Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hottest Babes in Town

she's tired ... she's sleepy.... 

OH SPAIN WON!!!!!!!! 

oki i know i am a little too late to state my joy and happiness. I was too lazy and tired to blog for the past few days but i did watch the final match and of course i saw the goal by Torres!!!! An amazing goal to bring glory to Spain! He's just simply a real good guy and he even take the opportunity to thank LFC, Rafa and all liverpool fans for his country's Euro achievement. Ain't he something? As for now, rest well Torres and may you help bring Euro and EPL glory to Liverpool next season!!!

as for me....

My muscle is still aching from the "heavy weight" exercise i had on monday and tuesday from moving out from the old condo that i was staying to a new double-storey house. I had been moving in and out for the 3rd time in 2 years and I really really hope and pray that this is my last time moving out but then i have a bad feeling about the current house after spending a night there. The back door neighbour is damn noisy and i do not know who on earth they think they are that they would speak soooooo LOUDLY at 4am - 6am in the morning!More updates and pictures of my new house and my new room coming end of July when i pack and arrange all my stuff properly.

As promise, below are the pictures of HOT HOT BABES taken last week at a photo studio. 

First pose - just a normal shot as everyone is just warming up

i love the colours combination in this picture

another shot

Just chilling on the studio floor

lastly, this is the picture i love the most!!!!!

That for now...... byes


Demetrius said...

"Bragging" has no expiration date..LOL

New "double story" house.. "That's a nice upgrade!"

"Noisy neighbors?" earplugs are a good remedy for that problem, if that doesn't work buy them a nice gift...LOL

"As for the pictures" very nice, but not good enough to be a screensaver..LOL

e-leen said...

demetrius: the house is not mine... i am just renting it .... not really an upgrade just cheaper rent. ah earplugs is not really a good idea.. what about the alarm clock to wake me up in the morning? lol. well... those pictures are not meant for screensaver :P

Demetrius said...

An alarm clock is good, but what good is it if you can't go to sleep?! LOL

Stop with the pictures! I was joking... LOL "All of you look very fashionable"

e-leen said...

demetrius: if i am really really tired, i can sleep through the loud noise. aahahha