Monday, May 18, 2009

Why you'll love a Mac

Few days ago, I was having a group meeting with my group mates and as usual, we discuss about the progression, the work, the designs and task allocation for each one. 

So, one of my group member wanted to show me the sample files he have downloaded via the internet. So I plug in his pendrive to my mac and open the folder and turn to look at him (as a notion to ask him which file to open). 

friend : "All the files in the folder"

As I was very blur since i have not slept the night before, I have no idea how many files were there in the folder and decide to hit CMD+A+O.

Then right after pressing the O button on the keyboard, I then realise that there were 100+ eps files in the folder!!!!!!!! GOOODNESS GRACIOUS!! 109 files to be exact! and they are not picture files, but .eps files. (if some of you have no idea what eps file formats, they are actually Adobe file formats of vector art specially save for printing and copyright purposes.)

I was no longer sleepy nor blur and i screamed, "WTH? 100 eps FILES??!!! "
4 members out of 5 other members in my group who are PC user and supporter had a wicked smile and wide grin spread across their face and was so eagerly waiting to see my Mac crash as my mac opens up Adobe Illustrator (a heavy application just like photoshop) so that we could view the files. 

and to their dismay, my mac manage to open up all the 109 files and I can even do an expose of all the files and we were able to view 100 files in small thumbnails and it makes them go "WOW!"


Anyway its Monday again, and I am 4 weeks shy from freedom ( initially its supposed to be 3 more weeks, but since the lecturer decide to extend another week of my semester, I still have 4 more weeks to go)

So everyone, remember to drink more water, stay away from public places if you can and wash your hands more often as swine flu is already here in Malaysia. Take care and may you have a good and productive week!


Alicehoang said...

I love Mac too... but im new user. Still learning how to use it wisely..:)
All the best to ur efforts toward assignments.

H e n r i c k said...

LoL.. it's like "Dominating!!". But anyway.. your laptop is already classified as super laptop under Apple notebook range. So if it can't open all 109 eps files as you mentioned, I think you're gonna clench your heart and scream. LOL :P

ven said...

I opened more than a 1000 jpg files with my Mac and it survived too!!

Just stopping by btw.

e-leen said...

alice: welcome to the mac world. thanks. u too! its the crucial time of the semester!

henrick: lol! but then its AI file, so i am quite shock it can open up all.

ven: ahahah ic ic. never tried 1000 jpg files b4. btw, welcome to my blog. :D