Wednesday, September 12, 2007

food poisoning

i have never been to the toilet so many times in a day
i have never suffer such sickness before
i have never drank so much 100plus in a day
i never had diarrhoea like i had for the pass 2 days
i never slept so much

how i get food poisoning? i have no idea. is it the food from uni or from the shop that i've ate a dozen times at? i totally have no idea at all. maybe it is the shop at cyberia which serves the best food so far (according to my taste). n now i get food poisoning. i might be having phobia next time i order at that shop. however it won't stop me from visiting it.....

i am supposed to enjoy these few days, relaxing.. do my own art stuff... but i have no energy whatsoever to do anything... i am like a person in a 50% dead body. Do u know, if u have food poisoning, you suffer several sickness not only diarrhoea? you will get fever, headache, and nausea too? it is worst than suffering cough, flu and sorethroat. heck.. and i have presentation tomorrow. what am i going to do?

anyway, would like to thank my friends here, marli, thing thing, sherlyn and jane for all the concern and care. thanks alot for being there. thanks marli for accompaniying me to the clinic, thanks thing thing for the 100plus! appreciate it! Friends forever!

oki lar.. gonna go take my piggy rest now.... there's no place like home

ps: did i tell u that since i have the sickness, i've been sleeping and sleeping and done nothing else but sleeping? well... here's a piece of news of me of what i've been up to these 2 days....