Friday, May 04, 2007

quiet or noisy?

do you prefer a quiet or a noisy companion?

had a conversation with 2 of my coursemates ystd. both comment that they prefer quiet companion over noisy ones.. but i am the opposite of them.

i would personally prefer people who can talk to me. But the conversation of cos should not be about complaining and commenting negative things. i hate people who give negative vibes. They tend to pull me down with their negative talks... n I don't like to feel useless and down and sad and uncomfortable. i don't mind if its about personal problems where you need to talk about it and you need advise. i don't mind lending my ears to those who wants me to be their listener and their counsellor. sometimes u just have to be the ear.. because i know how hard it is to keep everything inside. sooner or later you will burst and go crazy if you keep too much things inside you so its ok for me to be the ear and listen to their confession, for both bad or good.

i like to be with people that can crake joke 24/7. i prefer to be with people that laughs often. people who are positive, people who are intersting talker with wide knowledge about everything, people who talk pratically anything from sports to movies to music to art, people who are willing to share their interest and knowledge, people who are humble, people who knows what they are talking about but not talk for the sake of talking to create a conversation. it must be people who speak and think at the same time. there are some people who loves to speak their mind. that is good if your are making a good statement. if u are making a stupid conversation well, just name sure its funny and interesting if not keep it to yourself. people will not think highly on you, but thinks you are a joker or some useless and inexperience little bug that's buzzing around irritating and making a fool out of herself/himself. Everyone talks big. Everyone have some pride and ego inside them. Its just should be at the correct percentage of both pride and ego. too much, and you will make the person who listen to you green in envy and thinks you are big headed. if you are too quiet, work it out. talk. if there's nothing to talk about, then... keep quiet lar.

ah okie.. i don't know what i am talking about now. must be the life drawing A1 size acrylic painting that's making me talk and crap so much. PERIOD .

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