Thursday, March 06, 2008

No 4

4 could means alot of things to different people in many different ways.

Chinese people normally avoid number '4' as they believe this number is unlucky and symbolizes deadth. try to pronounce that in cantonese, hokkien and mandarin and they are somehow very close to the word "dead". Therefore, chinese people normally avoid getting number such as 4, 4444, 3344, 2424 (sounds like easy to die in cantonese) and many others.

Well to some, it might be a lucky number in some situation.. like... "i pass my driving license test on my 4th attempt" (not on my case. i pass mine on my first attempt although i almost drove up the side walk but this is because the tester was talking so much to me that i was trying so hard to talk and at the same time paying attention to my driving), or "i was at the no 4 seat which was my favourite seat", or "4 is good because i won a lottery on the 4th of April" (joking).

or No 4 is Harry Potter's aunt Petunia's house number (No 4, Privet Drive, England)...

4 has its own special meaning in different situation... but today, No 4 is abit special to me after this clip was shown in class by my lecturer today. aahahahh want to know why? load the video below:

clip taken from youtube.

This is a clip by Ono YonoYoko(John Lennon's wife). It is not a great video to goo goo gaa gaa about. No special effect or what so ever but from my interpretation of the video, it makes me realise something about life. We, always talk bout looking forward to what is install for us in the future, never look back, but do we ever take a moment, a second in our lives and view ourself from the back, and ironically the movement of our butt?

Some might think that this is a perverted clip, or pornography, but to me, it somehow makes me realise that, a life could be view from many different angle, a view that you never bother to even think and look at until someone tells you. It is like in life, you never know how good this person is because you judge him/her from her first look and not from another view (for example, the view of their butts ahahaha) until u hear stories about what they did.

As for now, enjoy No.4.

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