Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack

Normally i don't blog about food i eat. I always wanted to, but somehow, i never post anything about food i ate and restaurant that i went to. But tonight, after eating the food, i decide to blog about it....

Okie.. here goes my first food blog.... 

I went to Gurney today with one of my friend. Just as I reach the 5th floor car park, I saw someone holding a Big Apple plastic bag with a box in it. So i turn to my friend and say.... "Hey, they have Big Apple here. I wanna get!" (i was craving and dreaming about glaze donut ever since i download a whole set of donut icons for my mac).

my donut icon collection

So we went to the basement to take a look at Big Apple. We found the shop and like usual donut shops in KL, there was quite a queue but not really that long, long queue like the ones at JCO, Pavilion. So my friend and I then decide that maybe we can come back later for the donuts after our western food dinner which is our initial plan for dinner - Western food with fries. So I turn around and saw this shop...

NO it is not Big Apple food review. I am blogging about the shop opposite....

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack!!!

After trying their XXL crispy chicken twice at Mines (when i was working there for 3 weeks), I told my friend that the food they serve is nice. So we then decide to eat at Shihlin. From western to eastern dinner...

when the food arrive, I am EXTREMELY disappointed!! 

The handmade oyster mee sua is not that nice (i curi a few sip from my friend's), the chicken floss is not really that fantastic and the XXL chicken (which is one of their main dish), is just.... disappointing. They gave me the whole XXL piece and i went 


So my friend ask the guy to cut it for us, and he say, "Sorry, we are not suppose to cut the chicken."




I remember clearly the ones that i ate at Mines was cut into slices and they are very very nice and crispy and spicy... but the one i got here... come in a one BIG piece. How am i supposed to eat it? and how am i supposed to share with my friend? and worst of all, the FLOUR of the crispy chicken is soooo thick that you can't taste the chicken but only the taste of the flour itself and the flour had this weird water smell (let's hope it is not from the T). Another thing about the crispy chicken is... it is supposed to be boneless, but the one i got, IS NOT!! haiya... i forgot to snap some pictures... was too piss off with the food so i forgot to snap snap... 

a snapshot from www.shihlinsnacks.com.tw

Look at the image above. It says that that it is supposed to be BONELESS but why the one i had is NOT?

So basically, the quality of food they are serving here at Gurney Plaza outlet is very very BAD comparing to the ones I had at Mines Shopping Fair at KL!

The only item that I am satisfied of from the food i order is the VSoy soya bean drink which is NOT a shihlin product :P

Verdict: 0.1 / 5

can't wait for my Mizi mushroom soup tomorrow night!!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Photohunt : View

Since this is the last weekend of the Ramadhan month, the view that i would like to share for this week's Photohunt is the view of the Putrajaya Mosque and the Palace of Justice. 

Palace of Justice

Putrajaya Mosque

As you all know, Malaysia is a multiracial country where Islam is the official main religion but other races (other than Muslims) are free to practice their own beliefs and religion. Since it is now the Raya holiday period, I would like to share with you the view of  the architecture of two buildings at Putrajaya (which is the new federal administrative centre of  Malaysia) which is greatly influence by Muslim and the Islamic culture.

To all my Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

 As for the non-muslim friends, have a great weekend and happy holiday! 

I will be going back to Penang this weekend!! 
Penang FOOD FOOD FOOD... here i come!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sex and The City

woke up this morning and saw this message left by one of my best best girlfriend in this universe...

stella just sent u a nudge
stella says: yo s3xy
stella says: when com back sure see ur mr XXXXXXXXX ya


After watching Sex and The City The Movie, I am indeed very grateful that i have a bunch of really really close girl friends. I've been watching the movie 3 times in 2 nights while I work on my assignmentS. (there's a reason why the 'S' is in capital. It shows the quantity)

A very interesting movie I would say. It tells the story of how 4 different types of girls had become each other's pillar of support and how their friendship blossom over the years since they first came to New York city in search of "to be in love". I really love this movie so much NOT because of the SEX part (not much on the screen =P but it does play an important role in this movie). I love it because of the parts that show the friendship and the friendship bond between the 4 main characters. They stood by each others side and guide one another whenever one is in trouble or heartbroken and this is how much a friendship is worth that can't be measured by any unit of measurement. And then there's the fashion and the settings.....okie.. i shouldn't go on with the rest of the terms... (this is the effect after i learn the term mise-en-scene and plot points from cinema language and video production class. i know i am a GOOD student :P)

I am not going to review the movie much because you have to watch it to enjoy the movie. I was never a Sex and The City fan and never watch any episode of the series before, but after watching the movie, I am so tempted to get the whole 6 seasons' dvd (yea that's how addicted i am now), but I am broke at the moment... so maybe 2 season first-lah...

Back to the first few sentences I've written earlier....

I woke up 3 hours ago, and found the message my friend, Stella wrote to me - just 2 sentences. Sometimes in life, you need someone to remind and tell you of certain feelings about something which is inside you that you never realise... and when i got the message from her, I laugh and she made my day! 

that is what i call BEST FRIENDS!

Monday, September 22, 2008

a PMS revenge

Never ever mess with any girl who is having their PMS. 

NOT Premarital Sex 
Premenstrual Syndrome 

Apart from losing massive amount of blood for 4-5days, there are many other things that girls are going through too at the same time. Some of us might be suffering from REALLY dreadful and painfull aches, uneasiness, nausea, back ache, and many many other symptoms. So boyfriends, please be understanding and be patient with your girl when they are "off" during that time of the month. Just be more caring and shower them with more love, hugs and kisses. It helps but don't annoy them or start a fight with them.. because if you are... you are probably on your way to HELL!

Some of you might have know that I have annoying neighbours that are not considerate at all and they are getting more and more moronic and brainless each passing week. (Let's not talk about where are they from to avoid getting my blog being flag for racism). They drink and smoke shisha all night long... and worst of all they would talk and laugh SOOO loudly even in the middle of the night. With my room's balcony door facing them, I have no choice but to endure their animal-vexatious laughter and their crow-like voice every night they have their party and their little drinking-smoking gathering. 

Last Saturday night was one of the worst that I've came across. They started their gathering at around 2am and it ended 8am the next morning. NO JOKE! til 8am! What the *toot* right? *censored* Since she's PMS-ing and since she's not having a good night sleep/rest, she decide to put her little evil sweet revenge on her neighbour the next day....

Knowing that her "lovely" neighbours are resting after a night long of shisha-ing and drinking, she pulled her speakers out to the balcony and started blasting her speakers off with some trance, rock-ish music which is really really noisy for an hour to share her love for music! and the next thing she knew was, she successfully woke up her neighbour!! 


**evil laughter**

As the evening is coming to an end, they, the moronic neighbours decide to start their little gathering again. Sensing the on-coming annoyance, she took her speakers out to the balcony again and run her iTunes8, blasting noisy music AGAIN! after 30mins, she stop her music and decide to take a peek. She found that the neighbour's guests are no longer there! YAHOO! 

there goes her second victory of the day!

the view from my room, which is unfortunately their place of chilling ... can u spot the shisha?

see how dirty & messy the garden is

So you see, (a caution warning to all guys) never mess with girls who are PMS-ing! 

We can be really BITCHY!! 


eh no no. it should be *woof woof*  

 p/s: FYI, shisha (aka Hookah) is a single or multi-stemmed water pipe for smoking tobacco or herbal fruits. 

picture taken from wikipedia

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Photohunt : Road

As I was thinking about this week's theme,  I found myself asking myself, "which one should i choose?", "the one on the right or the one on the left?", "what is ahead of me?", "Am I making the right decision?", "Am I taking the correct path?"..... and this poem came to my mind ..

"And be one traveller, long I stood
and looked down one as far as I could
to where it bent in the undergrowth;"
                                          ~ The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost~

I am sure many of us have went through a phase of life where we need to decide which path to choose and which road to take ... at crossroad of our journey to growing up - education (science or art stream), career, which college or university should i go to, and many other more questions and problems that will pop into our mind ..... as we grow older

"And both that morning equally lay
in leaves no feet had trodden black."
           ~ The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost~

So which road will you choose? The road that is properly tarred road where most people will take, or the road that is less travelled by? 

As for me, "I took the one less travelled by", and I hope it will make all the difference in my life later.....and i hope and pray i will not look back one day with a sigh on my face.....

Happy Weekend!  

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

she's lucky today

16th September, 

My first time at KLIA! NO! I am not joking!! It is REALLY my FIRST time there.... 

I am kinda excited about going to KLIA to meet Pauline but at the same time I wasn't so keen to go because of some reasons.....

But in the end I went, because I wanted to meet Pauline, so off I went to KLIA for the first time .. on my OWN!

As I was queuing up to get my KLIA transit ticket to KLIA, someone nudge me and gave me a free ticket. WOOOHOOO yes! It is a monthly pass so that means both my trip (to and back) is FREEE! Save RM12.40! LUCKY!

Then as I was waiting for the train to arrive, a random guy approach me and start talking to me. So I ended up talking to him and I told him that it is my first time going to KLIA and he's kind enough to draw me a map to show me where i should go after i reach KLIA. Looking at the map, I was really lost and worried that I will never get to meet up with Pauline on time. Seeing my clueless expression as i look at the map, he drew another view for me and explain everything again over and over. Then he gave me his card and just before we part out ways respectively, he ask me to give him a call whenever i am free to go "yam cha"! I am really grateful for the direction help he gave me, but going out yam cha with a total stranger in KL.... 

Met up with Pauline and Aqilah. Took pictures with them.....
me and Pau

Aqilah and me

and off they went..... to Newcastle, UK!!!!!

Lucky i didn't miss the last bus back to Cyberia so i save like RM20 on taxi..... Lucky eh?

oki.. i am going back to my football! liverpool is leading 1-2 at the moment!!! YNWA

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Photohunt : Wild

It is Friday again.....

For this week's theme, Wild ...

This kitten looks so wild and fierce and she's all black in colour! Found her in my garden and i couldn't help and took a few shots of her as i love her pair of blue eyes! Btw, I am hate cats! :P

Happy Hunting and Happy Mooncake Festival to everyone! 

Friday, September 12, 2008

Spot the difference

As some of you might now know, I am a DeviantArt addict. I can spend a lot a lot of time at DA browsing through  pictures and artworks, and Chrome so far loads up thumbnails of images SUPER FAST! 


 There are a few other bugs i found in Chrome and below is one of it

Can you spot the difference? 
note: Google Chrome(Left), Firefox (right) 

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Photohunt : String(s)

Almost forgot about this week's PhotoHunt and yea.. that's how busy I am...

So here goes my entry for this week's theme 

The picture above is my collecting of DMC strings.

The above is part of my DMC strings collection. I love collecting those strings because i love making friendship bands. Let just say.... I am someone of many interest. Many thing excites me and I am interested in a lot of things. For many, many years, making friendship band is one of my favourite hobby besides hanging around the internet chatting, hanging out with friends, blogging and surfing. Yup! It is still one thing I will do whenever i feel like it since high school. I love making friendship bands with names for friends as a token of our friendship. Some friends even want to buy it from me! LOL!

here's a close up picture of a sample friendship band i've made

Hope everyone have a wonderful weekend and as for me, I'll now get back to my movies and assignments....

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome

Blogging from Google Chrome
What is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is the new web browser by Google (duh) incase you still have no idea what is google chrome, just google for it if not just go to this link http://tools.google.com/chrome/?hl=en-US 

I've tried it for the past few hours and here is my verdict (so far)...

  • each tab has its own process. This is good when one page crash the whole application does not crash. Some of you might say that Firefox n Opera has this "open up all last session" function, so no worries lar. It is the same. It is not... when you are running on streamyx or when your internet is REALLY slow and you are running out of time. Imagine if the last sessions includes opening up a page that cause the browser to hang, then there's no point of having the "open last session" function. It eats up RAM as much as Firefox, so I might be switching over to Chrome for the next few days to test it out more....
  • loads up pretty fast. So far I've tried to open up youtube and Facebook and surprisingly, it loads up pretty fast for Facebook compare to Firefox. From the video I've watch from Google developer team, chrome was design to loads up and run javascript easily and faster.. or something like that... so i guess loading up webpages will be much faster compare to others... i think....since most website is running on javascript (correct me when i am wrong)
  • nice and neat interface. It really maximize my screen and especially now since my PC is running with a widescreen. IT is really SPACIOUS and neat looking. No more header at the top but just the tabs and the 3 buttons on the right side. And downloads are shown at the bottom of the window. NEAT! When you load up a new window, most viewed website are shown in thumbnails and this is easy for fast access to your favourite or frequent visited website. 
thumbnails of most visited page

downloads are shown at the bottom of the window (only on the tab where you download the file)
  • opening/running web application (application shortcuts). You are able to create shortcuts to webpages and store it in your desktop, quicklauch or start menu easily by just clicking on a button located on the top right corner. 

add web application shortcuts to desktop, quick launch or start menu
  • Incognito. This is similiar to Private Browsing feature in Safari (if some of you are familiar with Safari). It will not store any history, cache or cookies into your system unless you decide to bookmark the link or download files. 
  • one simple input box. It is located at the top. You can search google by just typing the search keywords on the address bar. Address of famous website will be shown as you type the address on it. 
  • a task manager of its own. To view how much of resources your open websites are using, you can right click somewhere near the tab and access to the task manager to view the memory used. You can kill/close the tab/process from that task manager. 
task manager

By the way, i found out that there is no Cut function for right click when i am writing this post. Luckily, the ctrl+x function works fine. If not, I'll have to save this post as a draft and then open it in Firefox to edit the pictures location. Hope someone from Google is reading this post. Please add a Cut function. :P

That's all for now i guess. I'll add in more points later if I manage to find any bug or advantages of Google Chrome. 

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

a sight or a scene?

I am so free tonight... but when I am free, no one seems to be messaging and chatting with me. Ironically, when I am on busy mode, I got more messages and phone calls than I am currently now on "available" mode.. 


so here i am blogging about my life....

An interesting day i would say since i manage to capture a scene between 2 men in bus today. Not a long video. It is only 2 seconds in length, but well.... enough for you to picture the sight....

so are you ready for a short interesting video? 
Load the video below ...

*replay needed*

I was trying to capture this video and snap some pictures of their hands, but since i was using a stupid N70 that is quite useless (Nokia phone SUCKS!), I can't really capture the video too long as i scared that i might be caught by them capturing them. so there's only a 2sec video... and a picture 

nuff said... before they come hunting and hit me hard....