Monday, March 10, 2008

A New Dawn for Penang?

i was awake last night till 3am. I was unusually very tired and sleepy. I have no idea why, as 3am is not my usual time for me to go to bed...

Before 3am last night, like many concern Malaysians out there, i was busy checking on the internet and refreshing a few website non-stop to keep myself updated with the voting results. My mom called me around 830 to inform me that BN is down. I did not believe her as it never occurs to me that BN would be defeated. Afterall, they have been ruling Penang for so long... i check the internet news immediately from several website and the longer i spend reading the news, the more excited i was.

Ironically, I never care a single thing about politics and the government til Penang was taken over by the opposition party. Not that i am against the opposition nor the BN, i am just curious about the whole general election thingy as news kept on coming in regarding the downfall of BN in this year's election. Dr Koh Tsu Khoon, Penang's former CM was defeated by the DAP and then more news came in as more and more BN representative is being defeated by DAP, PKR and PAS. SHOCKING! ("they called it Political Tsunami)

It was indeed a new dawn for Penang as the new state government is taking over. I am nor happy nor sad but more to my concern over what is the future of of Penang.... will the new CM, Lim Guan Eng (Lim Kit Siang's son) give Penangites a better place to stay and live in?

I was very happy when one of the candidate which i had super bad encounter with was defeated. BRAVO!

This post is not a post to go against BN nor was it to show my support to the opposition. I am on the neutral side. For that, i hope whoever that is ruling Penang or the whole country, will work hard and wisely to bring more peace and better living environment to the people and serve the people as they had promise in the first place.

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