Saturday, March 21, 2009

I am going to be on the newspaper?



I don't know is it for real yet. The program leader for my course called me up a few days ago and told me that she needs one of my final assignment for a subject I took 2 semester (last year) ago. She said the lecturer in charged lost my files and she also heard from lecturers that my design was good, therefore she needs a copy of my work and a document file to explain about my concept for that project as well as my personal details. 

I was just confused why suddenly she needs my work from 2 semester ago? A lot of questions flooded my brain. Re-grading my grades??? Why? 

and as I waited for her explanation, she said ..... 

"Oh FYI, the faculty selected you and will be sending a few of your work to the newspaper for .... purpose" 

my mind floated away for a little after she mention newspaper... I can't remember what purpose she said... but if I am not wrong is for some advertising or some promotion stuff for the university or the course. Can't really remember.  Maybe because I have too many things in my head that time as I was midway getting ready for my group's presentation, practicing my speech with my group mates when she called. 

Then she continue

"It is going to be publish on chinese newspaper - Sin Chew. A few of your other work will also be used - Animation 2 and Web design 1"

okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ....

It is indeed an honour to be chosen by the lecturers considering the amount of students in my university (not to mention how "famous" it is) but nothing is confirm yet till my work is publish. So... let's wait and see ......

Btw, I don't read chinese newspaper. So if any of you happen to come across any of designs below in Sin Chew newspaper, please do let me know yea.  

E-magazine layout and designs

Cover Page

one of the pages layout - remember my watercolour palette? :D

Web design (HTML & CSS)
the intro page

layout for the "Home" page

design for one of the page to showcase artworks 

Below is the animation project from last semester. It is a group work done with 3 other members (lollipop, EvilDevil, Sherlyn). 

FYI, all the voice overs are my voice. It is done with a little voice tweaking at GarageBand :D


Dann said...

this is cool~~

e-leen said...

dann: wat is cool? the part that i might be on newspaper or my designs? hehe :P

Dann said...

the part where your work is being acknowledged. =)

e-leen said...

dann: ah! but so far it is not yet been publish yet....

H e n r i c k said...

Haha.. btw, cool design you have there. And the animation ~ I like the part with "Noooo~~~~ My Ba~~Na~~ Na~~~!!!!" LOL!

stan said...

greaqt job there! Being told u will be selected is swell enough. I like your graphic designs too. Promising!

e-leen said...

Henrick: Thanks! You have no idea how many times i need to record that in my room! my housemates thought i went nuts screaming to myself in my room. lol

stan: thanks stan! will be working harder to improve :D