Tuesday, August 12, 2008


take a look at the pictures i took with my dad's N70 today at my uni.......
2 jokers sitting at the cafeteria....the one of the right is still putting on his make-up

then u can see another joker here eating burger.... the limkokwing-ramli-burger

Welcome to Limkokwing University of Creative and Technology. It is probably the only place around Malaysia with a lot of weird fashion style. After all, LUCT is an art school. 

I have no idea what these joker guys are trying to do but i guess maybe they are just a big fan of joker or Heath Ledger. So no matter what these guys are trying to do... i am sure they are all done just for the word -  fun. 


lollipop said...

hhmmm..wheres bat man???

e-leen said...

lol. batman is in the loo! :D