Sunday, February 24, 2008

My first taste of Jay

it was perfect, fantastic, spectacular, marvelous, superb, amazing, entertaining, fun, great ... and the list goes on...

words just cant describe how much i've enjoyed myself during the concert. almost all my favourite songs was rendered by Jay Chou and man...they are so GOOD! he sang "An Jing" (Silence) while he play his transparent crystal piano at the same time, battled out a piece of song with Yu How (from Nan Quan Ma Ma) from the movie Secret with their individual piano, break dance, played drum, dance (of cos 'duh'), played the "che ling" (i called it chinese yoyo :P), played guitar, played the chinese piano (i don't know the real name of this instrument), sang a new version of "Shuang Jie Guan" (which was so nice), and the fireworks was fantastic.

I danced, i jump up and down and i was screaming non-stop.... basically.. i was having a GOOOD time!

Never regret a penny i spent on the ticket (RM198). Worth the money and the effort of working extra hard during the holidays. It was so worth it! 2weeks of salary for a 2 hrs show..... SATISFIED!

Thanks to Yang for helping me to get the tickets and for choosing to purchase the Rm198 ticket. I was kinda reluctant to spend that much on a concert ticket at first, but after the concert, well..... like i said earlier.... its worth while.

Seriously, it is my first Jay Chou concert and hope it will not be my last!

As for now.... i shall wait for the concert DVD to come out! Soooooo gonna purchase it!

Friday, February 22, 2008

the dog and her

She thought she found the perfect dog as her pet. The dog that could accompany her through walks around the park, the dog that she could cuddle to bed to sleep every night, the dog that understands all her needs, the dog that fetches the morning papers - where they would have a good time sharing the latest gossip, news, technology and interest, the dog that will be loyal to her, the dog that love her as much as she love him, the dog that wouldn't judge her, the dog that have seen the ugly side of her and still likes her, the dog that makes her heart fill with joy, the dog that could flirt with her, the dog that makes her feel secure and the dog that is always there for her.

But, does the dog have the same loyalty and love towards his new found owner? What was the dog's intention? Was he here just to get a temporary shelter? Was he here just for the food that the owner can provide?

When she was about to take the dog seriously as her companion, he bit her and ran away. Bitterly wounded, she tried so hard to hate him, forget him and not miss him. But was it easy for her?


People told her she don't deserve a dog that is disobedient and betrayed her care and love.

...but will she ever gets to find a perfect dog? i wonder....

Sunday, February 03, 2008

a life was robbed!

i was deeply sadden by the news about the death of Nian Ning. Although she's a junior i know (through Guiding) from school, i was sad and shock about what had happen to her.

I only know about the news 2 days ago when one of my friend send me a link about an accident news which involves the Konsortium bus which i take everytime i travel between KL and Penang. I was so shock to see her face on the news. It was weeks ago that she added me in facebook and me browsing her Prom Pics but it feels like it was just yesterday. It was just last month that she send me a SuperPoke hug through facebook. Life is so short and unexpected. I believe she's in a better place now and that God has a better plan for her. May she rest in peace and safe in the hands of God.

Please log in to to sign the petition to bring justice and help to prevent this accident from happening again. 3 innocent lives were robbed. The driver had 13 summons on him - but he is still able to drive a double deck bus where dozens of lives are in his hands. Actions should be taken and authorities should be alearted. Preventions should be taken to prevent the lost of dozens of other innocent lives. I do not know how many people i can reach out to through my blog, but at least i did play a small part. Please sign the petition and help make this world a better place. 

You can make a difference.