Sunday, August 31, 2008


I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few friends here for giving me ONE of my dream accessories to go with my iPod nano! it's none other than .............

YES! HD202!! the one that i've been craving and wanting to get... 

a very BIG THANK You to Sherlyn, Thing Thing, Marli, Jane, Odie and Christine!!! 


As for self pampering, I bought a birthday pressie for myself too! ahaha yea... for myself. You did read it right. I bought a new laptop backpack as a self-birthday-gift so i can carry my "precious" to school. Now carrying him is no longer a burden! YIPPPPEEEEEE!!!!

Went to 1-U with Pauline yesterday (Pauline came from Penang and spend a night at my new place :D ) and i bought this for self-indulgence ......

i just love them!

 Mooncake! My favourite flavour and my favourite brand! Foh San!! Lotus Paste without Yolk and Chocolate Paste without Yolk!!! Thanks to Pau for the Jcard that i got a 10% discount off the price and both of it cost me RM20! (still costly)

Are you wondering why i bought those without yolk? Because they are cheaper?? Nah..

FYI, I don't like the yolk in mooncake. They taste weird and i prefer to taste more lotus paste than the yolk.  I have no idea why people would buy the double yolk which will cost more. Thank god i hate them and it is cheaper! 

i think i will get a few more if i happen to go to 1-U again....

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Photohunt : Beatiful

How do you define beautiful? 

I have mine defined below .....


Butter-fly is the most beautiful insect i've ever seen. The patterns on their "wings" is as unique as the lines on both of our palm - each different from the others.

Happy Weekend and Happy National Day to all malaysians!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Oriental Display

As promised, below are the pictures of China's fireworks display. Enjoy...

**click to enlarge**
(full size view preferable to avoid blurry picture)



my favourite shot of the night!







the picture did not turn out as nice as the real display that night because of the smoke and the cloudy sky. Sorry. Those are my best takes that I am able to share with you. Hope you have a fun time viewing them! 

Sunday, August 24, 2008

24th August

Dear Brother, 

How i wish i get to know you better. No matter where you are, i know you will be watching me from heaven and love me as much as i love you.  

Happy Birthday Bro! 

Your sister

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Photohunt : Wrinkled

I am not late for this week!!!

Here's my picture for this weekend's theme - wrinkled

She's the Queen of my Heart, She's my grandma

Wrinkles are EVERY woman's fear!!
No matter how much we hate or fear it, one day in our life, we will look at ourself in the mirror and wonder where did those lines come from and how did it end up on our face. A wrinkled face when you are 80 is just a norm i guess....

The above picture is a picture of my grandma. She's 84 years old and yet her face is not as wrinkle as she should be at her age. How I wish i can be like her when i am as old as she is now....

Maybe I shouldn't be using this picture for this week's theme, but I wanted to blog about her. I miss her dearly...

Happy Weekend and happy hunting! 

p/s: Huey, i am not late this week :P

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New look

 a new layout..

inspired by the new Coldplay ipod ad. 

Might not be here for long i think... not too sure yet... 

Hope you like it....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday

.... to me

it is 19th August

So how was my day so far?

Mix of emotions i would say.

I am very (extremely) happy when i have so many friends who takes the extra effort to call me when the clock struck 12am, send me sms/mms, message me over msn, left messages on my FB walls and friendster. I am seriously grateful for all the messages, greetings and wishes. Thank You!

Everyone was asking me how am I going to celebrate my birthday. I just don't feel like celebrating it at all because i have assignment to complete tonight and furthermore i am worried about my grandmother back home. She has not been feeling well lately and when i talked to her over the phone, she told me to study hard and that is when I couldn't help it anymore but shed a few tears and hope that she didn't hear my soft quivering voice over the phone just now. i just couldn't control my emotions and I become so worried about her........

If God is giving me a birthday wish today, my only wish is "please let my grandmother get well soon and stay healthy".

Monday, August 18, 2008

PhotoHunt : Colourful

i am 2 days late... but well... at least there's something better than nothing rite?

The above picture is a picture of my 10 year old water colour palette. 

YES! 10 years old!

and one of the brush is almost 15 years old. YES that's how long good brushes and paints can last you. Expensive.. but when it comes to long term usage, it is just worth it especially when you get use to the grip of the brush and old colour palettes are nicer to use compare to new ones. Why? Because  they will not soak up or "drink" up your paints. New palettes that are clean and shiny tends to soak up all the paint and in the end,  you end up wasting paints instead of utilizing them on a painting...

Oh by the way, FYI, i've NOT once wash that palette before!actually there isn't a need to wash.. i can recycle the paint and use it on the next round. Water colour paints are expensive you know... especially the Alpha ones that i am using. they are not some cheapskate paints .... and to wash them is like throwing away your money down the drain.....

Stay tune to my next post as i will be posting up some colourful fireworks display by China!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Day Out at Putrajaya

Had a tiring day yesterday but nonetheless it is a FUN day! 

Thing Thing (lollipop), Marli, Sherlyn and I decide to go out on a trip to Putrajaya to snap pictures of Palace of Justice and Putrajaya Mosque for out 3d class assignment since Sherlyn's cousin brother is so nice and generous to loan us his car. 

We took so many pictures of the buildings and many other funny pictures. Then ThingThing and I decide to go to the mosque to snap some pictures. Because both us aren't Muslim, we were told that we need to wear a "jubah" if i would like to step into the mosque to snap pictures. Since we are good visitor and due to our respect towards the religion, we decide to put on the "jubah" and this is how ThingThing looks like...

Lollipop trying out some modeling pose

and this is how i look like.... 

gaya leh?

then one tourist decide to come over to gave us a lecturer telling us that we are exposing too much "leg". So because of that, this is how ThingThing looks like ..............
The "holy-angel"

We had so much fun today! WHY?? Because everywhere we go, we did jumping shots

Below is the picture of us jumping in front of Palace of Justice and the Prime Minister's office

Click to enlarge to see how crazy we are......

Then at night, we went to the first display of Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008. Malaysia is the first among 3 other contesting countries (China, Spain, Canada) in this competition to show off their display. Below are the pictures: 

*click on the picture for a larger picture* 

By the end of the day, I wanted to blog about it before i retire to bed.. but in the end, i decide to give it a pass since I was too tired ..... so off i went to bed .... 

I guess that's it for now.... will upload my photographs of my photography session at Putrajaya and the fireworks another day..... so stay tune!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


take a look at the pictures i took with my dad's N70 today at my uni.......
2 jokers sitting at the cafeteria....the one of the right is still putting on his make-up

then u can see another joker here eating burger.... the limkokwing-ramli-burger

Welcome to Limkokwing University of Creative and Technology. It is probably the only place around Malaysia with a lot of weird fashion style. After all, LUCT is an art school. 

I have no idea what these joker guys are trying to do but i guess maybe they are just a big fan of joker or Heath Ledger. So no matter what these guys are trying to do... i am sure they are all done just for the word -  fun. 

Monday, August 11, 2008

PhotoHunt : Dark

PhotoHunt for this week ......

ps: yea i know some of you have seen this pic in my blog before

a photo taken in my dark room......

a drawing that was torn into pieces ....

a picture taken during one of those "darkest" moment in life when i was struggling for the "light" 

time to go to bed........

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

PhotoHunt : Clouds

I am LATE again this week!

This is because I was without internet connection for 1 week due to transferring the phone and internet line over to my current new house that i am renting.

Now that it is fix, here is my picture for this week's photohunt. 

Picture of the week

I just love the clouds 

This picture was taken at Langkawi 3 weeks ago when i was at Pantai Cenang (Cenang Beach). I just couldn't stop taking pictures of the clouds when i was there and since i bought a polarizer specially for that Langkawi trip, there is no reason why i shouldn't be taking pictures of clouds right? 

I love gazing and admire clouds whether it is sunset or sunrise or in the middle of the day. I just love looking at them and slowly as i look at it longer, the clouds will form an image of something. That's the beauty of clouds and why i love to spend my time gazing blankly into the sky.

Want more pictures of my clouds, scroll down....