Saturday, July 19, 2008

PhotoHunt : What is That?

This is 100% taken with my dslr and it is NOT a photo manipulation

Rays of life is the title of this picture. This picture was taken last year when I was experimenting some photography technics in my hostel room for one of my photography class assignment. I have a few friends who ask me how did i manage to take that picture and some wonder what is that?

So, are you wondering what is that too?

Happy Hunting!!


pcso lotto result said...
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Huey said...

Nice one! ... is the comment before this a SPAM... ???

Btw, I won't be in Penang until next Wednesday. Nvm if cannot meet up. I'll just have to let my dog bully me in the meantime. :P

e-leen said...

thanks. just deleted it. :P

no worries. Qbay is very near my place. will pass to ah wah :D

Jia Hua said...

Hopefully i can make it for the next round of photo hunt :)