Friday, March 28, 2008

Designer Bootcamp 01

First report from camp

Gosh! It is not even mid semester and i am walking around uni like a zombie already!!!

What happen?

i didn't get much sleep since sunday. Rushing Adam's research on sunday night, animating flour sac on monday night, colouring on tuesday night, and more colouring on Wednesday night (which was last night).

This is the outcome:
for a larger version go to

I sat in front of the PC for around more than 10hours last night just to finish up the artline colouring assignment. The artline is by Artgerm who is an artist that i admire alot! His work is amazing. You can check out his website at

I had a tough day today since i only had 30mins of rest (which is also my sleep) last night. I had Digital Imaging (i went late) and then Illustration in the afternoon! A hectic hectic day especially when we have session with the Illustration lecturer cause there's alot of drawing sessions in his class.

I am all tired but energised by a can of Nescafe Mocha which i consume right before attending the drawing class and hence i was not as tired as i was in the morning at Elson's class where i can't even barely open my house while i am talking to my friends.

I continue the illustration and started doing light shading. I am not too happy about the final outcome, but since my lecturer is happy with it and he likes it (banzai!!), then i can't be bothered about my own opinion already lar....

lets take a peek of my drawing: (click here for a better image)

sorry for the lousy picture. Its from my HP camera.

My day did ended quite well... funny actually. had a funny dream about me launching a new line of KFC before dinner and then i saw this picture:



and there's even more....


but i want!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


some of you who are close to me would know that i am practically addicted to Wrigley's Eclipse.

NO idea what it is? take a look at the picture below

this is my favourite flavour at the moment

i started to like this sweet since my housemate introduce it to me. It wasn't love at first taste. I got addicted to it after i had sore throat and cough and i start consuming it for throat relief purpose. Trust me.. it helps. Since then, I make sure that i have a box of it in my bag.

but Why am i blogging about it? ???

I just watch Secret, the movie directed and acted by my idol Jay Chou. Got the original DVD from my friend Aaron and it took me 1 month after my unforgetable Jay concert to watch the movie. When i watch the making (which is an extra feature in the dvd), jay was trying to do some magic with a box of Eclipse.

Jay is trying to do some magic

Ohhhh! he eats Wrigley's Eclipse too?? and they have Cinnamon flavor??

i went online to search for it and this is what i found! they have Orange and cinnamon!

Why Malaysia tak ada want??? sob sob! i want!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

stroy telling

they say, because i blog so much, writing a story isn't a burden...


I blog quite often (not seriously), ranting and crapping and blabbing about my life.... but story telling?


I've not written any story /essay since.....SPM! *counting the years... that was 5 years ago** I've wrote a lot of research reports and lots of journals for assignments, but i've not written a story in ages! and the last time i read a short story was ..... i think 5 years ago... when i was so into chicken soup. NO-lah.. not the Campbell chicken soup lar... the Chicken Soup for the teenage Soul books...

So i need to write a story..... love story? lame... but that's what i am going to write... a love story.. maybe a family love story.... a tragic family love story... okie.. i think that's it...


then after i complete this story writing thingy, me gonna spend some time admiring my "dancing" pictures that my friends help me to take. gonna spend the whole night editing it for my DVD interface assignment. *cries* no sleep tonight again!

here's a glimpse of my dancing pics. i know.. i am chicken dancing here... :P

I didn't want to take these pictures but then... because of assignment, i need to take-lah... no choice lar.. i can't find models.... so have to use my own pic. Thanks to Marli & Sherlyn for being my photographer.... *blush*

ok.. i got to run... need to finish up my tragic family love story!

ps: here is my final design for the DVD interface project

Monday, March 10, 2008

what the horoscope says....

Your positive feelings for a certain someone are increasing by the minute. As chance has it, the positive feelings they have for you are growing just as dramatically! But as you get to know them a bit better, put your heart on ice -- it's your brain that you need to rely on right now, more than anything. Try not to get caught up in your hopes and wishes. Stick to reality and the known-knowns. If you push too hard to spend a lot of time with them, you run the risk of scaring them off.

Sometimes the horoscope reading can be so freaking true!

So i need to use my brains.. not my heart....

A New Dawn for Penang?

i was awake last night till 3am. I was unusually very tired and sleepy. I have no idea why, as 3am is not my usual time for me to go to bed...

Before 3am last night, like many concern Malaysians out there, i was busy checking on the internet and refreshing a few website non-stop to keep myself updated with the voting results. My mom called me around 830 to inform me that BN is down. I did not believe her as it never occurs to me that BN would be defeated. Afterall, they have been ruling Penang for so long... i check the internet news immediately from several website and the longer i spend reading the news, the more excited i was.

Ironically, I never care a single thing about politics and the government til Penang was taken over by the opposition party. Not that i am against the opposition nor the BN, i am just curious about the whole general election thingy as news kept on coming in regarding the downfall of BN in this year's election. Dr Koh Tsu Khoon, Penang's former CM was defeated by the DAP and then more news came in as more and more BN representative is being defeated by DAP, PKR and PAS. SHOCKING! ("they called it Political Tsunami)

It was indeed a new dawn for Penang as the new state government is taking over. I am nor happy nor sad but more to my concern over what is the future of of Penang.... will the new CM, Lim Guan Eng (Lim Kit Siang's son) give Penangites a better place to stay and live in?

I was very happy when one of the candidate which i had super bad encounter with was defeated. BRAVO!

This post is not a post to go against BN nor was it to show my support to the opposition. I am on the neutral side. For that, i hope whoever that is ruling Penang or the whole country, will work hard and wisely to bring more peace and better living environment to the people and serve the people as they had promise in the first place.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

No 4

4 could means alot of things to different people in many different ways.

Chinese people normally avoid number '4' as they believe this number is unlucky and symbolizes deadth. try to pronounce that in cantonese, hokkien and mandarin and they are somehow very close to the word "dead". Therefore, chinese people normally avoid getting number such as 4, 4444, 3344, 2424 (sounds like easy to die in cantonese) and many others.

Well to some, it might be a lucky number in some situation.. like... "i pass my driving license test on my 4th attempt" (not on my case. i pass mine on my first attempt although i almost drove up the side walk but this is because the tester was talking so much to me that i was trying so hard to talk and at the same time paying attention to my driving), or "i was at the no 4 seat which was my favourite seat", or "4 is good because i won a lottery on the 4th of April" (joking).

or No 4 is Harry Potter's aunt Petunia's house number (No 4, Privet Drive, England)...

4 has its own special meaning in different situation... but today, No 4 is abit special to me after this clip was shown in class by my lecturer today. aahahahh want to know why? load the video below:

clip taken from youtube.

This is a clip by Ono YonoYoko(John Lennon's wife). It is not a great video to goo goo gaa gaa about. No special effect or what so ever but from my interpretation of the video, it makes me realise something about life. We, always talk bout looking forward to what is install for us in the future, never look back, but do we ever take a moment, a second in our lives and view ourself from the back, and ironically the movement of our butt?

Some might think that this is a perverted clip, or pornography, but to me, it somehow makes me realise that, a life could be view from many different angle, a view that you never bother to even think and look at until someone tells you. It is like in life, you never know how good this person is because you judge him/her from her first look and not from another view (for example, the view of their butts ahahaha) until u hear stories about what they did.

As for now, enjoy No.4.

Monday, March 03, 2008


YES! Finally my good old desktop has been upgraded!

22" LCD monitor *just arrive today!*

320GB WD Hard disk
*got it last friday*

*i know this is still very little, but because this machine is a 3 years old machine, i can't afford to upgrade more. DDR are extremely expensive. btw, i should thank Shen-U for giving me his kingston RAM. THANKS alot!!!!!

Now that i've finally have a 22" LCD, my table is now more spacious! no longer need to put my keyboard aside when i wanna do some traditional drawing (pencil and paper sketching), wacom is nicely in front of me, hand are in proper place (comfortable) and best of all, i get a good resolution for me to do digital art and watching MOVIE!