Thursday, May 17, 2007

i am back in penang

everything is done. no more assignments for the next 2 months! BANZAI!!!

yesterday, when i submitted my last assignment which is my design studies journal, i am so relief!!!! very relief! Why? Because it is the last assignment I'll need to submit for this sem. eh no .. previous semester. My second semester has finally ended and now i am waiting for the start of my 3rd semester which is my 2nd year! i still have a miserable 3 years of endurance to go... and then come the sucky working life. If my life goes according to the plan i have in mind now, I'll have another 5 more years rotting in Cyberjaya. 3 years of studies and 2 years working life where i can wear only black colour!!! heck! i better stock up my clothes now with black tops and bottoms!

shopping! mega sales is coming! but will i have the money to shop? i've been wanting to buy an ipod, but then.. i can't get it here. i need someone to help me get it from US. i wanted the product red nano sooooooo much! it's not just because of the colour and the special edition thingy, its for charity purpose as well. imagine, if i can get an expensive gadget for myself, and at the same time i am helping other people (AIDS people in Africa), well... i am willing to pay but only if i have the money! i can simple work hard at the Apple store here for 1 month here n get the nano 2GB but i don't want! i want the RED one!!!!! but ipod is not really my top priority item to get lar. i need to upgrade my computer first. mayb upgrade the ram! n then they graphic card or soemthing! then maybe get a decent bag for my baby. then get myself a LCD monitor.

sigh.. so much money needed. i wish it will drop down from heaven! or i have a money tree that grow and gives me money everyday. i wish.........

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