Saturday, January 05, 2008

Paintball and Photography

i've been asked by my friend (colleagues) to organize a paintball event for them. Since most of them barely play the game before, they ask me if i could help them to organize an event for them since i am a good organizer. 

hmm... i would love to help and organize it... but i never play paintball before! heck! i've heard a lot about it... but i barely know how the games works and what is the maximum and minimum players for a game or a match. 

NEED HELP! anyone?

i want to play paintball too! alot of people had warn me about the bruises and pain from the paintballs hitting your body and cuts.... but then who cares! I am not defeated! it makes me wanna try it even more!!!!! I am a sports freak who would want to try every sports. 

Still awaiting for my first time on a paintball field....

I read the newspaper today and found out that they are demolishing the "Chun Ma huin". damn i am sad because i grew up around that area and i pass those shops everyday after school (when i was walking back from school). It used to be the place where my older cousin sister would bring me out for a movie treat when i was young. it was that place where you can shop for cheap items too and GOOD FOOD! the peanut almond soup there is SUPERB!!! heck! i need to find a day to go back to that place and take a few pictures and eat the peanut soup before they are gone for good!! yea! and an opportunity to take my baby Nikon out on a trip!

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