Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Beginning of an Ending

Dear Journey So Far blog readers,

I am sorry that I've not updated my blog as frequent as I can. A lot of things has been going on for the past 2 months since my final project presentation and I owe you all a proper update. For the past month, there were just so many occasions when I were stuck in the crazy traffic jam where I had so many stories that I wanted to blog about and share it here. I know somehow, the supposed post(s) were not written and publish - all were plan but not put to action. So sorry - I was very, very busy looking for a new place and moving out, adapting new job, new circle of friends and beginning a my new chapter of my life which has been pretty exciting so far. So be prepared for a long post....

On Graduation
Just like everyone would say it, "In just a blink of an eye...."

YES! The picture says it all, ain't it? After 7 years in college and university, I am now officially a double degree holder!

On Work

Many of you who know me personally would have probably know that I've always wanted to work in an advertising/design agency. It has always been my goal to get into one and working at post production is my second choice (although I sometimes have doubts over my own skills) and being in a production company has NEVER cross my mind before. As ironic as it may sound, and how life can turns out to be so unexpected at times, I am now working in a production company. And this company is not just any ordinary production company. This company partially belongs to one of the world's leading entertainment production company that produces one of my favourite reality tv series of all times - FEAR FACTOR!

What am I working as? I am the Researcher/office girl/Bao Sua Bao Hai (translate: cover mountain, cover sea - in Chinese Hokkien dialect, it means doing various types of job). Don't get me wrong, I am NOT RANTING! I do like my current job. This job requires me to learn and venture into many new things and Eileen loves challenges and adore learning new things very, very much! So yes! I do like my job at the moment!

Anyway, I've been involve in quite a few projects at the moment. Everything seems pretty exciting. Wondering what are those projects are? Well, stay tune! When the time is right, and the project goes public, I'll update you guys on my work and you can tune into the respective channels and enjoy :D

A note to self: Enjoy LIFE!

Moving on

I've recently just moved out of the quiet, traffic-jam-less, jungle-ish Cyberjaya (the place I've stayed for the past 3 years) to the bustling and heavy traffic part of the city - Petaling Jaya. The place I am currently at is not too bad, very homey. On the first 2 nights, I barely had any proper sleep. The sound of the traffic from the nearby highway is quite noisy to me but now, it's almost non-existence especially when I am really, really tired after work.

The view from my chambers. Not perfect but just a view for u

My weekends in this new place has been pretty dull on the first week. At times, it is quiet lonely since most of my friends are not around. Most of my coursemates have gone back to their home country and some had went on holiday trips. But this week, I've called up some friends make a few appointments so it isn't really that bad. So anyone wanna date me? I am mostly free on weekends! ahahhaha :D

Horoscope Reading

The Horoscope today says, "You've spent a good part of the past couple days staring intently into the mirror, wondering if there might not be something tattooed on your forehead that's visible only to jerks, users and losers. For some reason, individuals of that type seem to be gravitating toward you, with sad stories, pleas for redemption and promises to do better next time -- even if you've never set eyes on them before. Relax. It's just your turn -- we all get one. Practice just saying 'no' and walk away."

Well, some parts of it is true - I've met a fair share of jerks and losers and I guess its time for a change! Let's get BI*CHY!

I guess I have to stop now and go to bed. My life's pretty hectic of lately and the coming few days will be even busier than usual. So Sayonara for now and till I update again on my next post - hopefully soon!