Sunday, May 27, 2012

Live Life

Hello cyberfriends and cyberstalkers, how have you been?

I've been busy and hence this overdue post. Half of the year just came and went..looking back and reflecting on the 6 months, time indeed flies when one's busy.

How have I been?

On my take on my professional life as a career minded woman, I've never found so much passion in designing till this year. I am growing more everyday and learning new things makes me happy. Designing is a never ending journey and I am glad I've grown to love it more every single time. Imagine, just walking through a mall, just driving down the highway back, things I see - be it the billboard or the road signs, the colour combinations of the cars stuck in the jam, the winding roads, the pedestrians crossing the roads as my car stopped at the junction or the colours of the sky, sunrise or sunset have somehow in a way inspired me.

And a side note, something BIG is cooking. stay tune?!

As of my own personal life, slowly, gradually I am feeling better but nonetheless, I wouldn't deny that at times, I did fall back a little. I realize I am turning cold. It was only recently when a friend asked me a question and I realize how i am completely shutting myself off. Didn't they say, prevention is better than cure?

Signing off for now....

Miss E