Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back to the Cyber city

I know I have not been blogging that often but this is due to the bloggers' block that i am having. I just ran out of things to blog. 
A new semester has just begun and that means getting back my creative brain back to work. So that means, I am back to the cyber city and ironically, the internet here is getting slower and slower each day. Cyber city with slow internet connection. What a joke right? 


Normally they say, new year comes with new resolution. But as for me, I did not make any new year resolution yet for this year but i guess now is the time.... maybe not new year resolution.. maybe it should be new resolution for a new semester. 

  1. enjoy life to the maximum and treasure everyone around me
  2. maintain my CGPA - work harder and smarter
  3. stay healthy, drink more water and try to have well balance meals more frequently 
  4. get my first ink (hopefully by mid year)
  5. try not to be a procrastinator 
I guess that's my list of resolution at the mean time. As for now, it is time for me to go to bed, i need to stay healthy....remember?


Vince Yeoh said...

Finally you updated your blog, haha...

e-leen said...

vince: yealo finally... ahahaha