Friday, February 06, 2009

Why so serious?

One customer walk into the shop today and i serve him for like 10mins - and join in his jokes bout computer stuff. Just as he was about to leave, he ask me, "why do u look so happy?" 

I went speechless for a while... 

I have a lot of comments about how serious I look when i am doing something and I look "ganas" and strict so often when i am not smiling. But today, someone actually said to me that I look happy. ahahahha really? Maybe i am happy because i am looking forward to my one week break from work and stress and scolding and complaints and school before I leave Penang to go back to KL. or maybe because I let something go by me, and all the sadness and emptiness just went away - just like that. 

Last 2 months, i did a lot of thinking and has been wanting to do something. It is like wanting to purchase a pair of rollerblade that i know I've been eyeing on for quite a long time and do not know will i want to buy and own it. I might get myself hurt and injured, but at the same time i might bet an unforgettable thrilling experience and life changing route with it, but yet i was doubting it till i decide that I want to take the risk of losing something but might gain something in return. Just as i was about to make my "purchase", something happen. Someone walked pass me at the entrance of the mall, carrying the rollerblade box and i know, i am just too late again to purchase it. I know this would have happen, and that the pair of rollerblade would not belongs to me. Surprisingly, I did expect this to happen. Was seeing it coming ....

I was sad at first, but the bitterness went away just as fast as it came. Then i realize, it is more of a relief to me. I do not feel as heartbroken as i was last year when i found out about the same thing. My friend told me, you grew stronger, but maybe i did not. Maybe I woke up and realize it is just an infatuation after all. 

No worries people. I am fine now. Happier than ever and can't wait to start my new semester. Can't wait to meet up with my housemates and coursemates. Another 4 months of stress and brain-wrecking and brain-squeezing trip. But i know, i will enjoy the stressful 4 months before i am back in Penang again. :D

ps: buying rollerblade is not real. it is just a metaphor of something. :P


Huey said...

Well, that's a good sign, I supposed. :)

Sometimes when we grow, a lot of things change. And then a lot of things become less important. And then they almost just come, and go. Period. :)

Eh btw, is season 4 out yet? :D

Dann said...

But still... definitely lots more stronger now. =)

e-leen said...

huey: yea. it is a good sign :D

i do agree people change. when u meet different people in life as you grow older, it somehow changes you a little - your personality, your views ....

season 4 is out ... but i wont be downloading them til i go back to KL. most of my downloads are done on my desktop. ahahhaha

dann: thanks.

chenglit said...

Gambate Girl!!

You look friendly whenever i walk in Switch..=)

e-leen said...

chenglit: I didn't know u blog too!

thanks gal! u make my day :D