Sunday, July 27, 2008


had my first taste of paintball and had my first paintball bruise!

BIG THANK YOU to everyone who went to paintball today!

foes on field, friends off-field!

I didn't know paintball is so fun till i tried it myself. I was shooting but I always thought i never hit anyone. I thought I was just firing the pellets to the air and blindly firing at the balloons, running from one balloon to the other, hiding myself. But guess what, i am wrong. Dann told me that he got a shot that hit his head and he's suffering some pain from it and he said i fired that shot. WOW! i actually shot someone? 

SOrry dann! I am just excited and wanted to blog about it. and sorry again for the shot! Wish you a speedy recovery!

As for my bruise, it is on my thigh (sorry no pic. my thigh is too ugly to be captured and put on screen). I have no idea who shot me but I got to thank whoever it is for the bruise. I know you must be thinking i have gone NUTS for thanking the person who gave me the bruise. ahahha :D For me, i take the bruise as a souvenir from a fun day i had with a group of good friends. i still remember the bruise and cuts i got from my camping days and my squash training days...which are now scars.. but they come with a lot of precious memories - each with its own stories. So to all of you who got shot and have bruises on your body, take it as a token of a sweet memory. :D 

Oh that's one person that i forgot to thank earlier (who is not in the pic) is none other than Exkay. Thanks for helping me to book the field, the safety tips, refereeing the match and giving everyone tips.  

eileen with her kambinger and KDU mates

just remember that i got 2 painful shots on my butt but at the moment i am sitting on a chair and yet i did not feel any bruise-pain at my butt so... i guess there's no bruise there or either my butt is too big, fat and meaty to feel any pain! LOL 

As for now, my whole body muscle is aching like crazy... that's what happen when I didn't exercise for 6months and for forgetting to warm up before and after the paintball session.....

but nonetheless I did have lotsa fun today!!!! Thanks everyone!

ps: have to thank danny too for the paint on my shirt! 


Dann said...

Thanks for organizing, its the best i ever had so far. LOL.

Hey, that headache doesnt resulted from your shot. Guess lack of rest and water. But that shot was painful though, no hard feelings. Overall, its fun to play. GREAT GAME... =)

e-leen said...

ur welcome! it is my best so far too!

ahaha oki. so i did not cause the headache. phew. thank god! ahahahha Yup do agree it is a FUN game!

H e n r i c k said...

lol... seems like both you and Dann were always against each other on the field while Pauline kept saying I always shoot her on the field too. =P

Vince Yeoh said...

Yup, i think all of us enjoy the game... Next time should ask Jimmy to join, so that we can shoot him, haha!