Friday, July 25, 2008

PhotoHunt : Hanging

As I was browsing through my photo library, i realise i have a few pictures that can be related to Hanging. But I can only post 1.... so below is the picture for this weekend! 

the hanging bridge at Langkawi

if you want more pictures of the bridge .....

top view of the hanging bridge

the sunset view

I just love the architecture of the bridge. It does sway a little as you walk across or when the wind is blowing. It reminds me of my first canopy walk at Penang Hill few weeks ago...

My weekend is going to be a busy busy weekend as I have dozens of friends to meet up before I go back to KL to start a new semester (2nd year)! 

Going for my first paintball and i wouldn't mind getting any bruise! 
SOOOO looking forward to it!

Happy Hunting and have a nice weekend!


TiOheM said...

Great shots. And, I love them.

Huey said...

Happy paintball-ing wor. I'm not sure why but I've been reluctant to go for one. Maybe I'm too old to want bruises on me. lol.

e-leen said...

tiohem: thanks thanks. i am happy that u love them.

huey: ahahha. i think next round when i am back, i organise a paintball event for all CG members. Then u will get to try at least once. hehe btw, i think i have to owe u the video first d. someone borrow my dvds and now..i cant find it....sorry. mayb i will ask pauline to pass to u when she comes visit me in KL. :D

Huey said...

No problem la. :) I'm thinking to get my dog for obedience training. Thinking la. Btw I think we met you, Pauline, and Roy at New World Park. I wasn't very sure coz was suffering from that stupid spicy tomyam and was practically 'crying'. @.@ But I heard Ice saying. LOL.