Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back to the Cyber city

I know I have not been blogging that often but this is due to the bloggers' block that i am having. I just ran out of things to blog. 
A new semester has just begun and that means getting back my creative brain back to work. So that means, I am back to the cyber city and ironically, the internet here is getting slower and slower each day. Cyber city with slow internet connection. What a joke right? 


Normally they say, new year comes with new resolution. But as for me, I did not make any new year resolution yet for this year but i guess now is the time.... maybe not new year resolution.. maybe it should be new resolution for a new semester. 

  1. enjoy life to the maximum and treasure everyone around me
  2. maintain my CGPA - work harder and smarter
  3. stay healthy, drink more water and try to have well balance meals more frequently 
  4. get my first ink (hopefully by mid year)
  5. try not to be a procrastinator 
I guess that's my list of resolution at the mean time. As for now, it is time for me to go to bed, i need to stay healthy....remember?

Monday, February 09, 2009

Thaipusam 2009

First and foremost, Happy Thaipusam 2009. 

I went out for a photography session with Chia Hoey and Sean today. I woke up 6am in the morning just to make sure that I am able to beat the traffic jam and be at the venue early enough to snap some interesting, nice pictures. 

And here they are... the pictures

Thaipusam 01

Thaipusam 02

Thaipusam 04

Thaipusam 06

Thaipusam 03

Thaipusam 05

(there are more over at my flickr page, they might be quite disturbing to some and therefore I've decided not to publish it here. Please visit my flickr site if you wish to see them)

Friday, February 06, 2009

Why so serious?

One customer walk into the shop today and i serve him for like 10mins - and join in his jokes bout computer stuff. Just as he was about to leave, he ask me, "why do u look so happy?" 

I went speechless for a while... 

I have a lot of comments about how serious I look when i am doing something and I look "ganas" and strict so often when i am not smiling. But today, someone actually said to me that I look happy. ahahahha really? Maybe i am happy because i am looking forward to my one week break from work and stress and scolding and complaints and school before I leave Penang to go back to KL. or maybe because I let something go by me, and all the sadness and emptiness just went away - just like that. 

Last 2 months, i did a lot of thinking and has been wanting to do something. It is like wanting to purchase a pair of rollerblade that i know I've been eyeing on for quite a long time and do not know will i want to buy and own it. I might get myself hurt and injured, but at the same time i might bet an unforgettable thrilling experience and life changing route with it, but yet i was doubting it till i decide that I want to take the risk of losing something but might gain something in return. Just as i was about to make my "purchase", something happen. Someone walked pass me at the entrance of the mall, carrying the rollerblade box and i know, i am just too late again to purchase it. I know this would have happen, and that the pair of rollerblade would not belongs to me. Surprisingly, I did expect this to happen. Was seeing it coming ....

I was sad at first, but the bitterness went away just as fast as it came. Then i realize, it is more of a relief to me. I do not feel as heartbroken as i was last year when i found out about the same thing. My friend told me, you grew stronger, but maybe i did not. Maybe I woke up and realize it is just an infatuation after all. 

No worries people. I am fine now. Happier than ever and can't wait to start my new semester. Can't wait to meet up with my housemates and coursemates. Another 4 months of stress and brain-wrecking and brain-squeezing trip. But i know, i will enjoy the stressful 4 months before i am back in Penang again. :D

ps: buying rollerblade is not real. it is just a metaphor of something. :P

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

little ones

A collection of pictures of all the young innocent kids taken over the first week of Chinese New Year

Eileen with 2 naughty, cheeky but cute kids

shan shan posting with a drawing of him drawn by me

cheeky shan shan posing for the camera

cute chien chien smiling

my nephew YuKai and his mom

Eric and cousin sister

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Went out photographing with Nick earlier today and these are some of the pictures ...

let's pray

the only one standing

the window

those were the days

the traditions

No 13

Khoo Kongsi

Hope you like them!