Saturday, May 30, 2009

Heavenly Delights

For this weekend, I'll be working on my 3d character ChunLi which is slowly driving me insane!!!! (which means more stress and more sugar intake!!)

And Thanks to my brother, my sugar supply for the weekend has been saved by the heaven!!! 


Because he sent me a box of heavenly delights!


He dropped by my university yesterday morning to pass me 10 pieces of donuts and also the mouse that he help me to get from Low Yat! :D


Remember the ChunLi that's I've been ranting in my previous post?? Where I mention that I am about to fail? I think I am still at the brink of failing considering the amount of time I have left as well as how slow I model and not to mention applying the texture, skeleton, and animating the walk cycle as well as creating animated expressions! Anyway, here's a few screenshots of my  work-in-progress of it. 

that's the head of the botak Chun Li. She looks like an alien to me :P 

the ear itself has taken me 5 - 6 hours to model it.... 

and here's the wireframe of the whole body and the costume. 

I wanted to share with you the model of the body but fear that I might be flag for pornography. =P  So.. its just the wireframe for now ok? 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hi Ms Gilen

As mention in my previous post, "The Green Devil", I was working on my first CGI movie and today is D-day! The presentation day. It is really all hard work for both Lollipop and I for the whole weekend editing it, and not just that 2 days, those other days spend on filming the green screen has been an uphill task as well. Keying out colours, creating animation and effects, stitching the video, composing and syncing audio are all very hard but in the end, both of us had fun - even when we have to stay up late in front of the computer half asleep editing them. Anyway, I will share the video with you 2 weeks from now after I make a few changes to them as instructed by the lecturers today. 

After the presentation, Lollipop and I decide that we should give ourselves a little reward for all the hard work, so we decide to go to Domino's for pizza - it is the nearest restaurant here in Cyber and both of us were craving for something cheesy. 

I placed my order and the cashier ask for my name and after I pay, they gave me a tag as the receipt - with my name on it. Look below. 

I am Ms Gilen for 45mins today at Domino's Pizza! lol!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Terminator, My Saviour!

I woke up this afternoon around 12pm when my housemate knock on my door to tell me that the pipe in the toilet is broken, and therefore, there won't be any water for shower. 

What a good start to my weekend....

So i brushed my teeth with drinking water and since I was super hungry, I decide that, maybe I will cook myself sausage with scramble eggs. I went to the living room (which has been converted into a mini kitchen - since the kitchen in my current house has been transform into a bedroom) only to find out how unbearable the "kitchen" condition is (this is what happen when you are living outside with other people). So, I decide to change my cooking plan to boil the eggs instead by using the induction cooker that Lollipop loan it to me in my room. I just can't cook in dirty conditions and not to mention the germs and dirt and the stinky rotten smell.

So I set up the induction cooker in my room and guess what.... I do not know how to use it!!! 

What a loser I am... sigh. 

I am a very technical person, loves gadgets and operating an electronic device has never been a problem to me.... till .... today.... 

un-cook eggs and the induction cooker

I can't even get the cooker to heat up and it auto shut off by itself after 20secs and I got frustrated after trying it operate it for 30mins and finally I gave up and decide to eat Chipsmore with milk for lunch - which is a very bad idea... because milk makes me feel sleepy!

Then as time pass my stomach began to growl like crazy and that's when i decide to call Mr Terminator for help!

And barely 15mins, Mr Terminator arrived at my doorstep and that's when I feel that I am save from destitution!!!

the pizza box looks so cool!!!

Nice, delicious food cheers me up anytime!! :D

The Green Devil

It's Friday night, and the weekends is here once again. Everyone should be rejoicing because its the weekend - no school and no work and that means P-A-R-T-Y!!!! but for me (for the next 3 weeks), weekends are my nightmares! It is not the time to rest, but the time to work, work, and work! 

So here's a sneak peak of what I'm working on tonight, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow!

My first ever CGI movie. 

Thanks to Mr Awe-so-me for being the main cast! You are just simple awesome!!!

Don't expect it to be of Hollywood standard cos I am really running out of time working on so many assignments simultaneously. But I hope, the end product won't be a disappointment like my Multimedia Imaging assignment - where i totally screw up the whole thing in the end. :(

Crossing my fingers and praying and hoping i could stay awake and motivated to finish my work. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Moon

The movie poster for the sequel of Twilight is out. 

Now the countdown to 20th November begins...... 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Why you'll love a Mac

Few days ago, I was having a group meeting with my group mates and as usual, we discuss about the progression, the work, the designs and task allocation for each one. 

So, one of my group member wanted to show me the sample files he have downloaded via the internet. So I plug in his pendrive to my mac and open the folder and turn to look at him (as a notion to ask him which file to open). 

friend : "All the files in the folder"

As I was very blur since i have not slept the night before, I have no idea how many files were there in the folder and decide to hit CMD+A+O.

Then right after pressing the O button on the keyboard, I then realise that there were 100+ eps files in the folder!!!!!!!! GOOODNESS GRACIOUS!! 109 files to be exact! and they are not picture files, but .eps files. (if some of you have no idea what eps file formats, they are actually Adobe file formats of vector art specially save for printing and copyright purposes.)

I was no longer sleepy nor blur and i screamed, "WTH? 100 eps FILES??!!! "
4 members out of 5 other members in my group who are PC user and supporter had a wicked smile and wide grin spread across their face and was so eagerly waiting to see my Mac crash as my mac opens up Adobe Illustrator (a heavy application just like photoshop) so that we could view the files. 

and to their dismay, my mac manage to open up all the 109 files and I can even do an expose of all the files and we were able to view 100 files in small thumbnails and it makes them go "WOW!"


Anyway its Monday again, and I am 4 weeks shy from freedom ( initially its supposed to be 3 more weeks, but since the lecturer decide to extend another week of my semester, I still have 4 more weeks to go)

So everyone, remember to drink more water, stay away from public places if you can and wash your hands more often as swine flu is already here in Malaysia. Take care and may you have a good and productive week!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

just another tear drops


I've been told by my lecturer that there will be a Nokia mobile app competition and she would like to know if I am interested to join. At first, I am quite excited about it, since its Nokia and a few coursemates of mine are selected by the lecturers as well. I thought it is going to be interesting to work with them, then she said, "I would prefer you guys (I am the only girl there) to work in pairs and one programmer from the IT faculty will be assign to each group." 

me: -.- (joy fades a little)

Then the lecturer continues, "This competition will be due in July. So all of you will need to stay back here during the semester break. If you wan to go back hometown, you still can - on weekends or depending on the project.. but you have to be here to work on the project since this is a group thing"

me: -.-  (joy totally fades away..................)

I am NOT a Nokia fan and I hate Nokia phones but working on a project for Nokia sounds tempting, and it will be real good opportunity and good for portfolio. But then when I think about my mom, I am really reluctant to join. I've been thinking over it for 2 nights over this matter, and wondering should I talk to her about it,and how do I talk to her about it or should i just forget about this.

Then she called me just as I am blogging this. So in the end, I decided to talk to her about it since I have to let the lecturer know about my decision by tomorrow. And I regret for telling her about it. 

So I told her about the competition and that I might not be able to go back in June til late July or I might not be able to go back at all and I am still not sure about all this - if i am joining anot. Then she sounded real sad and disappointed. And she said something that makes me feel really bad and my heart aches so much, "A lot of relative came all the way from Ipoh for a day to visit me. But I don't know about my daughter. Does she loves me? She don't miss me wan meh?"

GOd! that's the last thing i want to hear from her and it is making me emo more considering the amount of work I am stressing over right now. I am as heartbroken as she is hearing her say that to me. If i don't care about her, I wouldn't even talk to her about it in the first place and wanting to hear her thoughts about it. If i don't love her, I wouldn't be feeling so bad about not going back to Penang during my semester break and would have decide to join the competition without second thoughts.... If you know me well, you will know that when I set my heart to something, nothing can stop me but this time around, I did consider about her and her thoughts. 

Don't get me wrong, I am not angry of my mom. I am just angry of myself for telling her and even considering not to go back for holidays that makes her sad. I am an unfilial daughter.  

So i guess, it's been decided then.... I AM NOT JOINING............. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Me: Sir, don't know how to model Chun Li's body lar.
Lecturer: I teach that time you didn't pay attention wat.
Me: Sir, I pay attention lar. But I still don't know how to do. Can show me again?
Lecturer: Go look at yourself in the mirror, then model it
Me: ( -.-)"""""""""""""""""""""""" (*seriously sweat*)
Me: Sir, I really don't know. I tried whole night and I search for online tutorial but I can't seem to get it right. 
Lecturer: Then I see you again next sem. 

I am failing my 3D Design 2. PERIOD.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fringe - My new drug

Like how i got addicted to Prince of Tennis 5 or 6 years ago, I randomly downloaded a torrent with high torrent rate out of the blue moon two days ago and there... i found something new to watch and a new addiction! 

No. this is not another vampire series. I know some of you might have thought it is another vampire series, considering my current obsession. Fringe is a science fiction, supernatural, thriller series produced by JJ Abrams (also the executive producer of LOST, Alias, The Office and many others and the latest is Star Trek!). If some of you happen to be like me who used to spend my teenage Wednesday nights watching X-files on on TV2, this might be something you are looking for. Sorry I can't review much of the series since I've not watch the Pilot series yet (still downloading), but instead I actually only watched Episode 19 (ahaha cos this is the latest with the highest download rate). I just can't wait for my downloads to finish. Anyway, I HEART the opening title and opening theme song of this series too. Check it out!

It is really stunning and nicely edited and produced. If not mistaken, it is done by Andrew Kramer from videocopilot. :P sorry this is a multimedia-designer-disease. Somehow now, when I watch movies, advertisements and music video, I tend to focus on how it is produce, camera angles, the effects and the story line. I guess this is what they call, an love affair to your job - you just can't stay away from it. oh.. and the opening clip had inspired me last night. Just at the right time when I am stuck with my motion graphic project that i am working on at the moment! :D

Oki. I shall return to my work. I've wasted enough time. :D

edited: I just read an article by JJ Abrams from Wired and I just love it. His humor and how he cheated on Super Mario Bros is just funny.  Check it out : Link(*recommended)

Friday, May 01, 2009

5 more weeks

Another 5 more weeks of endless work,
Another 5 more weeks of switching my brains to work simultaneously for 6 projects I have in hand (God help me please!),
Another 5 more weeks of endless torture, 
Another 5 more weeks of sleepless nights,
Another 5 more weeks to 2 months holiday...............

It's May already... and this is what in store for me:

  1. MAY is going to be my crucial month of my current semester. 
  2. My life is going to be turned upside down. 
  3. My sleep time will be following different time zone almost everyday. 
  4. I will look like a walking zombie. 
  5. Coffee, sweets, chocolates and instant noodles are going to be my companion. 
  6. I will definitely gain weight and more fats.  
  7. I am going to lose my stamina more and making a 1km dash will make me pant like crazy....

Sounds scary right?

Ah I have no idea how i am adapting yet... but well..I think everything is going to be ok.  They say when you start to think positively, everything will turn out fine. I hope that is true! :D

Come what may, I shall endure!! 

So, today, I made a trip to Carrefour at Alamanda, Putrajaya and bought myself lots of food for the next 5 weeks. 
a jar of Chipsmore, a big packet of Julie's Peanut Butter Sandwich, a bottle of sweet crispy bread, a packet of 24 assorted sugarless iko biscuits, 10 packets of instant Holicks to mix with Oldtown 3-in-1 coffee, 5 packets of Shin Ramyun, 10 packets of Koka Curry Flavour Instant Noodles

I think this would probably only gonna last me less than 3 weeks... as for the last 2 weeks... maybe I will just chiak-chow lar.. hahhaha

Anyway, let me show you a work i am currently working on...

Sorry for the huge watermark on the picture because i am afraid that my work might get stolen or getting into some plagiarism stuff. Please understand because this is still a work in progress and I have yet to present to my lecturers....

The picture above is my interface for my intro page for my project for my subject, Web Design 2 where I need to built a full website from flash with ActionScript2.0. For this project, I was given a task to built a batik theme website for a product and also incorporating batik into the product. Initially, I was thinking of creating a summer fashion wear collection that uses fabric with batik designs... but after thinking over it, I found out that it is very cliché, and since a few of my coursemates are going for the fashion, I decide to come out with another concept. I wanted to be different and something no one in the class is doing (as always :P) and I decided to take a risk and choose Coke as my product. Designing is quite easy for me but scripting is a pain in the ass for me. Although I have some knowledge in programming language, scripting is just not my cup of tea. I am a right brain person, and analytical thinking (programming stuff) is super torturing! :'(

I have 5 other assignments and they are:
  1. a CGI movie (green screen stuff!! - another hard work)
  2. 3D modelling of Chun Li and making her walk (another hard hard work)
  3. a 20-30 seconds commercial in After Effects (squeezing out all my creative juice in my brain just for this assignment)
  4. interactive CD (i have to work with an A**hole bastard from another group who is making my life a living hell this semester)
  5. research report - still seeking for someone to let me interview .... (i am doomed!)

Anyway, that's for today. I will update some of my other work soon whenever I have time which i doubt it. 

Wish me all the best and remember to keep me in your prayers ok? Thanks *grin*

Have a nice weekend!