Friday, March 28, 2008

Designer Bootcamp 01

First report from camp

Gosh! It is not even mid semester and i am walking around uni like a zombie already!!!

What happen?

i didn't get much sleep since sunday. Rushing Adam's research on sunday night, animating flour sac on monday night, colouring on tuesday night, and more colouring on Wednesday night (which was last night).

This is the outcome:
for a larger version go to

I sat in front of the PC for around more than 10hours last night just to finish up the artline colouring assignment. The artline is by Artgerm who is an artist that i admire alot! His work is amazing. You can check out his website at

I had a tough day today since i only had 30mins of rest (which is also my sleep) last night. I had Digital Imaging (i went late) and then Illustration in the afternoon! A hectic hectic day especially when we have session with the Illustration lecturer cause there's alot of drawing sessions in his class.

I am all tired but energised by a can of Nescafe Mocha which i consume right before attending the drawing class and hence i was not as tired as i was in the morning at Elson's class where i can't even barely open my house while i am talking to my friends.

I continue the illustration and started doing light shading. I am not too happy about the final outcome, but since my lecturer is happy with it and he likes it (banzai!!), then i can't be bothered about my own opinion already lar....

lets take a peek of my drawing: (click here for a better image)

sorry for the lousy picture. Its from my HP camera.

My day did ended quite well... funny actually. had a funny dream about me launching a new line of KFC before dinner and then i saw this picture:



and there's even more....


but i want!


gousman said...

How the new computer behaves?

e-leen said...

my computer is good... running on CS3 now... not too bad.

the LCD monitor is GREAT! Loving it! The resolution is just great for painting and colouring!

so when u getting it?

Yangy Tham said...

Haha... Yea, about you don't like your work but your lecturer love it, that happen to me always too. I wonder is that our lecturer standard is too low or our standard is too high (even just a simply crappie work also can amazed the lecturer) XDDDDD