Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Journey and The Knight

it was not a movie marathon but i watched 2 movies at the same cinema in less than 24 hrs.

watched The Journey to the Centre of The Earth on Tuesday night and The Dark Knight on Wednesday afternoon.

I like both the movies for different reasons.

I like Journey to the Centre of the Earth because
  • i love the concept art (multimedia student here so pls pardon me for using the artsy vocab)
  • it makes me wonder is there really such beautiful world out there?
  • i am planning to read the book (i wonder will i have the time)
  • Brandon Fraser is as good as always in adventurous films. He pulls out all the facial expressions very well
  • like the ending credit too
  • it is a free movie! :P (thanks exkay)
I like The Dark Knight because

  • Heath Ledger is SUPERB in this movie. It is his second last movie. He has always been one of my favourite actor since i watch "10 Things I Hate About You" (1999). He will always be missed by fans and people who love him. May he rest in piece peace. I can't help but remember the day I heard the sad news about his shocking death over CNN, from the same place that I am sitting right now as I type this post. That night, i was shocked and stunned and i shed a few tears. 
  • Bruce Wayne is HOT! = Christian Bale is HOT!
  • I love the line "Out of darkness comes the Knight"
  • This movie is as great as Ironman for me for this year. 
  • I only paid RM6 for this 2hrs 30mins movie. (not that i am cheapskate. I would pay RM12 for it if i am in KL and i bought a stupid original DVD at rm16.90 today which i am regretting to the max at the moment!)
oh btw, there's one part in this movie you might get to see a glimpse of Edison Chen (i think i am right). i was kinda surprise but according to my googling results (Sean from JTTCOTE said, "Welcome to the 21st Century"), Edison Chen was supposed to play Lau and got axe after his infamous sex photo scandal. So yea... if you have not seen him or miss him in the movie, watch it again! I think i might watch it again! The movie is superb!  

What is next?



H e n r i c k said...

Heh, you are not wrong. There's a glimpse of Edison Chen when Morgan Freeman stepped down from the chopper =) And hell yea, your googling result is correct too, the news were speculating during the time when he had sex scandal spreading around the corner, he was suppose to be involve in this TDK film. Too bad for him then =P

This batman indeed is the best amongst the rest of the earlier batman I have seen thus far. Seems like everyone keep writing about this Dark Knight, I'm gonna write about the review tonight =P And I'm going for 2nd round soon. Hehe.

H e n r i c k said...
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e-leen said...

henrick: oh! that shows that i have sharp eyes! lol! although u hav confirm it is him, i am still goin for second round. ahahhaha it is too good!

i think the joker is the best character in this movie. Heath Ledger is superb n he carries Joker really really well!

lollipop said...

red cliff is good.
takeshi is so smart and so cute XD im in love wit him now.....