Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Dog, Grey

Yup that's my dog Grey. Why he's name Grey and not black? Because he got grey fur which makes him unique and therefore since he's a guy, i decide to name him Grey!

But then i am not going to own this fellow here for long because my family decided that they are going to give him away because they can't take care of him. 


Although i've just spend a few days with him, he's super obedient but he's very protective and fierce. He can chase and fight with dogs beyond his size and would attack any dog (i think). He will growl at you if he doesn't like you. Yeah! He's selective on people who are touching him.

Seriously, he's very obedient. He never pee nor shit in the house except outside my house compound (on the road) and that is a PROBLEM to my family. we need to take him out for walk to shit and pee, and since everyone in the family is busy with their own stuff no one is willing to volunteer to take him out for walk. so how? Dad is planning to give him away. :( SUPER SAD! i wish i could bring him to Cyber with me but i can't. :(

So anyone willing to adopt this adorable dog? Msg me pls. I am looking for a good owner and someone who can provide shelter and food and drinks for him.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the new look

the title says it all.... the new look for 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekly Review

a week is over! what had i done?a lot of stuff happen this week, nothing really good, particularly today!

firstly, i had my hair cut SHORT! nolah... i am just JOKING! you won't see Eileen in short hair! the last time i had my hair cut short was in year 2002. i just had my fringe cut short (first time in ages) and re-perm my hair. I don't know what got into me to wanting to cut my fringe but i agree to let the hairdresser cut it for me...and i even ask her to cut shorter! DAMN! i look like a kid now... and sometimes as i look at my reflection on the mirror, i thought i saw my friend. somehow, i feel i look like her because of the my fringe and ... i hate it!

Secondly, i went to the hospital with my mom to had her body check and xrays last few days. THANK god nothing serious and doctor suggested a minor operation! phew! at least... something good huh?

Spend almost RM70 on magazines yesterday! i bought another copy of ImagineFX and it cost me RM44.50~ Damn expensive but i love that mag! Superb! the rest of the money? on Digital camera magazine and Female which i had yet to open up since i was so HOOOK to ImagineFX~! You should get a copy of it.... it's the BEST!

As for today, i've finally decide to delete the "messages" in my inbox after having a weird dream last night. there are still 5 more messages left in my saved items... when the day comes.... it will be deleted! *Flipping through the 5messages, and i ask myself ...should i?*

And i was about to think that my Saturday is about to come to an end, my day never get any more interesting that what had just happen! My colleague at first found out that one of the ipod was MIA and we searched high and low and no where to be found and we search and look at video footages for almost 1 hour when another colleague came by and search again and HE FOUND IT! Bravo! Work done...BUT.. while i was walking towards the autopay machine, i couldn't find my parking ticket! dengzzzzz.... wasted another hour searching my car and everywhere for the ticket and i couldnt find it. I had to trouble my friend to get a new ticket for me... and finally i found it in my ipod bag! %^&* *censored Really grateful to my friends who had been so helpful in helping me to search for the "missing" ticket and i also feel sorry for troubling them.

What is ahead? SINGAPORE! Shopping and more shopping! YES i am going to singapore next week! but unfortunately, i will be missing out the company's annual dinner. :( cant chill out with all my cool and fun colleagues d! :(((( double sadness

"When u lose something, u gain something"

I wish it is true. For all the bad things that happen today, hope everything will be better tomorrow.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

short short

for the first time in ages, i had my fringe cut SHORT!

short = above eyebrow!

don't ask me why... i just did... i even ask the guy to cut it shorter for now... it is short... 

now, i look like a kid!

will post up pic later........

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Paintball and Photography

i've been asked by my friend (colleagues) to organize a paintball event for them. Since most of them barely play the game before, they ask me if i could help them to organize an event for them since i am a good organizer. 

hmm... i would love to help and organize it... but i never play paintball before! heck! i've heard a lot about it... but i barely know how the games works and what is the maximum and minimum players for a game or a match. 

NEED HELP! anyone?

i want to play paintball too! alot of people had warn me about the bruises and pain from the paintballs hitting your body and cuts.... but then who cares! I am not defeated! it makes me wanna try it even more!!!!! I am a sports freak who would want to try every sports. 

Still awaiting for my first time on a paintball field....

I read the newspaper today and found out that they are demolishing the "Chun Ma huin". damn i am sad because i grew up around that area and i pass those shops everyday after school (when i was walking back from school). It used to be the place where my older cousin sister would bring me out for a movie treat when i was young. it was that place where you can shop for cheap items too and GOOD FOOD! the peanut almond soup there is SUPERB!!! heck! i need to find a day to go back to that place and take a few pictures and eat the peanut soup before they are gone for good!! yea! and an opportunity to take my baby Nikon out on a trip!