Saturday, March 21, 2009

I am going to be on the newspaper?



I don't know is it for real yet. The program leader for my course called me up a few days ago and told me that she needs one of my final assignment for a subject I took 2 semester (last year) ago. She said the lecturer in charged lost my files and she also heard from lecturers that my design was good, therefore she needs a copy of my work and a document file to explain about my concept for that project as well as my personal details. 

I was just confused why suddenly she needs my work from 2 semester ago? A lot of questions flooded my brain. Re-grading my grades??? Why? 

and as I waited for her explanation, she said ..... 

"Oh FYI, the faculty selected you and will be sending a few of your work to the newspaper for .... purpose" 

my mind floated away for a little after she mention newspaper... I can't remember what purpose she said... but if I am not wrong is for some advertising or some promotion stuff for the university or the course. Can't really remember.  Maybe because I have too many things in my head that time as I was midway getting ready for my group's presentation, practicing my speech with my group mates when she called. 

Then she continue

"It is going to be publish on chinese newspaper - Sin Chew. A few of your other work will also be used - Animation 2 and Web design 1"

okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ....

It is indeed an honour to be chosen by the lecturers considering the amount of students in my university (not to mention how "famous" it is) but nothing is confirm yet till my work is publish. So... let's wait and see ......

Btw, I don't read chinese newspaper. So if any of you happen to come across any of designs below in Sin Chew newspaper, please do let me know yea.  

E-magazine layout and designs

Cover Page

one of the pages layout - remember my watercolour palette? :D

Web design (HTML & CSS)
the intro page

layout for the "Home" page

design for one of the page to showcase artworks 

Below is the animation project from last semester. It is a group work done with 3 other members (lollipop, EvilDevil, Sherlyn). 

FYI, all the voice overs are my voice. It is done with a little voice tweaking at GarageBand :D

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Economy crisis!!!

Have you ever take 5 minutes off the work that you are currently working on and ask yourself, "why am i doing this?" ? 


How many of you out there actually enjoy doing what you are doing?

Although I am not in the working world yet, I am happy to say that I am currently enjoying what I am doing and studying. I am not leading a very healthy life at the moment, but I enjoy it. Most of the days, I spend staying up all night just to do assignments and that's normally how I spend my 8 months a year in KL - staying up late to do my work, procrastinate sometimes and have really little sleep in between some days and have very weird sleeping hours - as if I live on the opposite side of the globe. 

so what am I studying now that sounds so torturing and yet i am quite enjoying it?

I am doing a degree course in creative multimedia. Sounds very "chim" (deep) right? ahahha Ok, let me explain it as brief as i could. It is a course where we learn to put art and creativity into multimedia which involves sound, video, motion and graphics. Sounds cool and easy right? No it is not. It is cool but it is not easy. My class includes the very basic traditional drawing to graphic design, prints to application on the web to traditional frame by frame animation to 3D animation to video production to motion graphics and to even project management and entrepreneurship (later in my course). The workload itself is able to drive me up the wall most of the times.

Basically what I am learning is a combination of 

a graphic designer + animator + web designer + video director + motion grapher + manager + business woman

Don't ask me how i am juggling it... I still have no idea yet will i manage to survive this semester ...

So,  the first KL Design Week is up next week. There's this 2 big-interesting conference that I would love to go but the admission fee is KILLING me!! 

  • Super Motion ticket is priced at RM180 for students 
  • Maximum Minimalism Conference is priced at RM380 for students 
HOLY COW right!! they are super duper expensive. 

check out the price

AM I GOING? you ask?

I am wanna go to both BUT that would cost me RM560 (*cough*). MM Conference features a whole lot of super duper crazy designers which i personally admire a lot. (one of my favourite agency Kuntzel + Deygas is going to be there) but the price makes me think twice while Super Motion is about motion graphics stuff which I am interested in. 

List of designers and agency for respective conference

I would most probably end up going to Super Motion only since it is the cheapest (which will probably cost me 2 weeks of hunger)... but MM features so many great designers and artist that I would love to meet(eg: Stefan Sagmeister aka God of Designers, David Carson and many more).... but the price .... :(

I was thinking maybe i should start a website like this to look for sponsorship to sponsor me to both the conference (or maybe to the RM380 conference), but I guess it is too late now for me to do so. As for now, let's just hope i strike lottery or there's actually an angel that out there that will send me the tickets to both conference....

Monday, March 16, 2009

True Blood

my obsession for vampires continues.....

Bite me!!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Shit happens

I never wanted extra responsibility and I hate being accused of things that i did not do.

But if people trust me and have their believes in me, and if i have no chance to reject it, I will take it and i will do it to the best as i can. 

2 weeks ago, I was appointed the Project Manager for my Project Management subject where my group consists of other 6 members. I was assigned to the post and was never given a chance to reject it. So i took it and then..... shit happens.

Don't get me wrong. I have NO problem with my group members. In fact, I am very grateful with everyone in the group - they are doing their job, everyone is responsible and everyone is able to communicate with one another openly and suggesting ideas is just great! I couldn't ask for more. 


i was being back-stabbed and accused by another manager for being offensive towards him and childish when all i did was just asking him to confirm his group's concept so that my group members know what they need to work on. (FYI, his group is my agency. So as their production team, my group need to work on their concept) Is that too much to ask? or is it offensive of me to ask him for the concept confirmation? I should be the one offended from his way of speaking and there he goes - accusing me to be childish and competitive when he's the one that's being competitive and offensive. Then he make me his reason for wanting to quit as the project manager for his group. So now, i am basically a bitch to his group members for making him quit as their leader......

WOW! seriously i did not know i have such power to remove someone from a position by just asking a question! 

But seriously, I am sick of all this political stuff. I hate being accuse of things i did not do. why oh why do i need to meet such people?

Where's my ticket to paradise?

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Get Back Up

Have you ever fall and feel like the world is coming to an end?

Have you ever tried your very best to get back up after the fall?

Even when it is your hundredth time and beyond?

My friend, Nick (the guy currently featured on AirAsia Visit Britain ads) shared with me a video from which inspired me and taught me not to be afraid to fall. A fall is  a fall, but don't give up. Get back up even if you fail to do so for the 100th times. 

It matters how you are going to finish. Are you going to finish strong?
- Nick Vujicic

Hope you enjoy the video as much as i did. It is really inspirational. 

Have a happy weekend holiday everyone!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Is christmas early or just too late?

Got a present from Santa today. He left it in a big-huge green bin. 

It is a Slick Pro 700dx leg 

Yup that's the one. 

Someone threw this expensive 3 legs equipment away and lucky i saw it in between the dustbin and decide to take it back to my house. The first thing I did was check online how much this thingy worth. GUESS what.... it is USD148 (around Rm550+) made of AMT (aluminium-magnesium-titanium). Then i found out the tripod is actually missing its head - the tripod head where it mounts to your camera. So i checked online again and it will cost me around USD69 (RM260) just to get the head. 

But still it is a bargain to me. A good tripod is one of the things in my current wishlist and now I just have to pay 50% of its original price... not too bad i guess. 

Oh.. one more thing... i tried to open this tripod up and believe it or not... it goes up to around 7feet and it is still super steady!!Unbelievable! Seriously, I am over the moon, even it is just the leg, without the head. 

it is just like i picked up a winning lottery ticket with Rm250 as my prize.

Did my christmas present arrive early or late? you tell me :D