Saturday, May 30, 2009

Heavenly Delights

For this weekend, I'll be working on my 3d character ChunLi which is slowly driving me insane!!!! (which means more stress and more sugar intake!!)

And Thanks to my brother, my sugar supply for the weekend has been saved by the heaven!!! 


Because he sent me a box of heavenly delights!


He dropped by my university yesterday morning to pass me 10 pieces of donuts and also the mouse that he help me to get from Low Yat! :D


Remember the ChunLi that's I've been ranting in my previous post?? Where I mention that I am about to fail? I think I am still at the brink of failing considering the amount of time I have left as well as how slow I model and not to mention applying the texture, skeleton, and animating the walk cycle as well as creating animated expressions! Anyway, here's a few screenshots of my  work-in-progress of it. 

that's the head of the botak Chun Li. She looks like an alien to me :P 

the ear itself has taken me 5 - 6 hours to model it.... 

and here's the wireframe of the whole body and the costume. 

I wanted to share with you the model of the body but fear that I might be flag for pornography. =P  So.. its just the wireframe for now ok? 


H e n r i c k said...

LoL.. I believe your model of her body surely attracts thousands of traffic to your blog.. Haha. Anyway, I think the head is slightly too big? And I think you're right, seems like a classic Alien. :)

e-leen said...

henrick: ahahha i don't think i will be so desperate to attract traffic and post up her body. ahhaha anyway, yea i think u r right too about the head.... but i am damn lazy to edit it... it is really pain in the ass to edit let it be lar.. hopefully the hair will save the head :P