Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fringe - My new drug

Like how i got addicted to Prince of Tennis 5 or 6 years ago, I randomly downloaded a torrent with high torrent rate out of the blue moon two days ago and there... i found something new to watch and a new addiction! 

No. this is not another vampire series. I know some of you might have thought it is another vampire series, considering my current obsession. Fringe is a science fiction, supernatural, thriller series produced by JJ Abrams (also the executive producer of LOST, Alias, The Office and many others and the latest is Star Trek!). If some of you happen to be like me who used to spend my teenage Wednesday nights watching X-files on on TV2, this might be something you are looking for. Sorry I can't review much of the series since I've not watch the Pilot series yet (still downloading), but instead I actually only watched Episode 19 (ahaha cos this is the latest with the highest download rate). I just can't wait for my downloads to finish. Anyway, I HEART the opening title and opening theme song of this series too. Check it out!

It is really stunning and nicely edited and produced. If not mistaken, it is done by Andrew Kramer from videocopilot. :P sorry this is a multimedia-designer-disease. Somehow now, when I watch movies, advertisements and music video, I tend to focus on how it is produce, camera angles, the effects and the story line. I guess this is what they call, an love affair to your job - you just can't stay away from it. oh.. and the opening clip had inspired me last night. Just at the right time when I am stuck with my motion graphic project that i am working on at the moment! :D

Oki. I shall return to my work. I've wasted enough time. :D

edited: I just read an article by JJ Abrams from Wired and I just love it. His humor and how he cheated on Super Mario Bros is just funny.  Check it out : Link(*recommended)

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