Saturday, May 23, 2009

Terminator, My Saviour!

I woke up this afternoon around 12pm when my housemate knock on my door to tell me that the pipe in the toilet is broken, and therefore, there won't be any water for shower. 

What a good start to my weekend....

So i brushed my teeth with drinking water and since I was super hungry, I decide that, maybe I will cook myself sausage with scramble eggs. I went to the living room (which has been converted into a mini kitchen - since the kitchen in my current house has been transform into a bedroom) only to find out how unbearable the "kitchen" condition is (this is what happen when you are living outside with other people). So, I decide to change my cooking plan to boil the eggs instead by using the induction cooker that Lollipop loan it to me in my room. I just can't cook in dirty conditions and not to mention the germs and dirt and the stinky rotten smell.

So I set up the induction cooker in my room and guess what.... I do not know how to use it!!! 

What a loser I am... sigh. 

I am a very technical person, loves gadgets and operating an electronic device has never been a problem to me.... till .... today.... 

un-cook eggs and the induction cooker

I can't even get the cooker to heat up and it auto shut off by itself after 20secs and I got frustrated after trying it operate it for 30mins and finally I gave up and decide to eat Chipsmore with milk for lunch - which is a very bad idea... because milk makes me feel sleepy!

Then as time pass my stomach began to growl like crazy and that's when i decide to call Mr Terminator for help!

And barely 15mins, Mr Terminator arrived at my doorstep and that's when I feel that I am save from destitution!!!

the pizza box looks so cool!!!

Nice, delicious food cheers me up anytime!! :D


ChiaHoey said...

Haha...I can't live without water

pop said...

sorry eileen T__T my bad that the cooker not working

H e n r i c k said...

Wa lao, you got keep the pizza box or not? They sure do a lot of marketing for this upcoming movie :P Just bought the ticket for this Friday night show, can't wait to watch it.

Dann said...

ooo, im watching this Sunday at RM5... ^^

e-leen said...

ChiaHoey: I can't live without water too :P

pop: its ok lar. its not ur fault.

Henrick: i threw the box away d cos it might attract ants to my room. :P but the box itself is really really cool!! How's the movie? don't think i will manage to catch it on screen :(

dann: :( i am jealous!!!

Dann said...

Try to get the ticket on Saturday morning, but its sold out on Sunday morning. Next time should try 2 days before.