Friday, June 05, 2009


They say, "TGIF!" (Thank God, It's Friday!) and I say, "OGFA?" (OH GOD! Friday already?)

I have not been a big fan of Fridays for the pass few weeks. (You'll know why if you have been a vivid visitor to my blog if you aren't, just read my previous posts =P). 

According to the schedule, this should be my last Friday of torture and next Friday will be a ROCKING Friday!!! I'll tell you all about it next week :D

Back to my "creativity" life .... I had a week of torture - sitting in front of my 22" LCD working on my 3D character modelling not to mention the sleepless nights and how many times i screw up and have to redo the whole thing all over again. Seriously.... its not a walk in the park, its a trip to hell and back for me, but despite all that, I did enjoy the whole experience and gain a lot of knowledge through self exploration and trial and error! That's the most important part right? Enjoy what you do. The process might be a hard work, but the end results are all that matter to put a smile back to all the stress and pressure. 

So here are the pictures of my alien-head-ChunLi to share. Pardon me for the screwed up face. other than that hope you like it: 

texturing the patterns to the clothes with the boobs there is really hard 

this is the craziest part - 247 pieces of planes to build the hair

i had fun putting make up on ChunLi :D

i love her head gear - but the folds are quite ugly

side view : do you just love the boobs and the butt? :P

this is the tricky part: getting the skirt to flip and move as she walks 

I would also like to express my gratitude to my friend Aaron for helping with the pose drawing of ChunLi. 


So after 7 days of non-stop 3d-ing marathon and my sleepless nights, I went to take a nap just now and I dreamt about my 3D ChunLi! WTH right? I am actually dreaming about it! ahahhaha this is what i call - POSSESSED! 

So stay tune for my next update on "Malaysian Coke Side of Story" ..... 


aaron said...

haha u are welcome!!:D

H e n r i c k said...

Although the head still seems awkward, but nonetheless.. the figure is quite cool! Haha.. so when will this animated Legend of Chun Li air in cinema? XD

e-leen said...

aaron: i owe u a meal

henrick: yea. the head is still sucky :( considering this is my first model and first time, i guess it is excusable :P ahahahhah i don't think you will be able to catch it in cinema. i think the malaysian board of censorship will flatten her breast and butt....

Dann said...

Impressive. Its good leh. Well, both face and figure... ^^

e-leen said...

dann: thanks