Saturday, July 19, 2008

It is back!!!

my favourite event of the year is back!!!!

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition is back!!! 

more photo session, more fireworks!!!

if you like to know more about the event, log on to

i am going to be there, are you???


lollipop said...

i wan to go!!!!!!!!!
pls bring me alone!!!!

e-leen said...

definitely will b bringing u along!!! will be pulling u out of ur house even if u dont wanna go! :P

lollipop said...

hahaha.... dont break ur promise ya. i guess u dont wan to invite me also i put glue and stick wit u, then sure follow u go there.. haha

e-leen said...

lollipop: ahahhaha u will be sticking with me no matter what! :P not even Aaron can safe u :P

lollipop said...

wahahahaha!! okok, i cant wait to see fireworks again!!!XD!!!! i miss the time where we all sit together, picnic there.. haha

e-leen said...

lollipop: yealo! this yr can picnic there also! lol