Monday, July 14, 2008

PhotoHunt : Support

Sorry for this late entry. I've been away for the weekend to Langkawi. Will post up pics of it later .....

I know some of you might have seen this picture of mine before. It can be found at my DA and as well as my blog here when i did a colour pencil rendering artwork on it. 

Support can be seen given by the older brother towards his younger brother who is less than a year old that time. As a older brother, he wishes that he's able able to support and hold his little brother with all the strength he has that time. 

Happy Hunting everyone!


TiOheM said...

That's the role of the older siblings - to give their SUPPORT to the younger ones.

I was late too. Just arrived home from weekend out of town trip.

Huey said...

My hunt this week has a similar idea as yours! :) Oh and, nice photo. :)

e-leen said...

tiohem: thanks for dropping by. yup. i do agree with you that that's the role of older siblings but no matter what, younger siblings too can be a pillar of support to his/her older siblings as well when they grow up :D

huey: thanks! ahahah great minds think alike!