Monday, July 28, 2008

End of Break

The holiday has finally coming to an end. Eileen is going back to KL later...

I had an awesome holiday this break! I went to Langkawi, played paintball and had so many unforgettable memories with some friends. Life is just so beautiful and it makes me reluctant to go back to Cyber. If only i could split myself into two ....

Eileen is starting her 2nd year soon and still have 2 years ahead....

Eileen will be without internet access for the next 1 week. So if you can't find any modification to this last post, please be patient and wait for her to get her phone and streamyx done. Thanks thanks~

email or sms me k?

Sunday, July 27, 2008


had my first taste of paintball and had my first paintball bruise!

BIG THANK YOU to everyone who went to paintball today!

foes on field, friends off-field!

I didn't know paintball is so fun till i tried it myself. I was shooting but I always thought i never hit anyone. I thought I was just firing the pellets to the air and blindly firing at the balloons, running from one balloon to the other, hiding myself. But guess what, i am wrong. Dann told me that he got a shot that hit his head and he's suffering some pain from it and he said i fired that shot. WOW! i actually shot someone? 

SOrry dann! I am just excited and wanted to blog about it. and sorry again for the shot! Wish you a speedy recovery!

As for my bruise, it is on my thigh (sorry no pic. my thigh is too ugly to be captured and put on screen). I have no idea who shot me but I got to thank whoever it is for the bruise. I know you must be thinking i have gone NUTS for thanking the person who gave me the bruise. ahahha :D For me, i take the bruise as a souvenir from a fun day i had with a group of good friends. i still remember the bruise and cuts i got from my camping days and my squash training days...which are now scars.. but they come with a lot of precious memories - each with its own stories. So to all of you who got shot and have bruises on your body, take it as a token of a sweet memory. :D 

Oh that's one person that i forgot to thank earlier (who is not in the pic) is none other than Exkay. Thanks for helping me to book the field, the safety tips, refereeing the match and giving everyone tips.  

eileen with her kambinger and KDU mates

just remember that i got 2 painful shots on my butt but at the moment i am sitting on a chair and yet i did not feel any bruise-pain at my butt so... i guess there's no bruise there or either my butt is too big, fat and meaty to feel any pain! LOL 

As for now, my whole body muscle is aching like crazy... that's what happen when I didn't exercise for 6months and for forgetting to warm up before and after the paintball session.....

but nonetheless I did have lotsa fun today!!!! Thanks everyone!

ps: have to thank danny too for the paint on my shirt! 

Friday, July 25, 2008

PhotoHunt : Hanging

As I was browsing through my photo library, i realise i have a few pictures that can be related to Hanging. But I can only post 1.... so below is the picture for this weekend! 

the hanging bridge at Langkawi

if you want more pictures of the bridge .....

top view of the hanging bridge

the sunset view

I just love the architecture of the bridge. It does sway a little as you walk across or when the wind is blowing. It reminds me of my first canopy walk at Penang Hill few weeks ago...

My weekend is going to be a busy busy weekend as I have dozens of friends to meet up before I go back to KL to start a new semester (2nd year)! 

Going for my first paintball and i wouldn't mind getting any bruise! 
SOOOO looking forward to it!

Happy Hunting and have a nice weekend!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Journey and The Knight

it was not a movie marathon but i watched 2 movies at the same cinema in less than 24 hrs.

watched The Journey to the Centre of The Earth on Tuesday night and The Dark Knight on Wednesday afternoon.

I like both the movies for different reasons.

I like Journey to the Centre of the Earth because
  • i love the concept art (multimedia student here so pls pardon me for using the artsy vocab)
  • it makes me wonder is there really such beautiful world out there?
  • i am planning to read the book (i wonder will i have the time)
  • Brandon Fraser is as good as always in adventurous films. He pulls out all the facial expressions very well
  • like the ending credit too
  • it is a free movie! :P (thanks exkay)
I like The Dark Knight because

  • Heath Ledger is SUPERB in this movie. It is his second last movie. He has always been one of my favourite actor since i watch "10 Things I Hate About You" (1999). He will always be missed by fans and people who love him. May he rest in piece peace. I can't help but remember the day I heard the sad news about his shocking death over CNN, from the same place that I am sitting right now as I type this post. That night, i was shocked and stunned and i shed a few tears. 
  • Bruce Wayne is HOT! = Christian Bale is HOT!
  • I love the line "Out of darkness comes the Knight"
  • This movie is as great as Ironman for me for this year. 
  • I only paid RM6 for this 2hrs 30mins movie. (not that i am cheapskate. I would pay RM12 for it if i am in KL and i bought a stupid original DVD at rm16.90 today which i am regretting to the max at the moment!)
oh btw, there's one part in this movie you might get to see a glimpse of Edison Chen (i think i am right). i was kinda surprise but according to my googling results (Sean from JTTCOTE said, "Welcome to the 21st Century"), Edison Chen was supposed to play Lau and got axe after his infamous sex photo scandal. So yea... if you have not seen him or miss him in the movie, watch it again! I think i might watch it again! The movie is superb!  

What is next?


Saturday, July 19, 2008

PhotoHunt : What is That?

This is 100% taken with my dslr and it is NOT a photo manipulation

Rays of life is the title of this picture. This picture was taken last year when I was experimenting some photography technics in my hostel room for one of my photography class assignment. I have a few friends who ask me how did i manage to take that picture and some wonder what is that?

So, are you wondering what is that too?

Happy Hunting!!

It is back!!!

my favourite event of the year is back!!!!

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition is back!!! 

more photo session, more fireworks!!!

if you like to know more about the event, log on to

i am going to be there, are you???

Friday, July 18, 2008

is that mine?

look what i've found through nuffnang analytic results: 

i was trying to check out the link / referrals given by nuffnang that shows where did my blog traffic come from. one of them is the search on "eileenkhor". Since i am a curious person, i decide to give the link a try and check out the search results and that is when i came across to the link above. then i check the profile, and below is the screen shot of it : 

since when did i have an angelfire account that i did not know about?  

NO this is not my account. 

i have no idea who owns this site but since there is no post or whatsoever in that blog (although there is a recent update), i am fine with it. 

What i know and realise is that, I am not the only Eileen Khor in this world. :P

oh btw, for those of you who are patiently waiting for my langkawi pictures, click on this flickr link . They aren't the best scenery pictures but please be patient with me as i am still learning to master the art of photography. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

PhotoHunt : Support

Sorry for this late entry. I've been away for the weekend to Langkawi. Will post up pics of it later .....

I know some of you might have seen this picture of mine before. It can be found at my DA and as well as my blog here when i did a colour pencil rendering artwork on it. 

Support can be seen given by the older brother towards his younger brother who is less than a year old that time. As a older brother, he wishes that he's able able to support and hold his little brother with all the strength he has that time. 

Happy Hunting everyone!

Friday, July 11, 2008

first trip to langkawi

langkawi here i come....

i'll be leaving to Langkawi for the weekends in another 6 hrs time. 

it will be my first time there 

bought a polarizer and a 4Gb High speed SD card and both of them cost me RM170 and now i am BROKE! super broke!

i have no idea how i am gonna use the polarizer... but well... trial and error makes you a better photographer. :P

wish me luck and wish me well so i can come back in one piece and that i will be able to show u some good pictures. 

GOSH i am hungry now.... had only mushroom soup at JL today .... 


i am hungry, but i don't have the appetite... what is wrong with me?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"secret admirer"

danny: got secret admirer ah? :P

eileen: huh? what makes you say so?

danny: hmm... i check my nuffnang. ur name was on my keywords. so that "sum1" must have go to google, type in ur name then find information abt u. thats what i can conclude from my findings, as for ur side, its either admire u and try to search for your info .... or either up to smth no i guess sum1 is tracking u ...

eileen: shud i be happy? ahahahha

danny: u shud. but be a lil careful. whether the intention is good or not i'm not sure but usually good

The above is the conversation I had with Danny 1 hr ago. he even send me the screenshot of his nuffnang account and suggest that i should blog about it. 

a screenshot from danny

So here it is Danny :P

I do admit that i am curious too who this person is as much as you are :P

As about me, I had a  pretty bad day today. Gave probably the suckiest presentation ever in my whole life so far. I got nervous and was struggling between the mac, the wacom tablet and the stupid mic that i have no idea why it doesn't really project out my voice and it keeps on "falling"and move away from my mouth level. I never had such feelings when it comes to public speaking for a long time. maybe it is cause by my lack of confidence and my lack of practice before that. (no, i did not practice my speech nor the tutorials that i wanted to show. it was plan on the spot and 1 hr before my presentation). I should get myself more well prepare next time - if i ever get the chance again to do the demonstration to a huge crowd again. I guess this is another experience gain and another lesson learn. 

my first time addressing to such a large crowd!!! so imagine how nervous i was ...

oh yea! it is also my first time at Equator Art Academy today. GOSH! i make the turning into the road and it should be the first building i see, but i DID NOT! i called one of my colleague and he told me it is just right opposite cheong fatt tze. So i make a u-turn and found the academy.  When I am there, I saw my cousin brother's picture hanging on the wall (yea! my cousin bro! must be a top student there i think) and it gives me a very traditional art school kinda feel. It is nice as the whole interior is very "pre-war" and traditional. It is very different from the previous college that i attended and the current uni I am at. Not just the size of the building... but the feeling. VERY DIFFERENT! 

Lately, I realise how important and fragile life is. Appreciate and love everyone close to you. Treasure every moment you have with your love ones for you will not know what will happen to you or them tomorrow. Live life to the fullest. Tell them how much you love them before it is to late.... 

danny: not your worst day... cos i found out u have a secret admirer 

Saturday, July 05, 2008

PhotoHunt : Pointed

I was clueless about this theme actually at first... as i do not know how i would want to define "pointed". then as i was browsing through my iphoto library, i came across a picture that i took 2 weeks ago at Penang Hill. 

So this is how i define "Pointed"

Okie.. i have no idea what this is called... my brain is running low with vocabulary juice.....

It shows the direction of the blowing wind and it points out the direction towards North, South, East and West. That's my Pointed. What is yours? 

Happy Hunting and have a nice weekend!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hottest Babes in Town

she's tired ... she's sleepy.... 

OH SPAIN WON!!!!!!!! 

oki i know i am a little too late to state my joy and happiness. I was too lazy and tired to blog for the past few days but i did watch the final match and of course i saw the goal by Torres!!!! An amazing goal to bring glory to Spain! He's just simply a real good guy and he even take the opportunity to thank LFC, Rafa and all liverpool fans for his country's Euro achievement. Ain't he something? As for now, rest well Torres and may you help bring Euro and EPL glory to Liverpool next season!!!

as for me....

My muscle is still aching from the "heavy weight" exercise i had on monday and tuesday from moving out from the old condo that i was staying to a new double-storey house. I had been moving in and out for the 3rd time in 2 years and I really really hope and pray that this is my last time moving out but then i have a bad feeling about the current house after spending a night there. The back door neighbour is damn noisy and i do not know who on earth they think they are that they would speak soooooo LOUDLY at 4am - 6am in the morning!More updates and pictures of my new house and my new room coming end of July when i pack and arrange all my stuff properly.

As promise, below are the pictures of HOT HOT BABES taken last week at a photo studio. 

First pose - just a normal shot as everyone is just warming up

i love the colours combination in this picture

another shot

Just chilling on the studio floor

lastly, this is the picture i love the most!!!!!

That for now...... byes