Sunday, February 24, 2008

My first taste of Jay

it was perfect, fantastic, spectacular, marvelous, superb, amazing, entertaining, fun, great ... and the list goes on...

words just cant describe how much i've enjoyed myself during the concert. almost all my favourite songs was rendered by Jay Chou and man...they are so GOOD! he sang "An Jing" (Silence) while he play his transparent crystal piano at the same time, battled out a piece of song with Yu How (from Nan Quan Ma Ma) from the movie Secret with their individual piano, break dance, played drum, dance (of cos 'duh'), played the "che ling" (i called it chinese yoyo :P), played guitar, played the chinese piano (i don't know the real name of this instrument), sang a new version of "Shuang Jie Guan" (which was so nice), and the fireworks was fantastic.

I danced, i jump up and down and i was screaming non-stop.... basically.. i was having a GOOOD time!

Never regret a penny i spent on the ticket (RM198). Worth the money and the effort of working extra hard during the holidays. It was so worth it! 2weeks of salary for a 2 hrs show..... SATISFIED!

Thanks to Yang for helping me to get the tickets and for choosing to purchase the Rm198 ticket. I was kinda reluctant to spend that much on a concert ticket at first, but after the concert, well..... like i said earlier.... its worth while.

Seriously, it is my first Jay Chou concert and hope it will not be my last!

As for now.... i shall wait for the concert DVD to come out! Soooooo gonna purchase it!

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