Friday, May 01, 2009

5 more weeks

Another 5 more weeks of endless work,
Another 5 more weeks of switching my brains to work simultaneously for 6 projects I have in hand (God help me please!),
Another 5 more weeks of endless torture, 
Another 5 more weeks of sleepless nights,
Another 5 more weeks to 2 months holiday...............

It's May already... and this is what in store for me:

  1. MAY is going to be my crucial month of my current semester. 
  2. My life is going to be turned upside down. 
  3. My sleep time will be following different time zone almost everyday. 
  4. I will look like a walking zombie. 
  5. Coffee, sweets, chocolates and instant noodles are going to be my companion. 
  6. I will definitely gain weight and more fats.  
  7. I am going to lose my stamina more and making a 1km dash will make me pant like crazy....

Sounds scary right?

Ah I have no idea how i am adapting yet... but well..I think everything is going to be ok.  They say when you start to think positively, everything will turn out fine. I hope that is true! :D

Come what may, I shall endure!! 

So, today, I made a trip to Carrefour at Alamanda, Putrajaya and bought myself lots of food for the next 5 weeks. 
a jar of Chipsmore, a big packet of Julie's Peanut Butter Sandwich, a bottle of sweet crispy bread, a packet of 24 assorted sugarless iko biscuits, 10 packets of instant Holicks to mix with Oldtown 3-in-1 coffee, 5 packets of Shin Ramyun, 10 packets of Koka Curry Flavour Instant Noodles

I think this would probably only gonna last me less than 3 weeks... as for the last 2 weeks... maybe I will just chiak-chow lar.. hahhaha

Anyway, let me show you a work i am currently working on...

Sorry for the huge watermark on the picture because i am afraid that my work might get stolen or getting into some plagiarism stuff. Please understand because this is still a work in progress and I have yet to present to my lecturers....

The picture above is my interface for my intro page for my project for my subject, Web Design 2 where I need to built a full website from flash with ActionScript2.0. For this project, I was given a task to built a batik theme website for a product and also incorporating batik into the product. Initially, I was thinking of creating a summer fashion wear collection that uses fabric with batik designs... but after thinking over it, I found out that it is very cliché, and since a few of my coursemates are going for the fashion, I decide to come out with another concept. I wanted to be different and something no one in the class is doing (as always :P) and I decided to take a risk and choose Coke as my product. Designing is quite easy for me but scripting is a pain in the ass for me. Although I have some knowledge in programming language, scripting is just not my cup of tea. I am a right brain person, and analytical thinking (programming stuff) is super torturing! :'(

I have 5 other assignments and they are:
  1. a CGI movie (green screen stuff!! - another hard work)
  2. 3D modelling of Chun Li and making her walk (another hard hard work)
  3. a 20-30 seconds commercial in After Effects (squeezing out all my creative juice in my brain just for this assignment)
  4. interactive CD (i have to work with an A**hole bastard from another group who is making my life a living hell this semester)
  5. research report - still seeking for someone to let me interview .... (i am doomed!)

Anyway, that's for today. I will update some of my other work soon whenever I have time which i doubt it. 

Wish me all the best and remember to keep me in your prayers ok? Thanks *grin*

Have a nice weekend!


pop said...

pray together......

H e n r i c k said...

All the best ^_^

e-leen said...

pop: ahahha yea. we need to do that...

henrick: thanks!

Demetrius said...

"5 more weeks" only means your that much closer to the finish line. Just keep moving forward and always stay positive. You were made for this stuff! Lol

Alicehoang said...

You are a talented student. :) Im sure you will finish all the assignments with the best. hang in there.... you wont regret at the end of this semester. ^^ Good luck to you and God bless you too.

e-leen said...

demetrius: thanks!

alicehoang: ahahah thanks alot for the encouraging words! GOod luck to you too!

Dann said...

Need more of prayers?