Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Dog, Grey

Yup that's my dog Grey. Why he's name Grey and not black? Because he got grey fur which makes him unique and therefore since he's a guy, i decide to name him Grey!

But then i am not going to own this fellow here for long because my family decided that they are going to give him away because they can't take care of him. 


Although i've just spend a few days with him, he's super obedient but he's very protective and fierce. He can chase and fight with dogs beyond his size and would attack any dog (i think). He will growl at you if he doesn't like you. Yeah! He's selective on people who are touching him.

Seriously, he's very obedient. He never pee nor shit in the house except outside my house compound (on the road) and that is a PROBLEM to my family. we need to take him out for walk to shit and pee, and since everyone in the family is busy with their own stuff no one is willing to volunteer to take him out for walk. so how? Dad is planning to give him away. :( SUPER SAD! i wish i could bring him to Cyber with me but i can't. :(

So anyone willing to adopt this adorable dog? Msg me pls. I am looking for a good owner and someone who can provide shelter and food and drinks for him.

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sca said...

babe, grey is soooooo cute. so sad u hafta give him away.