, but then.. i can't get it here. i need someone to help me get it from US. i wanted the product red nano sooooooo much! it's not just because of the colour and the special edition thingy, its for charity purpose as well. imagine, if i can get an expensive gadget for myself, and at the same time i am helping other people (AIDS people in Africa), well... i am willing to pay but only if i have the money! i can simple work hard at the Apple store here for 1 month here n get the nano 2GB but i don't want! i want the RED one!!!!! but ipod is not really my top priority item to get lar. i need to upgrade my computer first. mayb upgrade the ram! n then they graphic card or soemthing! then maybe get a decent bag for my baby. then get myself a LCD monitor.

sigh.. so much money needed. i wish it will drop down from heaven! or i have a money tree that grow and gives me money everyday. i wish.........

Friday, May 11, 2007

Yesterday and yesterday's yesterday

9th May, my photography final assignment dues today. I already had all my pictures developed and cd burned ready to pass it up to my lecturer. So went i hand it to him, he ask me a simple question about whether i wrote my name and class at the back of the picture. and i made him repeat the question 3 times and my tired brains still didn't get what he's trying to ask me. 3 TIMES he repeated it, n i still don't get it. See the blurness level i can get these days?? To all my MGSians classmates, they will say, "Ah biasa lar. Eileen is always blur. She's the BBB Queen, always beng, blur and blo". But this time, my extra blurness is due to my sleepless nights for the pass 2 nights. i only had 3 hours of maximum sleep out of the 48 hours. and had less than 5 hours of sleep by today (Thursday) in 72 hours. No i am not having or suffering any sleep disorder. It is due to the final assignment that i am working on. I wanted to put my all in it, I wanted it to be better than my previous semester final project... so much hope that, the final results look like a piece of shit to me. even worst than the first. certain parts of the banner was not executed properly and because of that, it has cause the whole banner to look awfully retarded. Not to say that i have no confidence in my work, but due to some problem, i have to bare with the consequences. Lesson learn. "Never judge a book by its cover" and "Once bitten, Twice wise". I'll definitely choose a better team member next time. I don't have any complains about my team members as some of them did what they could. They did their best. Although they are not much of a painter, at least they tried to contribute and paint easier parts. The presentation is tommorrow and i really hope we don't trip and fall on our face. Hopefully, we will be able to leave the uni with our head hung up high...with satisfaction and pride.
I've just decided to re-do my life drawing painting. Therefore, a few more sleepless nights is about to come!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

cerewet betul eileen ini....

i don't know what i am supposed to be blogging today. nothing much happen today.. just that went to school, started to paint my final project banner, got my history of art presentation marks (which is not too bad i think) and showed the lousy printed photograph to my lecturer who said it's ok to hand in but i should reprint it to put it into my portfolio. and the most amazing thing is that, he told me that i can actually reject the picture that i don't like on the spot and ask the printer to print again. WOW... its one thing that i didn't know about.. but i am definitely so gonna do that next time. the print is not cheap u know! RM7.90 for each.. n the colour is so lousy... so now... i am left with no other choice but to reprint it. Although my lecturer (as what i heard is a very colour particular person) don't mind the colour difference between the original and the printed one, i am still gonna print it again because i am a perfectionist and particular myself too.

I don't know whether to like acrylic painting or to hate it. Because i know i am definitely enjoying doing it and at the same time hating it when my blending and colours don't come out right. I am planning to do a family portrait with my left over acrylics.. and hopefully it will be successfull. after all... i am still in the learning process, therefore there's no harm trying right? i just have to waste another couple of RM50 to get the canvas.

going back to my "Kristin Alba" painting..... byes

Sunday, May 06, 2007


very sorry on the previous post which have so many spelling mistake. wanted to edit it again.. but stupid go-light-shit somehow has a curse on me on posting blog in blogger. i can't seem to be able to delete it...

so why is it that a lot people has been asking me the same question lately? i find it weird.. is it the season or something ar..n that everyone starts to feel curious about me? well, i am still the old self... nothing much has change... still the same old Eileen who is still a procrastinator, a sports lover, a movie addict and an Apple freak.Nothing much has change. just my hair, growing a few inches longer than before.

i will be going back to Penang soon. Approximately 10days from today and hopefully i'll get a long break.. but not too long as i fear that i'll become more lazy than before. i don't think i will be able to slack off and become lazier than before because i'm going to work part time to earn money to get stuff for myself. Working at Apple store is realli a great opportunity for me to meet people from all walks of life and also to educate people about Mac. i enjoy working there and hopefully when i am back next month, everyone is as nice as before.

bye for now...

Friday, May 04, 2007

quiet or noisy?

do you prefer a quiet or a noisy companion?

had a conversation with 2 of my coursemates ystd. both comment that they prefer quiet companion over noisy ones.. but i am the opposite of them.

i would personally prefer people who can talk to me. But the conversation of cos should not be about complaining and commenting negative things. i hate people who give negative vibes. They tend to pull me down with their negative talks... n I don't like to feel useless and down and sad and uncomfortable. i don't mind if its about personal problems where you need to talk about it and you need advise. i don't mind lending my ears to those who wants me to be their listener and their counsellor. sometimes u just have to be the ear.. because i know how hard it is to keep everything inside. sooner or later you will burst and go crazy if you keep too much things inside you so its ok for me to be the ear and listen to their confession, for both bad or good.

i like to be with people that can crake joke 24/7. i prefer to be with people that laughs often. people who are positive, people who are intersting talker with wide knowledge about everything, people who talk pratically anything from sports to movies to music to art, people who are willing to share their interest and knowledge, people who are humble, people who knows what they are talking about but not talk for the sake of talking to create a conversation. it must be people who speak and think at the same time. there are some people who loves to speak their mind. that is good if your are making a good statement. if u are making a stupid conversation well, just name sure its funny and interesting if not keep it to yourself. people will not think highly on you, but thinks you are a joker or some useless and inexperience little bug that's buzzing around irritating and making a fool out of herself/himself. Everyone talks big. Everyone have some pride and ego inside them. Its just should be at the correct percentage of both pride and ego. too much, and you will make the person who listen to you green in envy and thinks you are big headed. if you are too quiet, work it out. talk. if there's nothing to talk about, then... keep quiet lar.

ah okie.. i don't know what i am talking about now. must be the life drawing A1 size acrylic painting that's making me talk and crap so much. PERIOD .